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Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

ISSN (Print Version): 1684-0615

ISSN (Online Version): 2616-2814

Volume 2, Issue No 2, 1994

Analysis of Construction Industry in Jordan 1980 - 1990

Pages: 35 - 58

The purpose of this paper is to describe and analyze the performance of the construction industry in Jourdan during the past decade. For this purpose, the authors addressed the following issues: 1- The size of the industry which is expressed in terms of volume and contribution to gross domestic products (GDP). In this section, the causes and effects of fluctuations are discussed. 2- Contribution of the industry to the country’s fixed asset formations, and finally 3- The structure of construction contractor.....

Names and Namings The Thematic and Symbolic Significance of Names in Three Selected Modern American Short Stories

Pages: 11 - 34

In the modern American short story the name of a character often illuminates certain associations—symbolic and otherwise. As the title reveals, it is the purpose of this paper to briefly analyze the significance of certain names in three selected American short stories written after World short stories written after world war I to see how, and in what capacity, names of characters contribute to the thematic and symbolic subtlety of the works in which they appear, and simultaneously to see how they help us understand the human character themselves. I have thus sharply limited myself to a selected aspect of the subject as illustration of my argument. Referring specifically to Katherine Anne Porter’s “ The Jilting of Granny Weather” (1930), John Steinbeck’s Flight “ ( 1938), and Eudora Welty’s “livvie” (1942), the ensuing discussion will, therefore, concern itself mainly with specific choice based on individual discretion. The selection of the present works under analysis is, then, subject to individual choice; rather than being general and exhaustive, this paper, it is hoped, is selective in scope. It should, however, be made clear at the very outset that this study is not an historical survey but an in-depth analysis of a literary phenomenon, which I deem worthy of critical attention and assessment, even though the works to be considered hereinafter appear in chronological order.....

The Effect of Money Supply(M2) on Real Magnitudes in the Economy of Jordan A Rational Expectations Approach

Pages: 59 - 96

This study applies a neo-classical model to test the impact of anticipated and un anticipated growth in money supply (M2) on some key economic variables in the Jourdan economy for the period (1968:1-1988:4). The model consists of four equations: (i) the money supply growth equation;(ii) the growth in unemployment rate equation; (iii) the real growth in GNP equation; and (iv) the growth in price level equation (inflation rate). The study investigates the relationships and hypotheses using two stage least square method which is applied at the first difference logarithm structural equations. The first stage is applied to the money supply (M2) growth equation in order to divide the actual growth of money supply into anticipated(predicted) and unanticipated (unpredicted) values. The second stage is applied to estimate the reactions of key economic variables (real GNP, growth in price level, and growth in unemployment rate) to the anticipated and unanticipated money supply growth. The major results of this study can be summarized as follows: (i) Anticipated money supply growth, or the systematic policy in the growth of money supply, affects the real key economic variables in the direction of the policy goal, while the unanticipated growth in money supply mostly gives an uncertain direction of its impact on the key economic variables included in the study; (ii) fiscal policies have a greater impact than monetary policies in reducing unemployment rate; and (iii) lagged real GNP growth and price level growth have strong expansionary impact on money supply, whereas the impact of lagged unemployment rate on the expansion of money supply is rather weak......

Inner Control for Basic Levels Students In Amman

Pages: 45 - 97

As a personality variable, (Loc) is considered an important factor of individual motivation in the learning – teaching setting. It is related to other psychological factors. The aim of the study was to determine the effect of each of variable of Sex,Grade,Level of A Cademic Self – Concept and , Motivation of Learning on the Loc of school student in Amman City . To achieve the objectives of the study the researcher used three Arabized and developed Measures : Measures of Academic self – concept , Measure of Learning Motivation, and Measure of Locus of control. Analysis of variance ANOVA (2×2×2×4) was used to compute . the differences in the effects the above mentioned variables. The result showed significant effects of each of the variables on Loc ,and they showed significant differences among the effects of the individual variable (a 4 0.001). The study has recommended conducting more research in this important field , to identify levels of Loc among the students, along with other personality factors that might affect the students achievement......

Rejection Manifestations and Creativity Essence Reading in Amal Dongle’s Poetry

Pages: 13 - 43

This study aims to spell out the underlying principles of Amal Donguls rejectionist and explicate its active role in the process of creativity . Despite the difficulty, if not the impossibility, of separating ideology from art, which are dialectally related in criticism, this study will gave priority to the artistic aspect of rejectionist over the ideological aspect by inquiring into the essence of creativity in rejectionist, because the poeticalness of Amal’s rejectionist was not overridden by ideology or politics; rather it remained throughout his advanced artistic vision a manifestation of creativity......

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