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Open Access Journal

Volume 22, Issue No 1, 2019

Habitus and Intellectual Trajectory in the Translational Process: A Case Study

Pages: 9 - 24

This research aims to identify the extent to which the agents’ habitus and intellectual trajectory influence the end product of translation and further to understand the complex portrait of how the agents’ experiences, history, and backgrounds influence the process of translation. The researcher presents a case study utilizing an explanation of Bourdieu’s theoretical framework. The data used in this research involves an interview with the translator Trevor Le Gassick, identifying his experiences, history and backgrounds that might influence the process of translation to figure out if he has a certain degree of liberty in his choice of strategies and practices. The researcher also uses examples from Le Gassick’s translation of novels written by the Egyptian Nobel laureate Naguib Mahfouz to validate his interview responses. It is concluded that the translator’s habitus and intellectual life trajectories strongly influence the process and product of translation. This will allow for more consideration of individual agency in relation to a cultural production......

The Grounds for Excluding the Criminal Responsibility of the Offenders Committing an International Offense

Pages: 25 - 51

The international community has been exerting much effort to set an effective mechanism for prosecuting and punishing the offenders who violate the international human rights law and other international laws. Eventually, after the United Nation exerted much effort, the Statute of the International Criminal Court was adopted in 1998. The latter statute came into force in 2002. Since 2002, the offenders who commit genocides, crimes against humanity, and war crimes have been held criminally liable for their crime. Due to such statute, they are not exempted from punishment any more. In other words, there is not any immunity nor any kind of protection that may prevent the enforcement of punishment on those offenders. Establishing the Permanent International Criminal Court is a high significant step throughout human history to ensure that those offenders are prosecuted and punished. The significance of the present study arises from seeking to identify the reasons for excluding the criminal responsibility of offenders who committed international offenses requirements in accordance with the Statute of the Permanent International Criminal Court. This study also aimed at identifying the legal requirements that must be fulfilled to be implemented to set the legal effects and comparing them with those stated in the national criminal law......

Identifying Loyalty and Citizenship Values from the 17th Jordanian Parliament Members’ Perspective

Pages: 9 - 23

The goal of this study is to highlight the loyalty and citizenship values from the 17th Jordanian Parliament members’ perspective. To help answering the research question, the researcher developed a 94-item questionnaire. The sample consisted of (43) members of the parliament. The results showed that (83) items have scored a high level of agreement whereas six items have reached a moderate level of agreement. Moreover, five items have been given a low level of agreement. Further, the study showed that there were no statistically significant differences at the level of (α=0.05) with respect to the independent study variables, namely sex, educational background, representative membership and party affiliation......

Prevailing Social Relations between Teachers of Physical Education and Students at Southern Al-Mazar Schools 2017

Pages: 25 - 39

This study aimed at investigating the prevailing social relations between teachers of Physical Education and students at schools of Al-Mazar Directorate of Education. The sample of the study consisted of (618) students, namely (327) males and (291) females. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher used the descriptive approach (survey) that goes along with the aim of this study. Data were statistically analyzed through means, standard deviations, relative importance indexing, ANOVA and Schaffe test. The results revealed high positive social relations between teachers of Physical Education and their students at schools of Al-Mazar Directorate of Education. Moreover, the results showed that there were no statistically significant differences between the teachers and their students according to the gender variable. Additionally, the results proved that there were statistically significant differences in favor of the “below good” average variable and family income (below 300 JD). Furthermore, the study concluded that those teachers of Physical Education enjoyed a distinctive level of social relations with their students. Finally, the researcher recommended benefiting from teachers who enjoy this distinctive level of social relations in the implementation of plans and programs that contribute to the development of educational level at distinctive level of social relations......

The Impact of Financial and Non-financial Disclosure on the Performance of Jordanian Commercial Banks Listed on the Amman Stock Exchange

Pages: 41 - 62

The aim of this study is to show the effect of the factors determining the level of financial and nonfinancial disclosure of the commercial banks listed on the Amman Stock Exchange. To achieve this objective, the study followed the analytical descriptive method. The regression model was applied to test the hypotheses of the study. It is a qualitative study that is based on secondary sources to measure independent variables based on the annual financial reports of commercial banks. The sample of the study covered the years from 2014-2015. The study population consists of (13) commercial banks as classified by, the Amman Stock Exchange.The researchers used the SPSS program to test the hypotheses of the study. The most important results of the study were: there is a lack of awareness and knowledge of the details of the provisions of Article (22 / disclosure and transparency) of the provisions of the institutional governance of banks no. (58/2014) on 30/9/2014. There is a lack of transparency in the mandatory and voluntary disclosure provisions.The study showed a statistically significant effect on the size of the bank (capital) and a positive relationship of financial and nonfinancial disclosure for commercial banks listed on the Amman Stock Exchange.The study also showed a statistically significant impact on the profitability, financial leverage, and liquidity of the bank in the financial and non-financial disclosure of commercial banks listed on the Amman Stock Exchange, reflecting that the level of financial and non-financial disclosure in the annual reports of commercial banks is positively affected by profitability.The study recommended increasing the necessary attention to the financial and non-financial disclosure of commercial banks listed on the ASE, and raising the necessary awareness of the contents of Article 22 (Disclosure and Transparency) of the Corporate Governance Instructions for Commercial Banks listed on the Amman Stock Exchange. Also, the study emphasizes the importance of enahncing coordination and organization in the process of financial and non-financial disclosure, linking them together, and encouraging and strengthening commercial banks on non-financial disclosure due to its positive impact on the profitability achieved......

The Suitable Age to Launch Training of Various Sporting Activities from the Point of Views of Jordanian Coaches

Pages: 63 - 79

This study aims at identifying the suitable age to launch training of various sporting activities from the point of views of both the administrative and academic staff. After reviewing related literature and comparing theoretical and empirical studies, the researcher utilized a survey that goes along with the aim of this study. To achieve the goal of the study, the researcher developed a questionnaire with the help of experts in this field and ensured its validity and reliability. The sample of the study comprises 56 coaches working at sports unions and clubs in Jordan in different sporting activities. For statistical treatment, the researcher uses means, percentages as well as frequencies. The findings of the study have revealed that there is a consensus among coaches on the criteria of selecting juniors i.e., they have to be scientifically based besides medical check-ups. The academic staff highlighted other crucial factors that should be taken into account viz., biological age, innateness, heredity, and prediction of the degree of stability as well as taking into consideration the individual differences. Both academics and coaches emphasize that the suitable age to start training depends on the type of activity since each activity requires a specific suitable age and this depends on different stages of growth. Finally, the researcher recommends adopting scientific bases for selecting the talents. Furthermore, special attention should be given to children as a basic block in selection......

The Effect of Linguistic Games on Improving Linguistic Communication Skills of Kindergartens in Jordan

Pages: 81 - 90

This study aims to identify the effect of the linguistic games on improving the linguistic communication skills of kindergarteners in Jordan. It is based on the quasi-experimental approach. The sample of the study consists of (35) children from kindergartens. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researchers have developed a linguistic communication skills test. The results reveal that the linguistic games have statistically significant differences in the performance of kindergarteners in favor of the experimental group. The study recommends the necessity of designing linguistic games to be used in teaching kindergarteners besides training their teachers on how to implement them in the classroom......

The Economic Conditions of the Arabs of Palestine during the Second World War 1939 - 1945

Pages: 91 - 104

The aim of this study is to shed light on the economic conditions in Palestine and the extent of their impact on the circumstances of the Second World War in the period from 1939 to 1945. It is clear that since the Balfour Declaration of 1917 Palestine has passed through political occurences that have influenced many of its life aspects. The Palestinian resistance to the Mandate and Zionism has escalated from protest to establishing political parties and then to armed movements. The great Palestinian revolution that broke out in1936 was the biggest local event in Palestine. It was a threeyear-old revolution that only breathed its last breath after World War I broke out on September 1, 1939. This revolution left its significant imprint on the different aspects of life due to the fact that many sectors of the Palestinian society were engaged in it. When the revolution stopped, the internal situation in Palestine was at its worst. As a result, the Arabs of Palestine turned to themselves and tried to improve their conditions economically in a difficult local and international context......

The Problem of Terrorism as a Term: Its Linguistic, Islamic Definitions and its Actual Use in Contemporary Reality

Pages: 105 - 117

The paper presents a terminological study of the concept of terrorism as a language, a process and a reality. It examines the term terrorism in the Arabic dictionary and its various meanings that are limited to various derivations, namely: fear, threat, warning, inconvenience, lightness, worship, arrow and exhausted camels. The meaning of the term is examined as used in the Quran and Sunnah to help figure out its true implications that proved to be different from the linguistic reality. The term also proves to be different from its derivatives: fear of Allah the Almighty, human fear, worship and of asceticism. The paper aims to show how the actual meaning of the term is different from its linguistic and legislative reality and explores these differences to propose alternatives for the term. It also offers conclusions and recommendations while asserting that there is no legal or political consensus on the meaning of “terrorism” in the present time......

The Conspiracy Crime against State Security in both the Jordanian and Emirati Legislations: An Analytic Study

Pages: 119 - 137

One of the fundamental principles of criminalization is that the criminal legislator shall consider criminalizing tangible conduct represented in observable physical action. It is impermissible to criminalize people for having thoughts and ideas, irrespective of the degree of their embedded danger or perversion. Also, a criminal legislator shall not criminalize people according to their determination and resolution to execute crimes. Moreover, S/he shall not criminalize the culprits even if s/he has admittedly confessed or disclosed harboring such serious thoughts and ideas, as long as the concerned persons did not proceed to carry out such thoughts or ideas. Therefore, there is no punishment for merely harboring the idea of a crime or preparing or designing for committing a crime. However, the criminal legislator has departed from this principle in relation to crimes against state security in order to avoid any threat to the identity, entity and institutions of the state. This applies even if the actions of the culprits did not exceed the mere contemplation or designing or preparation for committing such crimes. Hence, the criminal legislator stipulates punishment for the crime of conspiracy against state security, which does not go beyond an arrangement between more than one person to commit a state security crime. Thus, this paper discusses and compares the policies adopted by both the Jordanian and Emirati legislators in regulating the provisions of the conspiracy crime against the state security......

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