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The Impact of Peer Learning Strategy and the Model of the Seventh Learning Cycle on the Achievement of Students of the Basic Tenth Class in the Subject of Islamic Education

Volume 20, Issue No 2, 2017

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Pages: 49 - 62


This study aims to inverstigate the impact of peer learning strategy and the model of the seventh learning cycle on the acquisition of the basic tenth class in the subject of Islamic education. The study sample consisted of 81 students from the basic tenth class in AL-Farouk Secondary School in Zarka Directorate during the second term of 2013/2014. The students were divided into three groups: Experimental 1 with 27 students; experimental 2 with 28 students; the control group with 26 students. The study made use of a test that consisted of 40 multi-choice questions. The results showed a significant statistical difference in the average of the grades of the three groups. The difference was attributed to the kind of teaching method employed. The second group that utilized in its study the peer learning as compared with the traditional method obtained the highest score.

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Islamic Education; Peer Learning Strategy; 7th Learning Cycle Model.

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