Published by:
Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

ISSN (Print Version): 1684-0615

ISSN (Online Version): 2616-2814

Volume 18, Issue No 1, 2015

The Impact of Neuro Linguistic Programming on Employees’ Performance:An Experimental Study in Al-Hussein Bin Abdullah II Industrial Estate-Jordan

Pages: 13 - 49

This study investigates the impact of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) on employees performance, using the experimental approach in Al-Hussein Bin Abdullah II Industrial Estates. The focus is on behavioral-based performance through four dimensions: self-efficacy, communication skills, problem-solving skills and the employees productivity. The sample consists of (44) employees from different departments distributed randomly into two groups. The first group (experimental) has attended the NLP training program introduced by a qualified specialist in this field, and the second group represents the control group. Leven test is used to verify variance homogeneity between groups. Pre-test and post-test are adopted by distributing questionnaires to the managers at two different time periods. Independent and paired- sample T-test are applied on both groups to measure the differences between the pre-and post-tests using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), version 17. The findings show that there are statistical significant differences between the means of experimental group (3.43) and control group (2.68) in favor of the experimental group, which enhances the result that there is a positive impact of the NLP on employees performance. Based on the research findings and conclusions, a number of recommendations and future research suggestions are proposed......

Does Sovereign Rating Announcement have symmetrical Effect on Stock Market Returns?Case Study: Amman Stock Exchange (ASE)

Pages: 51 - 91

This paper aims to investigate whether the effect of Sovereign rating change is symmetrical or not. As well as are the effects are same of Sovereign rating upgrades and downgrades announcement on stock return in the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE). In this study, the event study methodology was applied to analyse the effect of ten announcements (included four upgrades and six downgrades) from the rating agency S&P500 and Moody’s over the period 2003-2013. By using the daily closing price of Amman free float market index as a proxy for return and an event period which are set as [-10, +10] days and [-5, +5] days. The findings of the study reveal the following: an asymmetrical effect of sovereign rating announcement on Amman Stock Exchange returns, upgrades rating has a significant positive reaction on prices (two out of four upgrade events have a significant positive reaction on stock price), and downgrades rating has no significant reaction on prices (one out of six downgrade events has a significant negative reaction on stock price). These findings would be useful to issuers, investors, and decision makers in assessing the credit risk of Amman stock exchange issuance.....

Consent Phenomenon: Taking What Lacks Reason as What Has it by Analogy

Pages: 15 - 58

The present study aims to investigate the phenomenon of consent in taking what lacks reason and logic as what has it by analogy. To do so, the researcher has surveyed many issues related to inflection and un-inflection, deletion and addition, inversion, and sentence structure. These issues, together, form a basis upon which Arabic linguists depend for interpreting a number of topics related to Arabic for the sake of obtaining conformity and consent between different domains and avoiding any censured difference......

Islamic Law and Civil State: Controversial Relation andDialectical Wording

Pages: 59 - 104

Islamic Law and Civil State: Controversial Relation and Dialectical Wording This research tackles an important issue in the Islamic political thought, namely the issue of the civil state. Jurists, intellectuals, politicians, and legal bodies, especially in those Arab countries that experienced the Arab Spring, are increasingly becoming interested in the above issue. Such countries have witnessed radical changes in the dominant ruling system that enabled some Islamic parties to seize power. Those parties found themselves confronted with great challenges, including, and most importantly, challenges pertaining to the attainment of a local and international recognition, while concurrently remaining committed to the Islamic law. As such, they have opted for the civil state as the appropriate political system that can maintain a sort of balance between international demands and expectations on the one hand, and the aspirations of their nations who were freed from tyrannical power and oppression, on the other. What is the civil state? What are its characteristics and peculiarities? What is Islams perspective on this state? Those are questions that the researcher addresses in the preface and the rest of the article. In the preface, the researcher deals with the concept of the state and its importance. In the first part, the researcher clarifies the concept of the civil state and its aims. In the second part, the researcher discusses the civil state in the Islamic law and the problematic relation between the civil state and the Islamic law. The discussion yields to several conclusions that are stated at the end of the paper. One of the most important findings is that the concept of the civil state is not inconsistent with the Islamic law provided that this state continues to adhere to Islamic code of reference......

Simile in the Prophetic Tradition (Al-Sunna)

Pages: 105 - 149

The Arabs use similes a lot in their speech. Similes are also significantly present in the Qur’an and Sunna (the Prophet’s sayings and acts). The Prophet’s sayings are rich with realistic and prolific depictions. This is due to the fact that the Prophet (PBUH) preferred to express abstract meanings through sensory images derived from the life of the addresses, hence securing deeper perceptions of his intentions, better impact on recipients, and more constructive interactions. This research clarifies similes, their different types, and some examples as used in the definite Sunna. It also attempts to underscore the seriousness, usefulness, aesthetic value, and strong impact of this figure of speech. Its utilization in our discourse ensures eloquence, refined taste, and effective mode of communication. This research basically addresses two issues: The first clarifies the meaning of parable image in terms of vocabulary and additional structure, while the second deals with types of parable image and its examples in the Sunna. The last part is the conclusion which includes the most important findings of the study......

Release for Good Behavior in Jordanian Legislation andComparative Law

Pages: 151 - 210

The development in modern criminology as pertaining to the role of penalty in social rehabilitation and also the development in the implementation of a humane penalty especially in those situations which require placing the convict in penalty institutions/impresonoment for a long time require coming up with sets of penalties that are conisistent with the requirnments of rehabilitation. This is particularly true in conditions where imprisonment is no longer justifiable or needed. In these conditions there emerged the code of release where the convict can be released before the time specified for the punishment. This code is effective upon a proof of good conduct of the convict in the place of penalty. Release, as such, is practiced in two forms. The first is an absolute release that is not restricted by any condition. The second is a conditioned release where the released is subjected to a set of obligations, modes of monitoring, and is given assistance—all of which are considered as consistent with the treatement s/he receives while in the penalty place. The present paper as such is a comparative study between the above two forms by way of figuring out which of these two is more in line with jurisprudence and comparative legislation......

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