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Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

ISSN (Print Version): 1684-0615

ISSN (Online Version): 2616-2814

Volume 16, Issue No 2, 2013

The Necessity or Possibility of Repeating or Deleting the Preposition:A Structural and Deductive Study. Examples from the HolyQur an

Pages: 17 - 54

The question of the grammatical necessity of repeating the preposition or deleting it totally from the (Arabic) sentence that includes the prepositional object has remained a debatable issue among the Arab grammarians over the years. Most of Arab grammarians differ on the reasons for repeating or deleting the prepositions. The researcher discussed nearly all the uninflected nouns and gave examples including pronouns as parts of the uninflected nouns from the Holy Qur’an. The researcher depended in his analysis and justification on the composition theory which was firstly introduced by Al-Jahez (died in 255 A.H.), and then completed by Abdulqader Al-Gorgani (died in 471 A.H.). This research paper is involved with the study of the views of grammarians concerning the issue in question where he cited examples from the Holy Qur’an, poetry and the Arabs Sayings. The researcher added to all of that the rest of the uninflected nouns completing the examples from the Holy Qur’an to prove his point by analyzing and giving reasons for the phenomenon in accordance with the Qur’anic composition, and indicating the significance of the linguistic structure. The researcher introduced results of the study at the end of his work......

Syntactic Divergence and Reality of Syntactic Schools

Pages: 55 - 86

This research discusses the issue of disagreement between grammarians and the fact of Grammar Schools. In order to investigate this case, the study is conducted based on the principles of ancient grammarians according to scientific objective analysis for their arguments and opinions. It is well-known that the subject of disagreement between Arab grammarians received a great interest among scientists in the past and the present, so the idea of the difference between grammarians and their classification in different schools on the basis of geography have become stable and a reality in the minds of researchers, that is an undeniable fact. In addition to the two schools in Basra and Kufa, Baghdad school was found. Schools of Andalusia, Egypt and the Levant emerged ofterwards. The research found that the rules of Arabic are based on fixed principles and all grammarians efforts depend on these principles. Theory and methodology are compatible for all grammarians. The basic principle is to listen to and analyze the language of the Arabs to create rules. Grammarians have mostly used the same terminology. The use of a limited number of terms does not mean that there is a new school. Thus, differences between grammarians do not imply they belong to different schools because the points of agreement are much more than the issues of dispute, then those so-called schools were not homogeneous in the study of language issues. Differences between grammarians in the same school may exceed differences between grammarians of different ones whether the differences were between those who belong to one school or between those who belong to different schools, they all differ only in the branches and not on the original principles of Arabic grammar......

Arabic Women Using Hymns, Drama and Toning“The Iraqi Lullaby ‘Tanwima’ as a Sample”

Pages: 87 - 106

People around the world appreciate the exceptional role of women for contributions in life right from its beginning till it ends. They have always been recognized for their outstanding impact on the cultural and educational aspects of life. Accordingly, women have the greatest responsibility of taking care of the family. During their course of life, women have used different types of hymns and related each of them to a certain act. They found that their hymns carried solutions for every question brought up by nature and life, therefore, women have used hymns as a means of overcoming events and troubles of life. The study tackles the concept of hymns for their social and cultural importance in individuals’ lives, the issue which was explored by discussing the types and forms of hymns. The researcher deals with the hymns that linked the mother to her baby and how these hymns bonded them in many different ways. The study reviewes the most prominent hymns that are related to the lives of women and their children, including the lullaby ‘Altnwima’, as a world heritage practiced by most of the people of the earth. The researcher chose the Iraqi lullaby and its hymns ‘Altnwima’, which has been used by many generations. He analyzed its content and composition of music and concluded that this special hymn is a moral responsibility that generations must stick to, keep its content and maintain its shape and musical drama......

Attitudes of Irbid National University Students Towards Handicapped People and the Impact of Islamic Education Based Training Program on Attitude Development

Pages: 107 - 156

This study is aimed to identify attitudes of students from Irbid National University towards handicapped people and their relation to the following variables: sex, education major and year of study. Furthermore, the study is intended for the purpose of determining the impact of an Islamic education based program on the development of the attitudes of students at Irbid National University towards handicapped people. The descriptive sample size of the study was composed of (93) students enrolled in the course of Islamic Culture in two sections at Irbid National University during the first semester 2011-2012 . The program was applied to the quasi-sample size of section1 whereas section 2 was control. The research used reliable and stable measurement of students attitudes towards handicapped people. A reliable program was used for the purpose of this study and the average for the attitudes was calculated. The t-test and one-way ANOVA and ANCOVA were used in statistical analyses. The results showed positive attitudes towards handicapped people where there was no statistically significant impact of the variables, and there was a positive impact of the program. This study recommends executing studies related to improving different programs for handicapped people. And it calls for showing interest in Islamic education based programs which develop positive attitudes towards handicapped people......

The Efficacy of a Training Program Based on the Environmental Education in Developing the Environmental Literacy and Positive Attitudes Towards the Environment for Faculty of Education, Science and Arts (FESA) Students,UNRWA, Jordan.

Pages: 157 - 191

The study aimed to find out the efficacy of a training program in the Environmental Education in developing the environmental literacy and positive attitudes towards the environment for FESA students, UNRWA, Jordan. The study sample amounted to (74) female sophomore students randomly divided into two groups: an experimental group which included (37) female students and a controlled group which incorporated the same number of female students, (37). Both groups used to study a life-science course. The said study training program was implemented on the experimental group and received (12) study hours divided into (4) weeks, (3) hours per week. The training program prepared by the two researchers was used in the study and was taught to the experimental group. An achievement test and attitude scale prepared by the researchers were also employed in the fore-mentioned program. The validity and reliability of the test were also calculated in addition to a result analysis. The results showed that the experimental group excelled the controlled group in the achievement test and attitudes scale. So the mean for the environmental literacy test for the experimental group was (21.95 ) while the mean for the same test for the controlled group was (16.32). According to the ANCOVA test applied in this study, the differences between the two groups were significant in favor of the experimental group; moreover, the mean for the environmental attitudes scale for the experimental group was (174.74), and the mean for the same scale for the controlled group was (130.68). These differences were significant in favor of the experimental group, so these results pointed out the efficacy of the applied training program in increasing the environmental literacy and positive environmental attitudes......

Students’ Feedback: Perceptions and Expectations

Pages: 13 - 45

Universities and colleges often administer student feedback surveys on teaching to elicit students’ views of how a particular course is taught in order to improve teaching quality and provide opportunities for better learning. This paper reports the views of (40) English teachers and (124) General Foundation Programme (GFP) students on student feedback in institutions of higher education in the Sultanate of Oman. Findings reveal variation in the views of teachers and students pertaining to involving students in providing feedback to teachers. The study argues that it is necessary to have consistency in the perceptions of teachers and students on student feedback. The study also confirms the importance of providing proper training for the GFP students on quality feedback and reflective learning before asking them to embark on such a demanding task......

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