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Open Access Journal

Volume 20, Issue No 2, 2017

The Concern about the Future and its Relation to Targets Designation and Perceived Self-Efficacy among Graduates of Mutah University

Pages: 9 - 31

The present study aims to explore how the concern about the future among graduate students at Mutah University bears influence on their targets designation and perceived self-efficacy. It also examines whether gender differences and specialization are differential factors in this influence. The study is based on a sample that consisted of 410 students (of whom 128 were males and 282 were females) who graduated in the second semester of the academic year 2014/2015. The students were chosen randomly and in a stratified manner. Three tools were applied to secure a credible measurement of concern about the future, targets designation, and perceived self-efficacy. The results indicated that the level of the concern about the future among graduate students at Mutah University was high, and that the relationship between the concern about the future and both targets designation and perceived self-efficacy was moderate and inverse. The results also indicated that while gender differences did not influence the relationship between the concern about the future, targets designations, and perceived self-efficacy, the college from where students graduated did. Students who graduated from scientific colleges were more capable of designating their goals and were more self-efficient than students of humanities.....

The Level of Environmental Awareness of Global Warming Phenomena among Science Teachers at the Basic Stage and its Relation with Some Variables

Pages: 33 - 47

This study aims to identify the level of environmental awareness of the global warming phenomena among science teachers of the basic stage at the public schools in Marca Directorate of Education at the Capital Governorate. The study also seeks to identify the relation of teachers environmental awareness to gender, specialization, and experience. The sample consisted of 131 science teachers for the 4th to 8th basic grades and were selected during the 2nd semester of the academic year 2014/2015. It represented almost half of the study population. A questionnaire consisting of 25 items was developed, and both its validity and reliability were verified. The results showed that the level of science teachers environmental awareness of the global warming phenomena was moderate. Also, they showed that there was a significant difference among the science teachers environmental awareness of global warming due to gender differences in favor of males, whilst no significant difference was found due to the specialization and experience......

The Impact of Peer Learning Strategy and the Model of the Seventh Learning Cycle on the Achievement of Students of the Basic Tenth Class in the Subject of Islamic Education

Pages: 49 - 62

This study aims to inverstigate the impact of peer learning strategy and the model of the seventh learning cycle on the acquisition of the basic tenth class in the subject of Islamic education. The study sample consisted of 81 students from the basic tenth class in AL-Farouk Secondary School in Zarka Directorate during the second term of 2013/2014. The students were divided into three groups: Experimental 1 with 27 students; experimental 2 with 28 students; the control group with 26 students. The study made use of a test that consisted of 40 multi-choice questions. The results showed a significant statistical difference in the average of the grades of the three groups. The difference was attributed to the kind of teaching method employed. The second group that utilized in its study the peer learning as compared with the traditional method obtained the highest score......

Kindergarten Service Facilities for Registered Children in the City of Riyadh: Mothers’ Perspective

Pages: 85 - 101

This study aims to reveal the reality of service facilities presented for children in the city of Riyadh through utilizing the descriptive method. The study sample was chosen randomly; it included 180 mothers who had registered their children in kindergartens in Riyadh during the academic year 2015-2016. To achieve the goals of the current study, a questionnaire consisting of three areas of utilities (parks and playgrounds, libraries, and health facilities) was distributed to mothers. Results showed that there were no special service facilities for children, and that if any facilities existed, they were not suitable for children or were merely attached to adults’ facilities. Also, partner communities were reluctant to participate in providing facility services to children. The study found that the educational qualification, the number of children, and the location influenced significantly the responses to the questionnaires......

The extent of discrepancy in the requirement of interest between the civil action and the cancellation action: A comparative study

Pages: 103 - 119

This article deals with the extent of discrepancy between the civil action and interest in the cancellation action. For, there are some commonalities and differences ensued from the legal nature on which the cancellation action is based. The cancellation action is the contrast between the extent of legitimacy in the administrative decision and it is, unlike civil action, not based on a personal right. This is the rationale behind the difference regarding the legal base of both actions, and hence the discrepancy between legal and judicial rules and those conditions that are conducive to the dismissal of the interest between the two. The article has also dealt with practices that determine those conditions where interest is dismissed in both actions due to the existence of obvious causes that lead to the dismissal of civil action relating to judicial verdict and the reconciliation between the defendant, wavering of the right, and its abolition. On the other hand, in the cancellation action the dismissal of interest conditions manifests in fulfilling the interest of the appellant, withdrawal of the administrative decision retroactively, and the emergence of realistic circumstances after their submission, which leads to the abolition of the interest and then the issuance of a new decision to repeal the old decision......

The Blue Ocean Strategy and its Role in Creating Value for the Palestinian Computers Marketing Companies

Pages: 121 - 139

The study aims to introduce the Blue Ocean strategy based on four dimensions: exclusion, reduction, increase, and innovation). It also underscores the part the Blue Ocean plays in promoting computers marketing companies in Palestine. The sample study consists of all the employees (the number of which is 533) of the seven large companies that are agents of international brands and work in the field of computers marketing. For the purpose of the study, a random sample consisting of 226 respondents has been chosen. The main results showed that the Palestinian companies that are involved in computers marketing apply the Blue Ocean strategy in its four dimensions with a very high degree of efficiency. In view of the study results, the researchers recommend that the Palestinian companies working in computers marketing in Palestine should continue to utilize the Blue Ocean strategy in its four dimensions......

Management of Economic crises by Prophet Muhammad,Peace be upon him Applied Models

Pages: 141 - 152

Since the advent of Islam, Muslims have suffered sanctions of different forms, including economic sanctions that constituted a straightforward violation of all humanist values. However, Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) managed to overcome the hard economic dilemma in Mecca and Medina by taking a number of wise steps. He began by urging people to be patient, self-reliant, and resolved. Then he would introduce legislation that help to promote actions, initiatives, creative thinking, investment and productivity. This lead to economic independence and self-sufficiency. The present study looks into this phase when Muslims in the days of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) managed to achieve a high level of economic productivity. The fact remains that in order to reach this high level of productivity, Muslims led by the Prophet had to overcome many challenges, including: three compulsory collective immigration (two to Ethiopia and one to Medina), frequent wars, internal and external dilemmas, and the Jewish manipulation of the economy in Medina. Albeit all the grave challenges, Muslims led by the Prophet managed to achieve a remarkable success. This is why the author of this article has considered to draw upon the Prophet’s wise economic strategy in time of crisis and utilize many of its aspects to solve economic crises that threaten today’s world. An insightful analysis of the Prophet’s experience in the field of economy can help interested scholars to come up with a number of efficient solutions that enable them to overcome economic crisis. The Prophet and Muslims at that time worked on the enhancement of the abilities of decision-makers in the economic domain, nurturing a positive and healthy environment, and fostering groups’ sense of allegiance, belonging, and the ability to adapt. The ultimate purpose is to prove that good management is crucial for overcoming unfortunate circumstances and turbulent contingences......

Jordanian Elites and the Trend towards Financial Corruption in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: An Analytical Study

Pages: 153 - 174

This study aims to identify the Jordanian elites’ attitudes towards financial corruption through job exploitation and non-compliance with laws and regulations. The study shows that there is a tendency on the part of Jordanian elites to commit crimes of money laundering, money smuggling, and tax evasion. The study is based on personal interviews and questionnaire management. The study population consisted of Jordanian elites who were able to express their attitudes. Due to the large size of the study, a random sample consisting of 338 respondents was selected from the members of the elected House of Representatives, working ministers, and members of the Association of Lawyers and the Association of Engineers. The statistics and the statistical tests indicated that the level of general trend among the Jordanian elites towards financial corruption was high. The results of the study also indicated that the general feelings of resentment on the part of respondents towards the existence of money smuggling was average and towards the existence of the crime of tax evasion was high. The researcher recommended that officials should ensure the elites’ commitment to work ethics, transparency, and integrity to prevent corruption. They also should tighten the penalties and disciplinary procedures against violators, activate and strengthen the powers of the control units in the administrative body, and give the Court of Accounting a judicial control......

Tafweed as an Inconsistent Practice with the Holy Quran

Pages: 175 - 188

Prompting Tafweed (thinking that only Allah knows what is meant by his Names and Attributes in the Holy Quran) is one of the Islamic schools. This school has been marred by several impurities in respect of the understanding of the reality of Tafweed. Some said that Tafweed is only in the knowledge of the how, while others said that Tafweed has to be in the knowledge of the how and meaning, which is termed as the absolute Tafweed. Because the absolute Tafweed is inconsistent with the Holy Quran’s call for understanding and pondering and with the Attributes of Allah and the purpose of sending Prophets and Messengers (peace be upon them), this research aims to clarify the meaning of Tafweed, its types and its risks. It also explains how prompting Tafweed contradicts the Holy Quran. As such, it becomes necessary to expose the risks of adopting this wrong concept and to explain why it is inconsistent with the Holy Quran......

The Impact of Organizational Conflict Management and Culture of Empowerment on Constituents of Managerial Creativity

Pages: 63 - 84

This study aims to identify the impact of organizational conflict management strategies (cooperation, competition, avoidance) and culture of empowerment (enhancement of technical empowerment culture, and enhancement of managerial empowerment culture) on elements of managerial creativity (fluency, flexibility, sensitivity to problems, originality, and the ability to analyze). In order to achieve the purpose of the study the descriptive analytical method was used. Also a questionnaire was developed and adopted by the researchers to measure the independent and dependent variables. The study population consisted of Jordan Telecom (Orange) where the researchers took a random sample of the study population. 100questionnaires were distributed of which (87) were completed, which constituted (87) of the total distributed questionnaires. Four questionnaires were excluded for being incomplete. The study results showed that the organizational conflict management strategies (cooperation, competition, and avoidance) had an impact on the elements of managerial creativity, and that the culture of empowerment (enhancement of technical empowerment and enhancement of managerial empowerment) had an impact on the elements of managerial creativity......

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