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Determinants of Family Savings in Algeria during the Period (1970-2016) In the ARDL form window

Pages: 9 - 20

This study aims at identifying the factors and economic variables affecting household savings in Algeria during the period (1970-2016) using the ARDL model to test the family savings model which consists of the following economic variables: GDP, inflation rate , Money supply in the narrow sense, interest rate, private consumption, and direct taxes, through: root tests, joint integration test with border methodology, ARDL error correction test, and other diagnostic tests and structural stability tests. The study found that: the determinants of family savings in Algeria during the period studied are: narrow money supply, direct taxes, private consumption, GDP, inflation rate. Given the elasticity of household savings relative to the explanatory variables, we find that the first determinant of household savings in Algeria is: the narrowly defined monetary offer (2.27), direct taxes with flexibility (1.68), elastic consumption (0.88) GDP is flexible (0.72) and finally inflation is elastic (0.45). The study also found that the speed of the adjustment from the short to the long term takes place within eight months and a half, with a significant value of correction coefficient (-1.172495)......


Aspects of legal protection of Jordanian Domain Names (.jo)

Pages: 21 - 33

This study aims to analyze the extent of the legal protection accorded to national Internet domain names (JO.) within Jordanian legislations, in light of the absence of a specialized legislative framework that deals with the concept of these domains, and it’s substantive and formal terms of registration. The study revolves around two problems, First: the Jordanian Electronic Transactions Law is devoid of any legal regulation of these domains. Second: the National Domain Name Registration Policy (jo.) concentrates on the technical aspects, without specifying domain’s concept and the rights of registrants. The study concludes the need of issuing a specialized bylaw which deals with domain’s tenor and terms, in accordance with the “Deployment of Information Technology Resources in Government Institutions Act”, it also recommend the referral of all domain disputes to the rules for Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy(UDRP)......


The Iranian Nuclear Agreement and its Regional and International

Pages: 33 - 43

The study aimed at identifying the 2015 Iranian Nuclear Agreement between Iran and the P5 +1 group of world powers – the US, UK, France, China, Russia and Germany. It also attempts to clarify the agreement justifications, and meanwhile explores the regional and international repercussions resulting from it after the American withdrawal form it. The study also attempts to answer the following question: what are the repercussions of the Iranian nuclear agreement on the regional and international levels? The study also aims to ascertain the validity of the following hypothesis: the Iranian nuclear agreement created regional and international repercussions which led to imbalance in the Middle East which in turn harmed the regions stability. The study relied on historical and analytical approaches to test its hypothesis......


Submission of the lawsuit As a condition for the administrative dispute

Pages: 43 - 54

The case law shall be considered as a procedural action, the legal means by which the administrative dispute arises, after submission and submission to the competent court, containing applications from the appellant to the court confirming the legal protection of his legal status and declaring his desire to obtain such protection against the respondent. Before the judiciary In light of this, the administrative dispute takes place and its effects are produced once the list of proceedings has been filed by the competent court, which in turn makes the declaration and the notifications and instructs the parties to attend the trial sessions at the appointed time In the Administrative Judiciary Law, the Jordanian legislator required the availability of certain conditions in the case law, the most important of which is the completion of a series of essential statements, if one of them fails It is also necessary for the litigation to be filed by a lawyer who is a lawyer for at least five years or a work in the judiciary for a similar period, and to continue representing the client throughout the proceedings until the final judgment. In order to initiate the case, And annexes and editing includes all documents and documents to be available.....


The Impact of Leadership Styles in Promoting Culture Qualiy

Pages: 55 - 69

The study data were analyzed using a number of appropriate statistical methods, where the results showed a statistically significant effect for the transformational, transactional, and entrepreneurial leadership styles in enhancing the quality culture. The results also showed that the level of practice of the transformational leadership style came in first place at a high level, followed by the transactional leadership style in second place at an average level, followed in third place by the entrepreneurial leadership style at an average level as well. In terms of impact, the transformative leadership style was the most effective in promoting quality culture, followed by the entrepreneurial leadership style, and then the transactional leadership style which came in third place. In the light of the results, the study came up with a number of recommendations......


Disciplianary System and Rewards for Prisoners of Penal Institutions in Jordanian and Comparative Legislation

Pages: 71 - 84

The main purpose of robbing freedom is represented in rehabilitation of the convicted Person according to the modern Punishment Policy and making him ready to live normally which goes with the law rules. That cant be achieved unless there is a disciplinary system in the punitive organization to be sure that rehabilitating methods are applied without hinders. In order to achieve that, a group of disciplinary punishments must be applied on those who want to rebel against the organization system. These punishments must be implemented in human ways that keep the dignity and feelings of the sentenced person and goes with modern development which happened to robbing freedom on the disciplinary system in the punitive organization. Supporting the system in the punishment organization is not restricted on imposing disciplinary punishments, there must be another method to be used by the punitive Punishment to support this system such as presenting rewards to those who behave well from the prisoners . The modern legislations focused on its forms and they aim at the same purpose which the disciplinary punishments aim at and it connects with it strongly, which can be considered two elements into one system. That has a significant role in the modern punitive system......


The possibility of integration between Six Sigma approach and Balanced Scorecard of Palestinian Shareholding Industrial companies

Pages: 85 - 103

This study aims to identify the possibility of integration between Six Sigma approach and Balanced Scorecard (BSC) of Palestinian Shareholding Industrial companies. The study achieved its goal by identifying relationship between the Six Sigma approach and the dimensions of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) : (Customer perspective, Financial perspective, Learning and development perspective, Internal processes perspective, the Social perspective), In addition, the study attempts to identify the difficulties that hinder the integration of the approaches. To achieve the objectives of the study, the descriptive analytical approach has been used. A questionnaire was designed and distributed to administrative employees in the shareholding industrial companies listed on the Palestine Exchange, which number (13) companies. The results of the study found that the Palestinian Shareholding Industrial companies implement the integration approach by focusing companies on benefiting from the benefits generated by the integration of the Six Sigma approach and Balanced Scorecard. It also asserted the presence and impact of a direct relationship between the Six Sigma approach and the dimensions of the Balanced Scorecard. The results also show that there are difficulties and obstacles faced by companies when applying the integration of Six Sigma approach and Balanced Scorecard. . The two researchers presented a number of recommendations, the most important of which are: The need to prepare for the preparation of trained professional personnel based on the Six Sigma methodology, as well as on how to deal with balanced performance card in order to respond to rapid environmental changes.....


Issues of Ellipsis and its Implications in the poetry of Abu Alaa Maari

Pages: 105 - 114

The study examines the most important issues of linguistic deletion in the poetry of Al-Maari, and examines the positions of linguists and grammar from the places of deletion that have been observed in his poetry, and also monitor the deletion sites that included all sections of Arabic speech noun and verb and character. The study aims to study some of the deletions of a semantic study that indicates the moral purpose of imposing the deletion of a part of the word; to be a linguistic deletion objectively equivalent to the semantic intent evoked by the poet SOUL. The researcher adopted Statistics Descriptive Analysis method; he monitored the conspicuous deletions in Seqt al-Zand book, then described the location of the deletion, and the market of the opinions of the linguists and the grammar and the similarities in the language of the Arabs. The research has shown the prevalence of the deletion in all parts of speech in the poetry of Al-Maari. The research also identified some of the significant linguistic deletions in its style or its scarcity in Arabic speech. This indicates the extent to which Al-Mari is acquainted with language and literature and his uniqueness in constructing poetic text. The study also showed the strong correlation between the linguistic structure of the Maari and the poetic content on which Al-Mari built his poetry. This was shown in the remarkable proportion between linguistic deletion and semantic content in the context of deletion. The deletion with its linguistic characteristics and its semantic changes was a fundamental pillar of the understanding of the poetic construction of Abu Ala al-Maari; Which is the sense of loss and isolation is the cornerstone of his view of life and existence, the search for the deletion in the poetry of Al-Maari necessarily saves the reader to a broader and more comprehensive understanding of the philosophy of loss in the mind of Maari......


The Impact of Total Quality Management on the Jordanian Food Companies Performance

Pages: 115 - 128

The study examine the impact of the application of total quality management( TQM), represented by (senior management commitment, customer focus, the relationship with suppliers, personnel training) on Jordanian food companies performance undertaking the balanced scorecard (BSC) with its dimensions: (growth and learning, customer satisfaction, the quality of internal operations, financial dimension). To achieve the objectives of the study descriptive and analytical approach are used . A questionnaire has been designed and used to find if there insignificant relationship between the independent variable and the dependent variable and distributed to the all the employee. The sample of the study was collected randomly from (21) different Jordanian food companies, the total number of the distributed questionnaire is (250), the returned was (209) in which (6) was eliminated . The study found that there is a statistically significant effect at the level of (α ≤0.05)) of TQM on the performance of Jordanian food companies using the balanced scorecard (learning and growth, customer satisfaction, quality of internal operations, financial dimension) in Jordanian food companies. The study recommended that all Jordanian food companies should establish a new department whose tasks are to manage the total quality in catering companies that do not apply TQM to follow up the implementation of the total quality and to study all changes and developments in the market. The study also recommended to enhance and to raise level of awareness and knowledge of all employee in the food companies regarding the application of the total quality management through holding training programs and their role in improving and enhancing the performance......


Eating Disorders and their Relation to Body Image and Mother’s Food Habits

Pages: 129 - 137

The present study aimed to examine the relationship between eating disorders, body image and mother’s food habits among a sample consisted of (500) female students enrolled in the academic year (2018/2019) at World Islamic Sciences & Education University (WISE). To achieve the study objectives, the researcher used three scales (eating disorders scale, body image, and mother’s food habits). The results of the study indicated that anorexia nervosa and thinness was the most common eating disorder among female students, with a prevalence rate of 76.6, while the prevalence of bulimia nervosa was 23.4. The study results showed statistically significant positive correlation between anorexia, thinness, body image, and mother’s food habits, finally, the study showed statistically significant negative correlation between bulimia nervosa, body image, and mother’s food habits......


The impact of implementing the principles of good governance on the quality of administrative reports in the Palestinian municipal councils

Pages: 139 - 153

This study aims at clarifying the impact of implementing the principles of good governance on the quality of administrative reports in the Palestinian municipal councils. A questionnaire was designed to pilot the views of mayors, deputy mayors, directors, heads of departments and employees in Bethlehem and Hebron directorates. Results showed that it is too early to talk about sound governance at local councils in the absence of applying the minimal principles of governance such as accountability, transparency and involving staff in decision-making. Furthermore, the administrative reports administered by the heads of administrative departments do not reflect the real situation nor do it meet the employees’ and clients’ needs......


The Self-Question in the Philosophical Anthropology of the Maghreb

Pages: 153 - 160

Philosophical anthropology - as a proposition and methodology - is a project of knowledge based on the concept of self as a constitutive factor of philosophical theory. Hence, its propositions are based on the principle of self, in which the term self is interpreted as a cognitive and existential value (Internal relations) as well as externally (its relation to the world = the other / the Outside world/ the world( Thus, this paper will attempt to deal with the concept of self through the model of the wounded Arab name of the Moroccan thinker, Abdelkabir al-Khatibi in his philosophical anthropological analysis; as philosophical anthropology is based on a set of cognitive-psychological situations, such as intuition, love and desire And will, from the basic symbols of the philosophy of the self, which is the basis of philosophical anthropological exposition of human behavior......


The Impact of Bias on Staff Performance at Environmental Protection Directorates of the Northern Region.

Pages: 161 - 170

The study aimed to examine the impact of bias on staff performance at environmental protection directorates of the northern region, the study depended on descriptive analytical method, the questionnaire represented as a study tool, which distributed on population which consist (44) employees, So after had analyzed the data, the study found: no effecting of Confirmation Bias on staff performance at Environmental Protection Directorates of the Northern Region, while there are effecting of Hindsight Bias and Stable Model on staff performance. Finally the study recommended enhancing staff performance trough staff motivation process and shortage staff behavioral bias, also the study recommended avoiding the customers classified on politician and geographic loyalty......


The Synache Implicature and Rhetoric in the poetry of Abu Mutanabi

Pages: 171 - 179

The study examines the phenomenon of grammatical inclusion, which means that the verb implies the meaning of another act; it takes its judgment on Intransitivity and transitivity , a phenomenon seen by a group of grammarians, linguists and commentators, The research seeks to prove the occurrence of the phenomenon of grammatical inclusion in the poetry of Abu al-Tayyib al-Mutanabi, based on the origin of the linguistic use of Arabic works. The research also presents an empirical study of a set of signs of grammatical inclusion in al-Mutanabbi poetry. It shows the rhetorical rhetoric of inclusion in the poetic context. To conclude the research to prove the genius of al-Mutanabi in the use of this phenomenon, and improve that the poetry of Abu al- Tayyib is deserve to study through the phenomena of language and contextual unconventional reveal new macaroni on the linguistic and monetary studies.....


Italian Ambitions in Syria and Lebanon (1870-1945)

Pages: 181 - 190

The aim of this study is to clarify the Italian Ambitions in Syria and Lebanon (1870-1945), and shows the Italian orientation in this region, and to know the Italian methods to achieve its ambitions. The study talks about the Italian movement towards Lebanon, and the Italians Intervention in Lebanese civil war 1860. Finally, the study recalls the Italian claims her mandate to Syria and Lebanon as an alternative to the French mandate. The study concluded that, despite Italys efforts to achieve its ambitions in Syria and Lebanon, it deeply collides with the legacy institutions that established by England and France in that region......


Evaluation of Sport Facilities in Sport Cities in Jordan

Pages: 191 - 209

The aim of this study was to evaluate facilities in sport cities in Jordan. The sample of this study consisted of (24) employees in sport cities the researcher bilt a tool and validity and reliability was done for the research tool. The results showed that sport cities were in a good condition, however, El-Hussien city was significantly better than the other sport cities. The researcher recommended to using the research tool of this study as instrumentation to evaluate sports facilities in sport cities......

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