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Harmonization between the outputs of community colleges and the labor market in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia /Community college in Hafr Al-Batin as a sample Model

Volume 23, Issue No SE, 2020

Pages: 21 - 33

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This study aims to provide a methodology proposed to achieve harmonizing between the Graduates of community colleges and the Saudi labor market needs. The researcher uses the descriptive survey method. A questionnaire is made to collect credible and acceptable data, whose basic study sample is faculty members in Community Service College in Hafr Al-Batin, which are 32 members. Researcher has got 26 answers, and this study has been applied during academic year 2018G, 1439H. the most prominent results are that there is a high degree agreement of harmonizing between theoretical and applied courses, and that courses of Community College in Hafr Al-Batin satisfy the renewable labor market needs. As for the most important hinders facing courses and programs in terms of achieving harmonizing between the Graduates of Community College in Hafr Al-Batin and labor market needs, this is due to the high number of students joining College courses, and low carness to develop curriculums rapidly. The researchers concludes a suggestion idea out of the current study outcomes, which includes (Aspects, justifications, goals, execution mechanism, execution requirements and hinders)


Saudi Arabia, Outputs, Needs, community colleges, Harmonization, Labor Market.