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Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

ISSN (Print Version): 1684-0615

ISSN (Online Version): 2616-2814

Volume 4, Issue No 1, 1996

Analysis of acoustic phenomena In the reading of Hamzeh Ben Habib

Pages: 13 - 48

This research aims to study the sound phenomena in the reading of Hamza Bin Habib Al-Zayat, one of the Quranic readings imams and one of the seven readers, his research is divided into two demands , the first : in Hamzeh Ben Habib biography , the second: in Sound phenomena . This research study five major things from the point of view of the acoustic science and putting the rules for every sound phenomena......

Aspect of psychological and social explanations of language

Pages: 105 - 128

This study analyzes the impact of various psychological and social changes on linguistic phenomena. Since human beings are similar in their psychological fabric and their social structures, it is expected that their languages share some universal aspects in both areas. Many examples are given in this study to illustrate the universal aspects. These examples come from different historical period, from old usage of languages to the modern. This paper also deals with changes which appear in different features of languages; phonology, morphology, and syntax. In addition, this study describes linguistic phenomena which started as individual usage, and in later stages under certain circumstances, were accepted linguistically by their communities. These accepted changes are contrasted with other phenomena which were not accepted, but were looked at as mistakes or speech defects ......

The influence of curriculum in the formation of Conceptual relations: Student’s expanation for the relationship between Volume, heat and pressure

Pages: 129 - 158

The study is directed to investigate the relationship between the nature of curriculum and the conceptual mapping students form during studying in such curriculum. To study such an effect the sample was chosen from teachers exposed to the effect of two curricula, science section curriculum and literatures one. All of them are teachers in elementary grades, and they were working to complete their undergraduate studies. The sample was consisted of 70 teachers, 20one of them were in science section. They were asked to answer open questions which explain their level of understanding about kinetic energy of molecules; the questions were chosen to explain the kind of conceptual relationship students form between volume, heat and pressure. The study shows that all of students in literature section and 10 of students in science section have an alternative conception that was caused by students believing in the continuity of the universe (no gap between molecules). The study shows three different levels of understanding; the first group of students thinks that heat leads to increase the volume of molecule, and this would lead to increase the pressure ; the second group of students believes that the ultra-explanation of the molecule would lead ultimately to divide them into many molecules and this would lead to increase the pressure ; the third group of students believes that heat is a material that leads to increases the mass of air and increase the pressure. The study shows that more attention should be directed to present the declarative microscopic knowledge about the kinetic energy of molecules, and not to depend only on presenting the macroscopic procedural knowledge of the laws of quantity of heat and the relation between heat, volume and pressure without declaration of how kinetic energy of molecules would explain these laws; this deficiency has led to enhance such kinds of misconceptions in students......

The Construction Sector in Jordanian Economy(1968-1993)

Pages: 159 - 184

The purpose of this study is to measure the production function in the construction sector, determine its sources of growth, estimate the marginal rate of technical substitution (MRTS), and assess its annual real growth of output. ratios were used to measure the contribution of this sector in the economy of Jourdan, and labor market. Averages were used to measure growth on output, employment, and capital. The ordinary least square(OLS), method was used to estimate production function> ad the (MRTS). The result also show that more capital intensive technology is used in the construction sector, a main factor on output growth. The extent to which the sector was affected by the change of economical, political, and demographical factors in Jourdan and the surrounded areas during last decades is reflected. The author expects a positive influence for the peace process in the middle east on construction sector: increasing investment opportunities, demand of labor, and growth of output. These effects may happen because the construction sector has to implement project (such as : tourism, telecommunication, etc.) a major goal of the peace treaties......

The Phrasal Verb in English

Pages: 11 - 32

This paper concentrates on the syntactic structure of the phrasal verb and presents eight tests to isolate this verbal structure from other non- phrasal verbal combinations. The tests are usefully channeled to express themselves in regularities underlying phrasal and non-phrasal verbs. It highlights some severe collocational restriction that obtain with the phrasal structure whose practical is unequivocally realized as an adverbial. The paper also maintains that between and within phrasal and non-phrasal structures are varying degrees of idiomaticity, distinguishing, the most idiomatic (ie the least transparent) structure from the least idiomatic (ie the most transparent) one. It enunciates that although some verbs appear to be of one category than another, there is continual process of idiomatic ascent that eventually converts marginal and non-phrasal verbs into phrasal ones......

Constraints on double-object construction In Jordanian spoken Arabic

Pages: 33 - 59

This article shows that both modern standard Arabic and Jordanian spoken Arabic have double –object constructions. It suggests that double-object constructions in Jordanian spoken Arabic are governed by semantic constraints. Two classes of verbs that meet these conditions have been identified. the first class comprises verbs whose semantic structure requires the involvement of both the agent and the goal in the implementation of the act. The verbs in the second class lend themselves to further subgrouping; they signify motion into or towards a body or an object......

Islam in Marlowe’s Tamburlaine the Great

Pages: 61 - 88

This paper seeks to present a providential approach to Tamburlaine. This approach is justified in terms of divine punishment which guilty figures suffer as a result of their misdeeds. When facing misfortune or penalty. Characters supplicate to different divine power: The Persian supplicate to Jove, the Moslem Turks supplicate to the prophet Muhammad, and the Christians appeal to Christ. But Tamburlaine, who introduced himself as the Scourge of God, always supplicates to generalized God. Through its invocation of Jove, the play combines these divine forces into a generalized God. It is this generalized God who punished Tamburlaine for burning the holy Koran and other Islamic texts. Tamburlaine’s sudden sickness in the wake if his sacrilegious action will be seen as showing Gods refutation of Tamburlaine’s assertion that in vain…. Men worship Mahomet. This refutation emphasizes the plays defense of Islam, and shows the play to be a tragedy of divine justice......

The Role of Tenant Buyout in Rent Contract

Pages: 185 - 219

Key money is defined as the payment paid by the lessee to the lessor beyond the legal frame work of the tenancy contract. The legal arrangement of this subject is different, accordingly some laws incriminate this matter directly, while some of them prohibits any consideration against the provisions of the key of the premises to the tenant outside the scope of the leasing contract including the key money, on the other hand some laws did not refer to this matter at all. The importance of this study about the key money is that it has a strong relation with the everyday life of the people, especially its effect on the costs and prices of the merchandises. It reveals the attempts of landlords to get additional money in a way to evade the implementation of the previsions of law which are protecting the tenants. This study comprises many legal ideas as well as practical ones, which we hope they will contribute to regulate and arrange this subject for the benefit of the community......

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