Published by:
Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

ISSN (Print Version): 1684-0615

ISSN (Online Version): 2616-2814

Volume 7, Issue No 1, 2000

Arabic Morphology in View of the Facts of Modern Linguistics

Pages: 1 - 41

This Paper discusses some facts of Arabic morphology, and explains the essential units and concepts which enable a researcher to study Arabic Morphology in view of the facts of modern Linguistics, and thereafter be able to use these facts and concepts to serve the research in Arabic Morphology......

Classifying Business Firms in the Economy by Statistical Techniques. Applied Study in Jordan

Pages: 42 - 68

Several Criteria can be used to classify business firms in the economy. Business firms, for example, could be classified into large, medium or small on the basis of a single criterion such as the sales or number of Workers criterion. Such criteria are usually chosen on a random basis. No scientific reasoning is given for such choice of classification. Accordingly, the purpose of this study is to utilize statistical techniques, such as discriminant analysis, and cluster analysis, in deciding the most appropriate classification for business firms in Jordan (as a case study). Such techniques are usually based on several important variables (criteria) that interact simultaneously to determine the appropriate classification. The study shows the invalidity of using a single criterion in classifying business firms. Such invalidity, is due to scientific problems and the inconsistency of government decision applied to those businesses. In addition, and using what is called statistical distance, five groups (clusters) of business firms were identified, each group holds several important characteristics that distinguish it from other groups......

Analysis the Budgetary Trends in Jordan for the Period 1980 - 1997

Pages: 114 - 136

The objective of this study is to provide an in-depth view about the budgetary trends in Jordan for the period 1980 - 1997. The present paper is mainly concerned with the surplus and deficit as well as the expenditure revenues and loans. It is clearly shown that the government expenditure is highly increased during the aforementioned period while the per Capita goods showed no increase......

the position of Athoghoor Ash-shamayah during the Tolonid’s reign 264-2921-U 877-905 A.D.

Pages: 137 - 167

This research dealt with the position of Athoghoor Ash-shamayah during the Tolonid’s reign 264-2921-U 877-905 A.D. The researcher briefed shortly about the Tolonid’s state foundation in Egypt and Ash-sham and he identified Athoghoor and he showed the importance of Athoghoor and the reasons for its foundation in the Islamic state- He also talked about the conditions of Athoglwor Ash- shamayh before Tolonid’s rign and the rule of Ahmad Bin Tolon over Athoghoor Ash-shamayah and the conditions that forced the annexation process to his reign. After that the researcher talked about the role of the Tolonid’s in fortification Athoghoor and Ash- sharnayah coastal cities. After that the researcher talked about this situation of Athoghoor Ash- shamayah form Tolonid’s reign and he ended his research by talking about Jihaad Al-Tolonids against Byzantines (The Tolonids - Byzantines relation)......

Documentary Study for the Jordanian Traditional Coffee Grinder (Almehbash) Handicraft.

Pages: 168 - 191

Through this documentary study for the Jordanian traditional Coffee Grinder (Almehbash) Handicraft, the researcher introduced a historical introduction for this kind of crafts, materials and traditional tools, prices, methods of production, decoration and marketing process. The researcher pointed out the main problems that faces the handicrafts men who work in this sector presenting some of their background and experience in this field. Finally, he pointed out some suggestions and recommendations that might help preserving this kind of traditional handicrafts for future Generations......

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