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Personal and Professional Characteristics of Teachers of Gifted and Talented Students and Their Educational Program.

Volume 9, Issue No 1, 2002

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This paper presents a view of the personal and professional characteristics of the teacher of the gifted and talented students, which distinguishes him from the regular teacher. It also offers an analysis of the educational programs and training pre and in-service. The paper illustrates the meaning of being gifted and talented, and how it is related to intelligence. In addition. it demonstrates the types and Characteristics of giftedness as well as its general trends, and forms of the care programs for the gifted and talented students. such as acceleration, enrichment integration and isolation. Further. it presents the traits of the gifted and talented students. methods of distinguishing them from others. identification of the needs, and the prospective problems they may face. It is hoped that this paper will contribute to pinpointing the measures of identifying the gifted students, measures of selecting their teachers, The subjects their educational programs include procedures of developing these programs and the role of the colleges of education in this respect. The paper, a theoretical study, is attempting to explore the characteristics of the gifted and talented students in order to draw attention to the necessity of preparing and qualifying teachers who are able to deal with these characteristics through sending them to specialized educational institution which will prepare them for pre and in-service training.

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