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Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

ISSN (Print Version): 1684-0615

ISSN (Online Version): 2616-2814

Volume 10, Issue No 1, 2003

A Study of the Permanent international Criminal Court System

Pages: 11 - 45

On 17.7.1998 the Permanent International Criminal Court (ICC) was established by the Rome Statute of the (ICC) , to punish any individual accused of committing genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. This historical event came after fifty years of international efforts. It came into existence after the confirmation of the General Assembly of the United Nations with absolute majority votes. It is situated in the Hague and consists of 18 selected judges from 18 different countries for nine years term‘ The General Assembly consists of a representative from each country signed the agreement to take over the court. The court has the right for trying individuals accused of committing serious crimes such as hecatombs or genocide to any group because of their nationality origin, or their religious beliefs. 1 think that it is very important to study the establishment , the specialties, the importance of this court and its institution, in addition to the explanation of the differences between this court and the special courts of previous Yugoslavia and Rwanda......

The role of cultural interaction in human law development. A legal study confirming cultural interaction and not its collision

Pages: 47 - 79

The dialogue of civilization, or what is called by western and American scholars as the collision or clashes among civilizations, is considered as one of the most recent issue of our time which has the attention of scholars from all over the world. Specialists from various field of study discussed this issue in order to answer one particular question: Are cultures exchanging dialogues or clashes? These specialists expressed their different opinions toward this case; some were for the clashes and others preferred dialogues. Others deny the benefit of ancient human civilization including the Arabic- Islamic culture and on the other hand there were other who considered it as a base for current human civilization. I have attempted in this study to deal with the legal aspect of this issue confirming the principle of cultural interaction and its role in human law development, considering that interaction as deeper and more comprehensive than dialogues. And l have proven with legal evidence that cultures do not clash. And this term is an heresy from those have no culture at all and who depend on force to create righteousness and protect it......

The Arab World and Globalization: Present Status and Future Prospectus

Pages: 81 - 111

Globalization is one of several other phenomena facing our contemporary World as it brings about a number of challenges to the developing World including our Arab countries. The Globalization Phenomenon is not, however, confined to the economic aspect, but rather has social, cultural, ecological, and Political Impact. This study tries to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the Globalization concept and the means which enables the Arab to deal with it. This paper also tries to highlight the main features of the present Arab status, and to improve the future prospects, of the economical, social, political, and even the military potentiality of the Arab World ......

Ibn Bassal the Pioneer of Research in Experimental Agronomy in the Arab Islamic Culture

Pages: 113 - 149

This research work rates among those studies, which deal with agronomy as one type of the scientific aspects of the Islamic Arab Legacy. In the period between the 4th and the 6th centuries of the Hijri calendar, Andalusia witnessed the emergence of an agricultural school, whose leaders‘ concerns focused on studying plants from an agronomist perspective. They held meetings and had their own deliberations, and wrote books in this field. The Andalusite Al Haj Abu Abdallah Moh‘d Ibn Ibraheem Ibn Bassal was a pioneer of that school. He successfully used the scientific experimental method in conducting his research, and eventually obtained substantial conclusions, which he embodied in a book, that was clearly outstanding among all other volumes available in Andalusia, East and West. His contemporary authors, and those who came after him as well, described it as the book that is completely based on its authors personal experience. Indeed, the book reflects the practically proven hands, on the one hand, and the applicable ones on the other. The book is exclusive, too; it is free of quotations from any other source. The author did not mention any title of any reference he had acquainted himself with. as he was quite aware that he was only writing hard scientific facts, which, hence, need no reference. Finally, its actually a book that is rich with knowledge and information related to tree planting, pruning and texture improving, and with issues dealing with land, water and fertilizers......

The Rules of Distributing Specialized Jurisdiction in Criminal Cases in Jordanian Law: A Contrastive Stud

Pages: 151 - 209

Although the topic of this research is of a great importance, it has not been examined neither in a critical nor in an analytical study yet. Therefore, this current research examines in depth the application of criminal jurisdiction distribution rules and the legal consequences of such application. This study comes in light of the ambiguity of the relevant legal provisions and the lack of necessary literature, it sets out to clarify such ambiguity, and to help the competent tribunals in adopting uniform rules in ruling in criminal matters. In addition, this study has included the relevant applicable Jordanian rules namely: venue which territorial jurisdiction is based upon. The study concludes with an appraisal that contains several recommendations that could be of use to the legislative authority in any effert to amend the criminal law in Jordan. As a modest contribution this paper aims to add a novel work to the universal knowledge in this field......

Al Jahiz’s Linguistics in Al-Bayan Wa Al-T’abeen

Pages: 211 - 294

This paper undertakes the diagnosis of the linguistic issues spread over the book entitled Al-Bayan Wa Al-T’abeen. These issues are primary and considered the roots of many branches to modern linguistics......

The Inheritors and the Pursuit of Form

Pages: 9 - 31

The present paper is an attempt to read Goldings The inheritors with a particular reference to its formal and narrative aspects. If we bear in mind that most of the characters in this novel are premen and sentient men who represent the polar opposites, the problem of narrative technique and linguistic difficulty becomes all the more urgent and ultimately indispensable in any serious consideration of this novel and its position in contemporary fiction. Thus the points that will receive the most attention here are those related to narration, point of view and linguistic rendering of very different mentalities. The paper draws upon the findings of formalists, new critics and structuralists in shedding light on Golding‘s novel and its rich resources. The method followed throughout is basically technical, linguistic and aesthetic in that the emphasis is laid on the images, perceptions, view points and the authors interpretation of those inheritors of the title......

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