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Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

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The Level of Environmental Awareness of Global Warming Phenomena among Science Teachers at the Basic Stage and its Relation with Some Variables

Volume 20, Issue No 2, 2017

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This study aims to identify the level of environmental awareness of the global warming phenomena among science teachers of the basic stage at the public schools in Marca Directorate of Education at the Capital Governorate. The study also seeks to identify the relation of teachers environmental awareness to gender, specialization, and experience. The sample consisted of 131 science teachers for the 4th to 8th basic grades and were selected during the 2nd semester of the academic year 2014/2015. It represented almost half of the study population. A questionnaire consisting of 25 items was developed, and both its validity and reliability were verified. The results showed that the level of science teachers environmental awareness of the global warming phenomena was moderate. Also, they showed that there was a significant difference among the science teachers environmental awareness of global warming due to gender differences in favor of males, whilst no significant difference was found due to the specialization and experience.

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: environmental education; environmental awareness; global warming phenomena; science teacher..

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