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Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

ISSN (Print Version): 1684-0615

ISSN (Online Version): 2616-2814

Volume 5, Issue No 2, 1998

The Semantic Relationship between Satin and Angels in the Shade of Exceptional Rules

Pages: 13 - 35

A well - established tent to lslam is that the angles were and created out of light and that they are naturally devoted to worshipping God the Almighty. Ibliece, descendants, is bent upon tempting humans to stray from the path of righteousness. Several Koranic verses state that God the Almighty ordered all the angels to prostrate themselves before Adam, ant that they all did except Ibliece who was too proud to do so. These verses can be interpreted to mean that Ibliece is one of the angles. The question is: Is he really one of them? The issue is complicated by the expression Who was one of the ]inn to be found in one of the said verses. Accordingly, Ibliece is not angel, but a member of the Jinn......

The Probation System in Jordanian Law

Pages: 37 - 127

It can be said that thinking of the probation system started at the end of the nineteenth century. This coincided with the spread of Italian Positivism. This School called for the suitability of the punishment to the criminal’s situation; then the probation system turned into law. In Jordan, the necessity of using the probation system became apparent after the law—markers called for it; recommendations were made and symposiums were help as well, till Article (59) issued added to the law - 9 - of 1988 to bridge the gas in the criminal law. The probation system is one of the procedures of social defense. It authorizes the judge to suspend the punishment if he / she feels that conviction is enough to deter the criminal or that the sentence might have negative consequences. This applies specifically to imprisonment which might corrupt some conscientious criminals. It will be wise not to make them live with professional murders......

Islamic Jurisprudence between Traditional and Debatable Discretion

Pages: 131 - 177

Applying discretion permeates Islamic jurisprudence both in general and specific matters, whether traditional or debatable, in private and public interaction, under normal or emergent conditions. For justice to be served, the rule is to enforce the uncontested principle, in both traditional and debatable matters, to all persons to which the principle applies. However, it might be beyond the willingness or capacity of such persons to abide by such implementation, especially in hitherto unfamiliar matters, where such implementation, would lead said persons to voice out utterances or undertake actions deemed unacceptable by the law. It is at his point that allowance is made for discretion to be applied for the purpose of alleviating the hardships emanating from applying the uncontested principle. Acting under duress does not exonerate the persons who so act, nor does it nullify the rights of other parties, even though divergent views may be held regarding this law. Applying discretion is not construed here as and alternative to the law, but rather as complementary to it......

Legal Effects of Special pardon Studying in Jordanian Law

Pages: 179 - 210

Special pardoning is a system known to both ancient and Islamic legislation and stipulated by all modern laws. This system aims at dealing with certain cases that cannot be handled by either legal or legislative authorities, after the punishment has reached their final states, and when new circumstances necessitate the establishment of new balances between justice and humanitarian requirements. Thus the head of state is given the right to grant full or partial pardon, or to reduce the sentence. Special pardon is different from general pardon, which is issued by a special law. It is also different from other apparently similar systems such as suspension of execution or conditioned acquittal. Special pardon, when issued, has its penal consequences which are related to the sentences (verdict) and other and disciplinary measures if the indicted occupies precautionary a public function, As for civil responsibility (liability) those who suffer from the crime have the right to get reimbursed......

Dualism of Nationality in Jordanian Law

Pages: 211 - 246

Nationality is a legal political link between the individual and the state. It is a tool for geographic distribution of individuals as well as a reference instrument for the identification of the specific law for application and the competent court in a conflict mingled with a foreign element. Thus, it should be organized on the basis of acceptable principles to avoid disruption of relations among world states. The effect of nationality is not confined nor limited to the internal system of the country rather it extends to cover the international system as well however, despite this fact the general principles of nationality may be breached causing the existence of dualism of nationality, and consequently necessitates all efforts to avoid and eliminate it’s causes. The Jordanian legislator worked to avoid dualism of nationality in several cases, but failed to do as such in others. This research discusses definition of nationality dualism causes and methods of prevention both at the local and international levels and the position of the Jordanian legislator towards it......

Vertical Integration and Economic Efficiency In Jordanian Industries

Pages: 247 - 266

The Major Objectives of this study is to measure the degree of vertical integration (VI) in Jordanian industries classified by the 4- digits code of the ISIC, and to examine the relationship between such integration and both economic efficiency and monopoly power. The results of the study indicate that the degree of VI among Jordanian industries varies for some extent from one group to another. But it is more important to mention that a low degree of VI has been found among many important industries. These are the grain mill products, the prepared animal feed, the manufacture of paints, the petroleum refineries, the manufac- ture of electrical industrial machinery and apparatus, and the manufacture of spare parts for motor vehicles. On the other hand, a highest degree of VI among other group has been cleared. This group includes the slaughtering, preparing and preserving meat, Tobacco, and upholstery industries. The study also shows that the VI increases both profits and economic efficiency and reduces costs rather than increasing the monopoly power. Accordingly, the VI is desirable from a social viewpoint, and moreover, it should be encouraged to include the various economic sectors.....

Language Loyalty Among The Yemenites Of Lackawanna -New York

Pages: 11 - 31

This paper describes the Yemenite community with the purpose of identifying social, psychological, historical, religious and linguistic processes that may affect the maintenance of their mother - tongue (Arabic) when it is under the influence of the majority language (English). Fishman’s research, over three decades, has laid the theoretical background for this investigation. 50 members from the Yemenite community were interviewed in the summer of 1994, and data were collected on language proficiency, patterns of use in different contexts, and attitudes to their languages. Results are presented and factors that enhance language loyalty whether social or linguistic are identified......

Anew Parallel Algorithm for Low pass Digital Image Filtering Using Systolic Array

Pages: 33 - 267

This paper introduces a new parallel algorithm for the low pass digital image filtering using a systolic array. This new algorithm is faster than the old one [14]. This is due to the fact that the old algorithm carries out the addition operations in a sequential mode. But in our new design these addition operations are divided into two groups which can be performed in parallel. One group will be performed on one half of the systolic array and the other on the second half, that is, by folding. This parallelism reduces the time required for the whole process by almost quarter the time of the old algorithm......

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