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Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

ISSN (Print Version): 1684-0615

ISSN (Online Version): 2616-2814

Volume 19, Issue No 1, 2016

Thinking and Learning Styles in the Light of the Level ofAcademic Achievement and Specialization of Students at Al-Quds Open University/ Tulkarem

Pages: 47 - 69

This study aims to identify the most common styles of thinking and learning among students of Al-Quds Open University (Tulkarem branch) in the light of the variables of gender, specialization, and level of academic achievement. For this purpose, the researcher has developed a scale to measure styles of thinking methods that consist of (45) items distributed to (5) domains, each of which represents a specific style of thinking and learning: Synthetic (7 items), ideal (12 items), practical (8items), analytical (10 items), and realistic (8 items). The sample consists of (222) male and female students from Al- Quds Open University. After analyzing the data using the necessary statistical tools, namely a t-test and variance analysis (ANOVA) test, the study results showed that the most common style of thinking and learning among students was the synthetic style (38. 8 ), while the least common is the realistic style (12. 6). On the other hand, the results showed statistically significant differences in the level of thinking and learning styles due to the sex variable. The differences were in favor of females with regard to the synthetic style, and in favor of male with regard to the practical style, analytical style and realistic style. However, there were no statistically significant differences with regard to the ideal style and the overall total. The results also showed no statistical differences in the level of thinking and learning styles due to the specialization, academic achievement, and study level variables......

The Effects of Cautionary Guaranty in Commercial Papers(Study in the Jordanian Law)

Pages: 93 - 115

This study aims to show the importance of cautionary guaranty as one of the measures granted by law to protect holders of commercial papers. The study also underscores the legal influence of cautionary guaranty as pertaining to the legal relation between the involved parties, the commitment of the cautionary guarantor who has both a dependent and an original status, and ensued effects of this relation. In the first part, a special emphasis is placed on the effect of cautionary guaranty on the legal relation between the cautionary guarantor and the holder of the commercial paper. This is done through explaining the legal nature of the commitment of the cautionary guarantor and results entailed by this commitment. In the second part of the study, the researcher deals with the legal relation between the cautionary guarantor, the guaranteed, and the rest of the parties committed to the commercial paper. In the process, the researcher endeavors to point out potential legal conflicts among the involved parties in cautionary guaranty. Throughout, there are references to legal texts that deal with the effects of cautionary guaranty, juristic opinions, and available judicial rulings related to the subject matter. The study concludes by stating legislative shortages of rulings that are concerned with organizing the relation between the different parties. It also recommends the importance of reconsidering the wording of some legal texts that deal with cautionary guaranty especially as they address any legal conflict that can ensue out of the relation between the different parties involved in the cautionary guaranty......

Teaching Competency among Teachers of the ElementaryStage from the Perspective of Elementary School Principalsand Supervisors in the South of Jordan According to theCriteria of Total Quality

Pages: 117 - 141

This study aims to introduce teaching competency among teachers of the elementary stage from the perspective of elementary school principals and supervisors in the south of Jordan according to the criteria of total quality. Also, it introduces differences in degree of teaching competency among teachers from the perspective of principals and supervisors. The study sample is conducted on 148 principals and supervisors: 127 principals and 21 supervisors in the second term of the academic year 2013-2014. For the purpose of the study, the two researchers make use of the descriptive approach. For the purpose of collecting data, they use a survey that consists of 63 paragraphs distributed over seven fields, namely: planning, class administration, human relations, thinking development, technology of education, evaluation, and curricula development. The study shows that the assessment of the school principals and the supervisors with regard to the competency of teachers of the elementary stage is average: (1.80). Planning comes in the first rank, evaluation in the second, class administration in the third, the human relations in the fourth, technology of education in the fifth, thinking development in the sixth, and curricula development in the seventh. The study also shows that there are no significant or indicatory statistical differences (α ≥ 0.05) with regard to the degree of competency of the male and female teachers from the perspective of principals and supervisors.....

The Typical Structure of Tragedy in Aristotle’s TheoryAn analytical Study

Pages: 27 - 46

There are many books that deal with Aristotle›s Poetics either through explaining it, commenting on its content, or interpreting it. However, those books have contributed to confuse researchers and people interested in theater, drama, and criticism. What maximized the confusion are factors like those pertaining to the different versions available of the translation of the book and also the different interpretations of Aristotle’s concepts and terms of reference. Additionally, Aristotle’s fragmented style and inaccurate account of some ideas and concepts in relation to drama did not make the issue of studying Poetics any easier. Accordingly, the researcher aims to provide a comprehensive study through arranging sections and parts of the book in a coherent and streamlined way, while endeavoring to keep Aristotle’s basic principles and ideas intact and unchanged. In the process, the researcher places emphasis on Aristotle’s most important ideas in relation to tragedy. The researcher begins his study by dealing with the main thoughts that Aristotle presents in his book and then moves to discuss the less important ones. He, as such, starts with the general definition of tragedy, and then moves to discuss issues that are found in different sections and branches to reveal the associations between the seemingly fragmented parts on types of action, characters, , the plot, and the purpose or function of the tragedy. The researcher makes use of Aristotle›s book, Art of Poetry, which has two translations by both Abdel-Rahman Badawi and Ibrahim Hamada. The searcher selects paragraphs from both translations depending on what seems to be more true to the original Aristotelian text. In addition, the study offers a practical reading of Sophocles› Oedipus the King by utilizing Aristotle’s theory to account for the reasons that lead us to believe that the legacy of Aristotle is very crucial till the present time......

Participation Motives among Students of Al - Ahliyya AmmanUniversity in Competitive Sport Activities for some of theGroup Games

Pages: 11 - 25

This study aims to introduce motives behind the participation of students from Al-Ahliyya Amman University in competitive sport activities/programmes for group games. The study also points out the differences in motives relative to variables such as gender, games, practices, and years of experience. The study sample is conducted on one-hundred male and female students selected randomly from those students who have participated in football games and basket games for the league of the University Faculties. Gill-1983 is utilized for measurement of motives. Gill-1983 consists of four fields: the social, the personal, the technical, and the psychological. They are all presented in paragraph 30. For the purpose of the study, arithmetic averages, standard deviations, T test, and the test of one-way analysis of variance are all used. The study concludes that the motives behind participation in competitive athletic programmes are significantly important in all components of measurements. It also indicates that there are no differences in motives relative to sex and type of games while there are significant differences in motives relative to more than five years of experience in three fields namely, the social, the personal, and the technical......

Objective Depictions of Characters: A Comparative Studybetween Mo’nes Al-Razaz’s Memories of a Dinosaur andJose Cardoso Perez’s His Excellency the Dinosaur

Pages: 71 - 91

This study aims to compare the structure of the main character in His Excellency the Dinosaur by the Portuguese Jose Cardoso Perez with the structure of the main character in Memories of a Dinosaur by the Jordanian novelist Mo’nes Al Razaz. Both writers use the “Dinosaur” to depict characters in their novels as embodiments of political thoughts through a type of narrative that can be classified as black comedy. The study accordingly will pursue how both characters develop in the narrative by offering a textual reading of the first appearance of the dinosaurs as problematic characters through their negative interaction with the surrounding environment, their willed self-encapsulation, their isolation, and then their extinction at the end......

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