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Build a Job Satisfaction Scale from the views of AAU academic staff in according with the item response theory

Volume 23, Issue No SE, 2020

Pages: 91 - 108

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The study aimed to build a job satisfaction scale from the views of AAU academic staff in according with the item response theory, where the population study consisted of all academic members at Al-Ahliyya Amman University (AAU) for the year (2018/2017), and they approximately reach (257) academic members, the sample consisted of (154) academic members, which constituted 60 of the original study population, (92) males and (62) females who were randomly selected. The study tool was designed and built based on theoretical literature and scales on measuring job satisfaction at universities. the study tool consisted of (60) items which were distributed among five fields using the five-point Likert scale. The apparent and construct validity were fulfill, the value of the coefficient reliability was (0.954). The results found the one-dimensional of job satisfaction scale consists of (5) fields, the discrimination parameter values for the items were appropriate, and the thresholds values for the difficulty parameter indicate an estimated accuracy of its scale items according the graded response model the job satisfaction scale fit the model in great grade, And it was noted that all the scale items were fit to the model in one or more of fitting indicators, as no items were excluded because none of the items were fit on all fitting indicators.


Job Satisfaction Scale, Item response theory, building metrics.