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Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

ISSN (Print Version): 1684-0615

ISSN (Online Version): 2616-2814

Volume 17, Issue No 1, 2014

The Impact of Personal Information Overload on Creatingand Sharing Knowledge in Industrial Companies inJordan

Pages: 17 - 46

This study is aimed at identifying the impact of personal overload on selected functions of knowledge generation and sharing it in (69) Industrial Companies in Jordan listed in Amman Stock Exchange. The study sample included senior managers and middle management managers working in these companies. A questionnaire was distributed to a random sample of (373) managers. Among which, (206) questionnairs were analyzed. One of the main findings of the study is: there is a significant statistical impact at the (0.05) significance level for the personal overload -focus on the situation and the ability to respond to emergency situations- on the functions of knowledge generation and sharing it in the industrial companies in Jordan......

The Reality of Folklore in the Arab Theater “The Iraqi Theater as a Sample”

Pages: 47 - 80

The cultural material of folklore has enriched the theater art since the Greek times and played a great role in transferring its message which is to represent all aspects of life. Folklore was a way to achieve the noble cause of art, i.e., to elevate the community and help in confronting and solving problems. The study tackled the importance of folklore in elevating the lives of people and its effect on the Arab culture in general and the movement of the international, Arabic and Iraqi theater in particular. This was achived by reviewing the stages of the relationship between theater and folklore, and discussing the Arabic traditional forms of folklore that carry dramatic and musical structure. The researcher has chosen the maqamat, proverbs and songs as examples used in the theater. They all had an immense role in drawing and keeping the national image. Moreover, the study discussed some Arabic and Iraqi well-known theater characters who were totally concerned with traditional heritage that carried mental and esthetic values wich had the means for enriching the modern culture. This was performed for the sake of creating a harmonious fabric that combined traditional and contemporary threads to be presented for the Arabic people who love their traditions......

The Aqua-Nature in the Poetry of Al-Sinobary

Pages: 81 - 105

The study tackled the aspect of “water and nature” in the poems of Abu Baker Al-Sinobary, the Abbasid poet who lived in the Antaki-Aleppo environment. This environment was known to be one of the beautiful, charming and outstanding sceneries. This can be noticed while reading the poetry which described nature, especially the aqua-nature. In his poems he described rain and everything related to it like clouds, lightning and thunder.Furthermore, he was one of the first poets who described snow and the beauty of nature when it is covered with it, a long with the rivers and the lakes. The study required presenting a theoretical framework before discussion. This was accomplished through discussing the reasons that made the poet deal with nature. The study investigated the practical side, as well, i.e. the images and technicalities used by the poet......

The Reality of Utilizing Information Communication Technology forSchool Teachers at Al shoubak District Schools and Obstacles Facing it

Pages: 107 - 138

The aim of the study is to identify the extent to which a sample of teachers in Al Shoubak district can utilize technical skills, basic applications and software required to use information and communication technology (ICT) for educational purposes, in addition the study intends to identifying the obstacles that limit their use of technology. In order to answer the questions of the study, the researcher designed a literature review questionnaire which consisted of (40) questions as a tool for data collection. The tool was applied on a sample of (101) male and female teachers who were randomly selected from the schools all over the region of Al Shoubak . Percentages, frequencies, medians and standard deviation were used for data analysis. The study also used T-test and Two Way Anova in order to identify the average differences among the study groups. The results of the study show that the majority of the sample members sufficiently used the basic applications and software of information of communication technology (ICT), but their use of (ICT) for educational purposes was low. The results of the study also show the existence of some obstacles. While some of them are related to the non-availability of equipment or insufficient infrastructure, some are related to poor training on utilizing (ICT) in teaching. Based on the results, the study recommended the following: - Providing all the requirements needed at the educational environment for the implementation of e – learning strategies. - Training students and teachers to use computers and (ICT) in teaching. - Promoting (ICT) to become an essential tool in the educational process at all stages of school......

The Effect of a Therapy Program in ReducingAnxiety and Improving Self-Concept of Gifted Students

Pages: 139 - 164

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of a therapy program in reducing anxiety and improving self-concept of gifted students. The population of this study consisted of (90) students of eleventh graders in the King Abdulla schools. The sample of this study consisted of (40) students chosen randomly from the students who achieved high score in anxiety scale and low score in self-concept scale. The experimental group consisted of (20) students who received a therapy program of (8) sessions: a ninety- minute session each week. The Control group consisted of (20) students who were not exposed to the therapy program. The results of (ANCOVA) showed significant differences in reducing psychological anxiety and improving self-concept among the experimental group compared to the control group. The results also indicated that there were no significant differences between gender and the therapy program in both of the psychological anxiety and level of self-concept......

Standards of News Coverage Used on T.V. Channels

Pages: 165 - 189

Since its beginning till today communication means have formed channels for human knowledge. The importance of these means is growing with time as a result of the development of new communication techniques. This made means of communications the focus of the audience who are now dedicating hours of their time to receive the contents of these means. According to these facts, news coverage has become one of the important factors that contributes in arranging the priorities for communication content exposure and also for the formation of the audience opinion about local, regional and international current issues. Through close observation of news content broadcasted on T.V. channels, it is clear that the media select certain news content that concerns a certain issue to be exposed in a certain time while neglecting other issues. This is due to the policy adopted by the media, the media system and the standards the media channel is working according to. From this point of view, researchers in this field have found it necessary to tackle this case in order to find out how these T.V. channels are dealing with news content and according to which standards. This study focuses on the standards used in news coverage and introduces the techniques used in selecting contents presented to the audience......

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