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Deanship of Scientific Research
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Volume 9, Issue No 1, 2002

The pre-Islamic Poetry and the Arabic life

Pages: 11 - 74

This research gives the life of the pre-Islamic people from the point of view of the social, economic, moral, political. and thoughtful life The research see the truth in describing that life. So this research refutes the thought that was held by some orientalists, and some Arab researchers who were influenced by them namely Dr. taha Hussein that this poetry, was not real, because it does not represent the life of the pre Islamic people. This poetry has described them far away from their international environment and they were nearer to Islam than polytheism, and so it did not reflect their Polytheistic picture. In addition to that their social life was not described in the right way. According to this Taha Hussein said that Al-Quran is the resource from which we have to get the real picture of their life, because Quran has described in it, as well as it has described their bad manners and Their deep rooted polytheism This research has given the proofs that the previous thought, that was held by those suspicious, is ultimately not right, and it does not depend on right and real thought. It is not true that this poetry has pictured them as solitary, or does not describe their true life from its, different aspects. Although Quran has given the complete right of their life, yet Quran has its own concerns in this field as well as points. Finally we can say that the life of those people has been clearly expressed in their poetry......

The Nature of Divine Existence in the Discourse, of Abi Al -Hassan Al-Amiri

Pages: 75 - 101

This study seeks to shed light on the nature of Divine existence in the discourse, of Abi- Al - Hassan Al-Amiri (dz 38lH) . this discourse formed the metaphysical basis that supported his ontological discourse similar to other Islamic Philosophers In this paper, I shall examine al -Amiris conception of Divine nature, its characteristics and finally the notion of al Wahdaniya. The study will conclude with a discussion of the evidence he provided for the existence of God. The study will also include a comparison between al -Airim’s position and those of his predecessors to establish the extent of novelty in his philosophical notions......

The Conceptions of: Ijtihad, Theorization and Ta‘sil within the Islamic Conceptual Context

Pages: 103 - 135

This is an analytic study of the conceptions of: Ijtihad. Theorization and Ta‘sil within the Islamic conceptual context. The introduction presents the nature of Islam as a comprehensive methodology for rightly V guided reasoning, as Islam is a complete code of life. The particularities of the Islamic action are also presented to forward the study problem which is : What is the nature of the relation of ljtihadic action with Theorization and Tasil within the Islamic conceptual context? On the basis of this introduction the study is built to comprise five parts namely: The first deals with the nations Ijtihadic mentality in its axiomatic role and the factors it is affected by. The second pan introduces an analytic discussion of Islamic theorization to prove that it is Ijtihadic endeavor. while the third part discusses the systematic particularity of the Islamic conceptual context. The fourth part presents. in somehow detailed dissuasion that the course of the study necessitates. the enunciation of the determinants of the Ijtihadic action. and discuss in light of these the conception of Tasi1 in the fifth part, and to conclude the study in that theorization and Tasil have to be viewed as Ijtihadic actions — ljtihad......

Peace Treaties between Muslims and the Christians of the Euphrates Jezirah during the Islamic - Arab Conquest

Pages: 137 - 156

The Islamic -Arab conquest set out during the second decade of the first century A,H.. i.e. the seventh century A.D. As a result of that conquest. Syria and Iraq were liberated from the control of Byzentnies and Sassans. Then_ the Islamic -Arab leadership found out that such a victory would never be safe without liberating the Euphrates Jezirah – the are which is surrounded by the upper Euphrates and Tigris and which includes Northern lraq and north - eastern Syria; it was also of a tremendous Economic and military importance‘ This explains why the Romans did their best to ave that area. in particular. under their stronghold and brought great numbers of their forces to it. The campaigns led by ldah bin Ghunm to liberate the Euphrates Jezirah started in I8 AH. and lasted for eighteen month. Throughout those campaigns. most of the Jezirah cities were liberated peacefully. The cities inhabitants who mostly embraced Christianity supported the liberating Arab Muslims for the former looked forward to getting rid of the oppressive Byzantines and Sassans who tyrannized over them for several centuries . The research analyses and discusses the peace treaties signed by Muslims and Christians of the Euphrates lezirah during the liberation process. These treaties were documented in the Arab sources. Especially, Kutubal futooh. They organized the Muslims - Christians relations. highlighted the early positive attitude of the Muslims towards the Christians there and safeguarded the religious as well as the civil rights of the Christians themselves......

The Legality of Dismissal in The Labour Law of Jordan

Pages: 157 - 187

This article deals with the illegality dismissal in the labour law of Jordan, concerning its meaning, implications in the light of comparative law, and analytic study of its jurisdiction. The study is divided into three parts: The first part is tickle with the meaning of illegality dismissal and its implications, The second pan focuses on the frame of dismissal The third discusses the punishments of abused dismissal. The researcher has come to the conclusion that there are certain gaps in the Jordanian law which have passive consequences on the Implication of judgments carried out by local courts. The researcher, in the light of all the above mentioned facts, takes as a case study a number of rules governing this subject, and the attitude of the labour law and courts towards them, Pointing out the weak points in the attitude......

A Case Study of an Iraqi Industrial Establishment

Pages: 189 - 221

Business Organization whether private or public are established to achieve certain goals. which form a framework and a guide to decision markers in order that the goals to be practical, they are supposed to fall into a clear methodological framework which encompasses the organizations mission strategic goals. objectives and targets which involve all aims and activities related to all employees in the organization Through this research we tried to deal with a case study related to an important Iraqi establishment (Urr Establishment for Engineering Industries),we followed up the process of forming goals and their connection in this establishments We found out that a clear framework through which goals are formed is absent. On the one hand and the focusing on the aims, on the other hand. This is due to several reasons, most important of which is the absence of awareness and experience on behalf of the top Management of the establishment relating to goals and their formulation as well as what is related to such goals such as strategies and policies, on the one hand. and the absence of independence and the interference of many centralized organizations, on the other hand. Additionally. This establishment lacks a clear mission in its operation. and consequently, it focuses on the short range performance. We have suggested practical recommendations we feel to be convenient to the situation of the establishment and the Iraqi industrial environment......

The Phenomenon of Preference between the Holy Quran and the Language

Pages: 223 - 246

This Research aims at establishing the origin of some Arabic Syntactic rules through the most Literary styles (the Qur‘an style) shade of Qur‘an style as well as termination of some issues of disagreement concerning syntactic problems. This research attempts to study the issues of style of preference through the Holy Quran. It includes concept of preference, definition of noun of preference. situations of it on account of wording, method of it for Conditions have not been fulfilled, measures of it and four positions of it also contained resemblance between noun of preference and similar adjective resemblance between it and interjection. It also includes dissimilarity between it and similar adjective, dissimilarity between it and interjection action of it, making it intransitive with preposition, genitive of noun of preference. The study has achieved main results, more importance of them are as follows: naming of noun of preference is more proper. The comprehensive definition for noun preference is: it is a noun derived from infinitive noun for feminine, indicates mostly for masculine and on measure of that two things participated in a mark, and one of them has come more than other in that mark. It may not indicate to that. It also indicates in most forms to contention and duration. Nouns of preference come out from the meaning of preference to another meaning, as mockery. The similarity between noun of preference and similar adjective as well as interjection is strong. Truly genitive of noun of preference is mental as well as verbal for some time......

Difference of Main Characteristics Letereer the …… Jordanian and the Employed Non-Jordanians

Pages: 265 - 290

The following research is a study of levels of differences, in the maih Characteristics. of both the unemployed Jordanians and the employed arrivals . The study aims at knowing the differences between those characteristics, as an introduction for establishing national strategy that tends to replace the Jordanians for non-Jordanians. The research analyzed data in the schedule of this study. using a group of statistical programs (SPSS). to reach reliable results that can be Considered at the time of establishing replacement policies. both in the present or in the future. In light of what was mentioned. it appears that any replacement policy. To be established. should take into consideration developing the programs of training centers and institutions concerned with rehabilitation and preparation of the unemployed ( quantitatively and qualitatively), raising the average of existing salaries, Defining daily working hours and inclusion in health and retirement securities. Finally, any replacement policy must be based upon successive steps, and time schedule, that may extend over ten years. through which the placement of about 25 thousand unemployed Jordanians takes place yearly, after the completion of their preparation and rehabilitation......

Yacoub’s Bakr Studies In the Light of the Historical Contrastive Approach

Pages: 291 - 314

Arab linguists have exerted efforts to study language through carefihl investigation and analysis. Therefore the historical contrastive approach has become a methodological requirement that focuses on studying the linguistic phenomenon that descend from the same origin. These approaches aim at examining the aspects of development that influence the Linguistic subject matter both formally (of Fomt) and semantically. Despite the fact that Arab scholars attempted to study the relationship between Arabic and other languages, Western linguists established this method in the Nineteenth century, The historical contrastive approach was adopted by several Orientalists among whom was Yacoub Bakr who concentrated on tarring Arabic utterances and both the syntactic and morphological systems of Arabic as hypothesis for his studies, Bakr also tried to locate Arabic among Semitic and other languages. He shed some light on some matters using the historical contrastive approach which enabled him to clarify some controversial syntactic issues. Bakr explained some linguistic Points in a way that contradicts the old syntacticians. Meanwhile. he tried to reconcile the viewpoints of the old syntacticians with the modem ones. He used to heed many of the orientalists opinions but he sometimes disagreed with them. Baker made tremendous linguistic efforts through introducing the material compiled in Arabic and Semitic dictionaries in order to compare and contrast the different studies conducted......

Personal and Professional Characteristics of Teachers of Gifted and Talented Students and Their Educational Program.

Pages: 315 - 340

This paper presents a view of the personal and professional characteristics of the teacher of the gifted and talented students, which distinguishes him from the regular teacher. It also offers an analysis of the educational programs and training pre and in-service. The paper illustrates the meaning of being gifted and talented, and how it is related to intelligence. In addition. it demonstrates the types and Characteristics of giftedness as well as its general trends, and forms of the care programs for the gifted and talented students. such as acceleration, enrichment integration and isolation. Further. it presents the traits of the gifted and talented students. methods of distinguishing them from others. identification of the needs, and the prospective problems they may face. It is hoped that this paper will contribute to pinpointing the measures of identifying the gifted students, measures of selecting their teachers, The subjects their educational programs include procedures of developing these programs and the role of the colleges of education in this respect. The paper, a theoretical study, is attempting to explore the characteristics of the gifted and talented students in order to draw attention to the necessity of preparing and qualifying teachers who are able to deal with these characteristics through sending them to specialized educational institution which will prepare them for pre and in-service training......

The Right of the Accused to Consult a Solicitor

Pages: 341 - 443

The right of the accused to consult a solicitor is considered one of his legal rights he enjoys in defending himself. Recent development in civilization with reference to social and cultural background entails this right to become the focus point of interest for many international organizations mentioned in treaties and protocols. The Jordanian criminal procedure law No 9.1961 initially shows the right to seek the assistance of lawyer while being interrogated by the attorney general. This right is not taken seriously by those who question the accused in the initial or the preliminary interrogation , is carried on by police, which is exceptional. This law also shows the limits and constraints applied in trials. Throughout this study we tried to illustrate the Jordanian legislators purpose in organizing and confirming this right , and his following up of the process of developing the comparative legislation. We tried to show that there are gaps and empirical problems to be amended in our legislation to include this right and activate its utilization......

Quality of Higher Education and Labor Market Requirements. A Case Study of Jordan

Pages: 444 - 445

As a developing country characterized by scarcity of natural resources and high population growth, Jordan is well advised to rely on its educated human resources for the purpose of becoming knowledge - based economy. However, in order to achieve this objective, higher education system could be restructured to improve the quality of higher education, and to ensure that university graduates themselves have the necessary skills required in the labor market. In addition to language and computer skills, university graduates would have better access to job opportunities if they are well equipped with the skills required in the labor market, such as: creativity, innovation, and critical thinking. These qualities can only be attained in an education system that is dynamic and market-oriented. Both public and private universities are under increasing pressure to meet these challenges. The paper consists of four parts: (l) introduction, (2) quality of higher education, (3) information technology in higher education, and (4) conclusions and recommendations......

Creative Writing : Practice and Theory

Pages: 9 - 44

This research tends to inspect the validation of creative writing as an academic discipline in the university curriculum, To achieve this goal, data was gathered through a number of instruments. Above all a questionnaire was conducted to survey the ideas of a great number of creative writing instructors at the American University. Those universities range in size from small liberal arts colleges to research universities. Beside this chief instrument. The data gathered by the survey was supplemented by observations of a number of workshops. interviews with a few creative writing instructors and students, and comments made by many involved in the teaching of this discipline outside the survey questions. The focus of the questionnaire is the objectives of writing workshops, the predominant conventions they follow, and their theoretical underpinnings. ln such doing, we became able to judge and evaluate fairly some of the adversary views raised always by critics of creative writing. Those critics often cast doubts on its objectives. Conventions, traditions, and its theoretical grounds. Due to the findings of this study, it can be argued that like other academic disciplines and in some measures more successfully creative writing has very well established its own autonomy within the academic arena and managed to frustrate most adversary criticism. However, as cited, still there is a chink in the armor of creative writing that is the controversy raised over its theoretical underpinngs. The room for adversaries to hang upon in their criticism of this discipline. Writers and pedagogues are this invited to overcome such a defect and work together to articulate theory for teaching creative writing ......

Human Resources Accounting Practices- A Suggested Model for Arithmetic Procedures

Pages: 45 - 78

The last three decades of the twentieth century have witnessed notable attention directed to Human Resources Accounting. Researches and studies in this area have produced many models and methods to facilitate the process of measurement and valuation of human resources working in an organization. However, the numerousness of these models and methods, though they can give an organization a wide choice in practice, they, however, complicated the process of comparison and evaluation. In addition, these models suffer some shortcomings, which limited their benefit in achieving the objective they intended for. Since the main objective of this study is to encourage Jordanian Companies to apply human resources accounting, this study will apply the available models in three selected foreign companies, analyze the result explain the disadvantages of the existed models, and develop certain model, which hopefully fit the intended objectives of Human Resources Accounting, which can be applied in Jordanian companies without serious difficulties to be associates with models particularly the collection of information about the employees for a long time of period. The application of the existed models in foreign companies rather than Jordanian ones is due to the difficulty faced the researchers in obtaining information and data from local companies, first because of the confidentiality associated with providing information, and second because of the fact that most, if not all. Jordanian companies have no idea about the application of this sort of accounting. As the suggested model needs less information than the other models do, it concentrates on the main factors affect the valuation of human resources rather than on many factors which some of them are not necessary. It is assumed that the development of a particular model, which can avoid the shortcomings. The other models suffer, will contribute to encourage the application of human resources accounting in Jordanian companies and provide more relevant information for different purposes in an organization. This is so particularly in a developing country such as Jordan where some of the information necessary to apply complicated models is difficult to be gathered......

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