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Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

ISSN (Print Version): 1684-0615

ISSN (Online Version): 2616-2814

Volume 4, Issue No 2, 1996

The Role of Social Insurance in Motivating the Investment In Jordan ( standered studding) 1993-1980

Pages: 13 - 33

The present study attempted to test empirically the direct and indirect impacts of the social security program investments on total investments in Jordan for the period 1980 - 1993. The statistical results of the social security program contribute lightly in directing and enhancing the total investment in Jordan while the social security program investments and the size of labor force contribute significantly in enhancing the total investment in Jordan.....

Technical and Administrative Adjustment For Recent Budget Models

Pages: 35 - 77

The study examined several budget models, such as the traditional budget, performance budget, programming and planning budget, and the zero budget. It presented a comprehensive definition of each budget type, its origins, the relationship of each type to management, and the main differences among the different types. The study also presented a detailed analysis of the characteristics of each type of budget, its main rationales, and the main advantages and disadvantages of each......

Jordanian labor migration to the Arab Oil Countries and the impact on the migrant workers

Pages: 79 - 103

This research outlines the socio-economic impact of the Jordanian labor migration to the Arab Oil Countries on the migrant worker himself. Such impact includes changes in level of education, health, social status, job experience and stability, sources and level of income, saving and investment patterns, economic concerns for each of the home country and host country, and the value of the US dollar. The results indicated positive changes in the migrant’s economic and educational standards, and negative changes in the migrant’s job stability, health and psychological condition......

Peace Treaties Between the Past and the Present

Pages: 105 - 124

It appears from the previous discussion that Islam is the religion of God for all nations, which is originated from peace security and cooperation. Fighting is Principle or Islam put its only is extraneous permitted for self-deafness and protection of property and religion, when all means are Consumed. Human relationships is Islam are built on coop-oration, justice, charity and con donation. The relationship between government and its subject, security and condolence unless the other countries fight the Islamic governments people or support any aggression against it. Islam permits corporations such as commercial intersection with enemy, unless this help. Them to gain power. Non Muslims are allowed to carry out their religion achievement and they will be secured. I. e. their blood will not be sted and their property will not confiscates, unless thy corporate with internal and external enemy. Also they have freedom to live, move and do their business without any interference. They have also freedom of thought and expression, Unless this will interface with the Islam non Muslims also can benefit from the Islamic tax when its need as same as Muslims. It allow in Islam for governments to make treaties with enemy to stop war or solving some conflicts as long as the treat help the Islamic government to build its power and economy. This treaty should be for limited period such treaty could be melty, political, economic, or security all treaties should be for limited period and should be ended if the treaty is broken by on partner. Finally the research concluded that any treaty Islamic government makes, which help Muslims to build power and keeps their Muslims land, right, security, is permissible......

Social structure for Medical Fact Medical and social controversy

Pages: 125 - 160

This paper takes the problematic concepts of Health, Illness/Disease and Therapy not merely as medical, but equally as social facts and socio-cultural and politico-economic issues. It argues that both human biology and human society can provide only a partial, one-sided explanation of disease audiology in any society. Disease can be produced, developed or transformed only in a dialectical process of on -going interaction/interrelation between medical objects and social subjects. It is the contention of this paper that there are no “diseases as such-only sick people. Diseases do not, in fact, exist and / or affect as substantial independent entities isolated from processes of definition, recognition, actions and reactions of sick individuals. The paper, therefore, suggests that socio- medical research should turn to address itself to new under- standing of the decisive processes in which medical fact is not merely medically defined, but also socially constructed......

The Allegorical Precondition with the article (in) in Quran

Pages: 161 - 181

My rational for researching this topic has been inspired by the word of God as narrated by Mary (Peace be upon her) in Surat Mariam verse 18 which says: I seek refuge with the Gracious one from thee if thou art at all righteous. In reviewing the conditionals in the Quran as expressed by the article 51, I realized that many other similar cases exist like the one above where the conditional is metaphorical and not grammatical. I also realized that the metaphorical conditionals are expressed in two styles: 1 - Perfect Metaphorical Conditionals. 2 - The Imperfect Metaphorical Conditionals. These two styles differ from the real conditionals in three ways which will be illustrated in the body of this paper. The metaphorical conditionals are compounded. In form, they look like conditionals but in reality they are not conditionals. They are used to convey additional meanings just like requests which can be used to convey grammatical meanings and additional metaphorical one.....

Diffusion Limited Aggregation VS Iteration Function Technique for Fractal Graphics

Pages: 11 - 25

Fractal Graphics provides mechanisms for modelling natural images that can not be represented with Euclidean Geometry. This research paper concentrates upon implementing two mechanisms based on Fractal Graphics for modelling natural objects. The diffusion limited aggregation method model natural objects by a growth process while the iterated function technique model natural images by representing their abstraction using parameters. Moreover, this paper presents solutions to the problem of natural objects scaling and zooming techniques......

Method of Conjugate Gradient and Fast Fourier Transformed for Numerical Solution of Conducting Plate of Resonant Size

Pages: 27 - 53

Simple and efficient novel combination of the conjugate gradient (CG) method with the fast Fourier transform technique (FFT) is presented. With this combination, the computational time required to solve electromagnetic scattered problems is much less than the time required by the ordinary (CG) method and the method of moments (MOM). Also, applied computational electromagnetics (ACE) require the computation of potential functions given in terms of convolution integrals which can be calculated very efficiently by using the (CG-FFT). The procedure is made easy and systematic by using a sampling process with roof-top functions to represent the induced current and pulses to average the fields. The scheme is an efficient numerical tool since the spatial derivatives are replaced with simple multiplications in the transformed domain, some of the computational difficulties present in the ordinary (CG) method and the (MOM) do not exist here. Therefore, electrically small structures can also be handled more easily. In comparison with(MOM), this scheme avoids the storage of large matrices and reduces the copter time by orders of magnitude. Finally, since the method is iterative, it is possible to know the accuracy in a problem solution. A perfectly conducting square plate is analyzed. Results are presented and compared with analytical, numerical, or measured values that appear in the literature. The details of the formulation and the computational procedure are presented along with the numerical results for the problem.....

Biological Characteristics of Smokers and Nonsmokers Among Males and Females in Nablus Area IN the West Bank

Pages: 55 - 70

The smoking-related variables for smokers and nonsmokers were studied in Nablus Area, in the West Bank. The population study included a questionnaire filled out by 9900 West Bankers living in cities, villages and camps, representing different occupational and educational levels. The study included 5400 smokers and 4500 nonsmokers. This investigation showed that the average body weight of smokers was lower than that for nonsmokers, but the average height was higher. The onset of smoking was found to be directly encouraged by peers and siblings, and indirectly encouraged by brothers and parents. The age-started smoking was found to be 18.2 years in males, and 21.6 years in females......

Radiation and Scattering Flat Conducting Plate of Resonant Size

Pages: 71 - 93

The purpose of this research is to introduce and applied the conjugate gradient fast Fourier transform (CG-FFT) method, and particularly to situate it within the electrical field integral equation (EFIE) of applied computational electromagnetics (ACE). The conjugate gradient fast Fourier transform (CG - FFT) - based iterative approach for computing the fields scattered for different conducting plates (square and circular disk) in free space is used. The efficiency of the CG - FFT method is due to the fact that the integrals of the convolutions are computed by means of FFTs. This makes it possible to reduce the central processing unit (CPU) time and memory storage requirements by order of magnitude. This method is also capable of handling patches that are lossy and have arbitrary shape, it is useful for analyzing configurations that may not have been analyzed previously. The radar cross section(RCS) of different conducting plates (square and circular disk) are calculated using this scheme and compared with results that available in the literature.....

‘And’ and ‘Wa’ : A Contrastive Study

Pages: 95 - 111

This paper aimed at comparing and contrasting the discourse functions of the connectives’ And’ and ‘Wa’ in both English and Arabic written discourses. Both of these connectives share certain functions but differ in others. There is no one-to-one relationship between and and ‘Wa’ since the latter can be used to signal more semantic relations in Arabic discourse. This lack of correspondence between ‘And’ and ‘Wa’ creates problems in translating from one language into the other.....

Eugen O Neills Desire Under the Elms: The Quest for Self-assertion

Pages: 113 - 135

This paper seeks to examine the characters’ attempts to assert themselves. These attempts take the form of their endeavors to possess the farm which they regard as an imaginative domain within which they feel a sense of security and repose. And it is in terms of their incessant quest for security and repose that we would best appreciate their recourse to violence. It is this quest for security and self-assertion which adds every poignancy to their actions and enables them to attain a heroic tragic stature.....

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