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Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

ISSN (Print Version): 1684-0615

ISSN (Online Version): 2616-2814

Volume 2, Issue No 1, 1993

Grammatical Analysis by Eben Hisham Al-Ansari

Pages: 29 - 67

The writer made a presentation of syntactic analysis by IBN HISHAM AL – ANSARI in his book named (MUGHANI AL-LABEEB). He discussed his conception of (THE SENTENCE) agreeing with some of his conclusions and asking for reconsideration of others. He concluded his research by submitting some remarks that got the attention of the contemporaries during their consideration of the scope recent linguistics aspects. Afterwords the writer tried to exhibit the principles that IBN HISHAM followed in the field of syntactic analysis. He explained that IBN HISHAM took advantage of the principles of grammarians scattered through their judgments of linguistic structure. The writer made a comparison between this principles and their counterparts of transformationalists. The writer’s belief is that such comparison will pave the way for a new sphere and will lead into a fertile harvest that helps to comprehend the linguistic phenomenon.....

Vowels Between Theoretical standards and Pronunciation characteristics

Pages: 121 - 159

This research aim at classifying the theoretical and practical principles of vowels. Some of these principles are related to the acoustic features. The acoustic features can be observed in sonority and friction. The contextual criteria are observed in the phonological usages and practical linguistic level. However, the practical criteria can be easily observed in the articulatory features such as narrowing and the obstruction of the air- system. Cardinal vowels represent the duality of vowels, they represent the theoretical and practical aspects of vowels. Cardinal vowels are divided into: primary, secondary, and additional vowels. All cardinal vowels are defined according to the following criteria: the horizontal and vertical position of the tongue, and the position of the lips (rounded, unrounded, neutral). This paper discusses as well the relation between the so called diphthongs and semivowels. Diphthongs have been divided into five types......

Critical vision of novel by Abed Al- Mohsen Bader

Pages: 185 - 225

This paper investigates Abdul-Muhsin Bades methodology in study and criticism of the novel. The paper concentrates on the following points: 1-The conditions necessary for the writer’s vision. 2- Abdul-Muhsins view of the Idealism, romanticism and Aestheticism. 3-The character and its role in writing the novel. 4- Importance of time and place in the structure of the novel. 5-language and style of the novel. 6-Some general comments......

Punishment in International Relief Agency schools at Jordan As teachers and students see it.

Pages: 227 - 272

The purpose of this study is to know the viewpoints of teachers and pupils in UNRWA schools in Jordan towards punishment. A specially designed questionnaire was given to (862) pupils and (315) teachers from a random sample taken from five areas in Jordan. The Questionnaire consists of (34) items covering the following five domains: causes, aims, kinds, consequences of punishment as well as alternative and attitudes to punishment. The data obtained from the questionnaire were subjected to x2 (chi square) for the purpose to determining significant differences – in the above domains- between the teachers and pupils. The present study found significant differences between qualified and unqualified teachers in using punishment. The first group used punishment more than the second group. This was attributed to the educational skills of the qualified teachers. The study found that male teachers used punishment for unsatisfactory behavior, but female teachers used punishment for lack of achievement. The finding and their implications for training and counselling teachers are discussed......

Rain in the Modern Arabic Poem

Pages: 161 - 183

This research discusses the domains and the implicature of rain in the modern Arab poetry. Since the rain is connected to the origins of life, and is a symbol of renewal, the use of rain in the Arab poetry, in this way is considered among daring usages because it recaptures the historical symbols. And it’s used to express something about the Arab situations in this age. Finally, the new meaning dedicates new implicature of rain that is connected to the truth and reality when the poet loses this reality and seeks salvation......

The perceptions of AL-Yarmouk University Students To Practice Global Announcement Materials Which are Concerned Human Rights in Jordanian Society.

Pages: 273 - 305

This study tries to reveal the university students viewpoint in practicing the article of the international declaration of human rights in Jordanian society > this was done through a random sample consisting of 192 students of facilities of arts and education in Yarmouk University > to measure this viewpoint the researchers designed an instrument for this purpose which included all the articles of the international declaration of human rights and monitored the responses of the members of this samples to these articles according to an evaluative scale consisting of four levels (4) being the highest and (1) the lowest . Eight independent variables have been introduced into this study . Their effect on the dependent variables representing the articles of the international declaration of human rights has been examined through suitable statistical tests , means, and (T) tests and one-way variation analysis . The study has come to conclusion most important of which are the following : 1- Members of the sample were un animus that all the articles of the International Declaration of Human Rights are practiced at a high level in Jordanian society the lowest being 2.16 and the highest being 3.53 on a scale whose maximum is 4 and minimum is 1 . 2- The articles of the international Declaration of human rights which were in agreement with Islamic legislation and the Jordanian constitution have attained the highest averages the lowest of which was 2.7 and the highest 3.53 . 3- Seven of the eight independent variables were the school type , the cultural level , the place of residence , the dedications to human rights , the degree of acquaintance with human rights . their averages of means had no statistical significance , which shows that the conceptions of students ( as dependent variables ) are very close to one another and harmoniously follow the same direction leading to similarity and unanimity in the students views and estimation of the degree of practicing the articles of the International Declaration of Human Rights . 4- The difference between the medial of the independent variable “source of the knowledge of the articles of human rights “ resulted in differences of statistical significance at a level a =0.05 which was in favor of the source of audible and visible media and also the source of book and magazine reading . The research gave recommendations about enhancing the citizens awareness of the texts of Jordanian legislation within the framework of the constitution and the laws ;planning for an information campaign to educate citizens about practicing the articles of the articles of the international declaration of human rights in Jordanian society over and above introducing into the teaching curricula a ground work of general legislative education and high lighting the legislation related to the rights of the citizen who as a member of Jordanian society in particular ......

Acoustic Factors In Forming Arabic Structure

Pages: 69 - 119

This paper is a study of the sound factors, which control the mechanism of sound changes, affecting Arabic sounds, when they hold adjacent positions, in certain morphological structural formations. It becomes clear to us, through linguistic patterns and examples in this paper, which are more influential than other adjacent sounds, that those sounds are characterized by certain features which make them dominant in the process of structural formation, most important among them are features of sibilant, velarization, voicedness, plosion, nasalization, being rolled, length of place of articulation, and the vowel characteristics called, in Arabic, (madd and liin). Moreover, it becomes evident that the position of a sound in the linguistics formation, and also the position of the sound in the vocal apparatus, are important factors influencing and being influenced as well as the process of sound production in morphological formations. It is not worthy to mention here that ancient scholars of Arabic, headed by Sibawayh , have noticed and given short comments on some of the above – mentioned factors, but their notes haven’t reached the level of theoretical formulation which we hope this paper will do ......

Eliminate the harassment of putting shame on someone for something

Pages: 15 - 28

Some old linguistics said that the verb Aiyara (Reproach) with the preposition Al-Ba a (of) is not a good language. But some of them said it is not a very good language, this article proves, through the investigation of classic Arabic prose and poetry, and through grammar, that the verb Aiyara (Reproach) with the preposition Alba a (of) is highly correct. And is better than to be without the preposition Alba a (of)......

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