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المجلد 14, العدد رقم 1, 2011

A Comparative Study between Low-Dose Captopril and Antioxidant Combination as Adjuvant Therapy In Type-2 Diabetic Patients With Coronary Artery Disease

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It is well established that diabetes is one of the major risk factors for atherosclerosis. and diabetic patients have a two- to four- fold higher risk of coronary heart disease than non-diabetic individuals. The atherosclerotic complications constitute the main cause of mortality among diabetes patients, in general, and in type- 2 diabetics, in particular. Although the atherosclerotic process is indistinguishable from that affecting the non-diabetic population, it begins earlier and may be more severe. However, the accelerated atherosclerosis in diabetes involves a multitude of mechanisms including oxidative modification of low density lipoproteins through the oxidative stress accompanying the pathology of diabetes. Homocysteine causes autoxidation of LDL through generation of the superoxide radical and reduction of the antioxidant status. The reaction between glucose and protein or lipoproteins leading to glycated products in arterial walls is also involved. Angiotensin II is known to be a potent stimulator of ROS production in endothelial cells and vascular smooth muscle cells, and ACE inhibitors have been shown to increase endogenous oxidant scavengers. and to enhance glutathione-dependent antioxidant defense. Thirty normotensive subjects of the same socioeconomic class were recruited into the study and were divided into three groups. Group l (controls) included l0 healthy non-obese individuals, Group lI and group III subjects (l0 patients in each group) were type 2 diabetics with atherosclerotic coronary artery disease (CAD). The treatment of subjects in Group ll was supplemented by an antioxidant combination, while subjects in Group III low daily dose of 12.5 mg of the ACEI captopril constituted the adjunct therapy. The aim of the present study was to compare the possible role of supplementation with either a low dose of the ACE inhibitor captopril or a combination of antioxidants to the regular treatment regimens of type 2 diabetic patients with CAD on some markers to atherosclerosis. The results of a three month follow-up of type 2 diabetic patients indicated that adjunct treatment with antioxidants or low- dose captopril improved all parameters tested, including glycemic control, oxidative stress, and hyperhomocysteinemia. A very encouraging observation was the favorable response of ox-LDL Ab to antioxidant or captopril treatment. The clinical improvement and the observed gradual shift in the disease indices toward normal levels make the use of the suggested adjuvant therapy in type 2 diabetics with cardiovascular disease worth pursuing in a larger clinical study. the disease indices toward normal levels make the use of the suggested adjuvant therapy in type 2 diabetics with cardiovascular disease worth pursuing in a larger clinical study......

A Novel Smart Biomucoadhesent from Phoenix Sylvestris Fruit Pulp

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Phoenix . Sylvestrise belongs to Arecaceae family is also known as the date palm. It is widely available in India. The aim of our research work was to isolate a novel biomucoadhesent from phoenix sylvestris (PS) fruit pulp. The fruit of the plant have potential nutraceuticals and fibers to be used as a food supplements for nutrition. The fruit pulp is rich of minerals. acid, flavanoids, vitamins etc. The fruit pulp was isolated by a simplified. economic process and was evaluated for its various physicochemical properties like solubility, Particle si7e, viscosity, angle of repose, Carrs index, Hausner’s ratio, color, texture, nature, Thin layer chromatography. chemical tests and lR spectral study. The mucaddhesivity of the biomaterial was determined by shear stress method, Park & Robinson method, rotating cylinder method and the results were compared with standard polymers like NaCMC, Carbopol-934. Xanthan gum and Guar gum. The research study revealed that the biomaterial from Phoenix sylvestrise fruit pulp exhibits promising inbuilt mucoadhesion and good mucoretentability. TLC reveals the presence of galactose type polysaccharide. In conclusion, it was drawn that the biomaterial can serve as promising mucoadhesent for formulating the various transmucosal drug delivery systems......

An Introduction to Neonatal Screening

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Neonatal Screening, a simple test which began in the 1960s, has become an integral part of many societies as governments attempt to curb the devastating effects of inborn errors of metabolism through early detection. The lecture. to be carried out by Dr. George Sahyoun (Head of Section, Metabolic Disorders at Med Labs), will give an overview of Neonatal Screening in terms of the diseases screened for, the technology used to accurately achieve the screening, the benefits and pitfalls associated with neonatal screening and a brief oven/iew of what is currently available in Jordan. Below is an outline of the lecture to be given: - Introducing neonatal screening, its early beginnings. - The diseases currently screened for by the Jordanian government and MedLabs . - The latest technology being used to affectively achieve this goal. » The benefits and pitfalls of neonatal screening. - A brief look at some of the most common disorders affecting the Arab population - A question and answer session, allowing the audience to explore the topic further ......

Auditory Brainstem Implant to Manage Bilateral Cochlear Aplasia –Case Presentation

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Chairperson of Audiology and Balance Unit ORI »ii1\‘S Department King Abdulaziz University Hospital College of medicine King Sand University P. O. Box 245, Riyadh 11411 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Cochlear aplasia brings a treatment challenge to the health team. This condition cannot be managed by hearing aids or usual implantable devices like cochlear implant. The absence of cochlea Bilaterally makes it impossible to deliver the sound signal through the conventional auditory pathway. Instead, a more invasive approach is used to implant the device directly in the brainstem. This presentation provides considerations and demonstrations of auditory brainstem implant in the ll L1d.Il1l\‘.11I cochlear aplasia. Additionally, we will present the details need to be taken in consideration before, during and after the surgery from the audiological and surgical point of view......

Auditory Nephropathy Spectrum Disorder (ANSD): Implications for Evaluation and Management

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ANSD is often a misunderstood hearing disorder. Problems in identification and intervention are exacerbated in the emerging / developing world. Although there have been a great focus and attention on clinical research related to ANSD, controversies still exist and many questions are not yet answered. The goal of this lecture is to outline and summarize the main concepts of ANSD as well as reviewing various available management strategies. Learner outcome: Understand auditory (ANSD) Learn about the techniques used to identify patients with ANDS Learn about different theories and practices Review of the various available management strategies.....

Barriers to and Facilitators of Research Utilization as Perceived by Nurses of Suez Canal University Hospital –Ismailia —Egypt

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The goal of conducting healthcare related researches is to improve the delivery of healthcare services by implementing their evidences into practice. Our knowledge with regard to those factors that promote or discourage research utilization among nurses in clinical practice is limited. The focus of the study is the identification of barriers to and facilitators of research utilization in nursing practice from the perspective of nurses in Suez Canal University Hospital. A cross sectional design is used. A questionnaire incorporated 29 structured barriers to research utilization was distributed to 68 nurses. Items> scores obtained were used for determining the questionnaires internal consistency reliability (ICR) and construct validity, and to reflect the degree to which the item was perceived to be a barrier to research utilization. Cronbach>s coefficient or (CCa) for the whole scale was 0.86, items were found to be loaded by .47 or more on their predetermined theoretical factors and were significantly dependent on these factors (p<0.0l). The greatest perceived barriers to research utilization were the inadequacy of facilities for implementation, the delay in publishing research reports, the unclear implications of research utilization for practice. the physicians> non-cooperation and the insufficient time to read researches. All necessary facilitators mentioned by the nurses were related to the organizational factors. The tool showed a high reliability and validity estimate. Most of the barriers and all the necessary facilitators were related to organizational factors......

Cancer Research in a School of Pharmacy: Leading the Way in Drug and Target Identification and Validation

الصفحات: 10 - 11

Expertise in Schools of Pharmacy often ranges from medicinal chemistry Through to clinical pharmacy. This diversity of expertise can provide the Foundation For identifying and validating new molecular targets important in cancer biology. It can also facilitate the discovery and development of new drugs for cancer treatment. To illustrate this, examples will be given showing - Identification and validation of the lactate transporter, mct4, as an important new therapeutic target. - Identification of inhibitors of NQO2 that may have therapeutic potential......

Challenges of the Application of Pharmacy Accreditation Standards in Ministry of Health Hospitals

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The concept and culture of quality in health care is growing in ministry of health hospitals and nearly sixteen governmental hospitals are participating in hospitals accreditation champion supervised by health care accreditation council( HCAC) the national agency for accreditation of health care facilities. Cluster five in the Jordanian national accreditation standards is concerned with medication use and pharmacy services standards, This cluster defines standards for medication use processes. 1. Acquisition 2. Storage 3. Prescribing, transcribing, and ordering 4. Dispensing 5. Administration 6. Monitoring for effects (therapeutic and adverse) 7. Medication error identification and reporting These standards need for their implementation and making them met a big effort , and facing some challenges. This lecture summarizes the challenges, and the changes that must be done to make the medication use and pharmacy services standards met. also focuses on the experience of some hospital with the application of accreditation standards......

Common Voice Disorders in Jordan and Their Response to Voice Therapy

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Objectives: This retrospective study aims at categorizing various cases Of abnormal voice seen at the Speech Rehabilitation Department according to personal data, clinical finding, etiologies, associated factors, drop outs, and response to voice therapy. Methodology: The records of 380 patients referred for voice therapy were randomly chosen from a pool of over one thousand records. The subjects were categorized into three age groups: Younger age group (age 8 years or younger), older children and adolescents group (age range from 8 years 6 months to 18 years), and adult group (older than 18 years old). The records of the three age groups will be analyzed for type and etiology of the voice disorder; the presence of associated factors, such as tobacco smoking, gastroesophageal reflux, etc; response to therapy; and possible structural and tissue recovery. The personal data, such as gender, mean age for each group, profession, and geographical residence will also be presented. In addition, the patients> consistency in attending therapy sessions and drop outs will be measured. Results: Will be provided by due date. Conclusion and recommendation: Will be provided by due date......

Communication Abilities in Jordanian Subjects with Multiple Sclerosis

الصفحات: 13 - 14

The subjects of the study were 19 female patients and 20 male patients with MS. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of: 1) perception of voice handicap and 2) the maximum expiratory and inspiratory pressure (MEP and MIP. respectively) on patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). The effect of voice on the patient>s life was measured by Arabic version of Voice handicap Index (V1-ll-Arab). and the maximum expiratory and inspiratory pressures were measured by a manometer (Fluke 717 30G, Germany). Descriptive results revealed that female VH1-Arab scores were as follows: (functional:6.74, physical: 7.26, emotional: 5. total: 19). As for males V1-ll-Arab scores were as follows: (functional: 9.75. physical: 8.35, emotional: 9.55, total: 27.65). MEP/MIP results were as follows: MEP (female: 37.73, male: 80.94). MIP (female: 53.53, male: 88.59). The Multivariate Analysis of Variance revealed no significant differences between males and females in the \/H1-Arab Scores. However. there was a significant difference between males and females in all MEP/MIP scores. On the Other hand. for both males and females the mean score was below the normal cutoff score (functional: 7.6. physical: 7.34, emotional: 3.71 total: 16.55) and below than normal cutoff score (female MEP: 1111 25, female MIP : 79 1 19, male MEP:192 i 42, male MIP: 117 + Z5). in the current study 42 female patients and 55 male patients had higher than normal VH1 score, 100 female patients had below than normal MEP score and 73.6 below than normal MIP score, 100 male patients had below than normal MEP score and 50 below than normal MIP score . Female MS tend to have lower maximum expiratory and inspiratory pressure. The study concluded that MS patients. particularly females. need to undergo a rehabilitation program to increase their MEP/MIP scores and decrease their perception of voice handicap. The ultimate goal would be improving their communication abilities and improving their quality of life......

Design , Synthesis and Biological Evaluation Comparison Study of the Effect of Fig Fruit And Allopurinol Drug on Gout

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The aim of study is to investigate the effect of dried and fresh Fig fruit on the level of serum uric acid (SUA), and to find abase for future study to clear ability of giving of this fruit or extractive effective substance for patients with hyperuricemia (increasing of serum uric acid) or patients of gout specially those suffering drug sensitivity that are lowering level of serum uric acid . This study is experimented on 50 patients with known level of serum uric acid . From these fifty patients, twenty live person (l5 male , l0 female ) were gave fresh Fig fruit with weight of I50 - 160 g ,and other 25 patients were gave them dried Fig fruit with weight of 4550- g within I0 days in both cases . Then we measured the level of serum uric acid of these 50 patients. The results showed, there is a significant depression that in the level of serum uric acid in most of patients with different percent from person to another in both case of fresh and dried Fig, Statistical analysis with use of paired t-test showed a significant difference ( 0.940) with high degree (p> 0.01) for effect of dried and fresh Fig fruit on the level of serum uric acid (SUA)......

Design , Synthesis and Biological Evaluation Of Sulfonic Acid Esters / Benzene sulfonamides As Potential CETP Inhibitors

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Cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) is a glycoprotein involved in transporting lipoprotein particles and neutral lipids between high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and low density lipoproteins (LDL) and therefore it>s a proper target for treating dyslipidemia and related disorders, Guided by our previously-reported pharmacophore and QSAR models for CETP inhibition, we synthesized and bio assayed a series of toluene-4-sulfonic acid 4-benzylamino-phcnyl ester (8a-8m)/ N-(4-benzyl-phenyl)-4-methyl- benzene sulfonamide (6a-61) derivatives. The proposed structures for compounds 6a-1 and 8a-m were confirmed via elemental analyses, IR spectroscopy. mass spectroscopy, lH- and 13C-NMR spectra. The most potent synthesized compound 6j illustrated anti-CETP ICSO 0f 3.4 uM......

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