Published by:
Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

ISSN (Print Version): 1684-0615

ISSN (Online Version): 2616-2814

Volume 11, Issue No 1, 2005

Impact of Society Customs on the Course of Arabic

Pages: 13 - 56

This paper investigates the impact of society customs on the course of the Arabic language starting from the language system, which has come to stability, to the use of classical/standard language at the present time. The paper traced the grammatical features of standard Arabic related to society‘ customs responding to them. The paper also looks at the grammarians’ works in terms of their influence by their sociap habits and their realization of the effects of these habits, which later influence the direction of some linguistic patterns. The paper concludes that linguistic changes in Arabic in the modern age result from the effect of social customs. In its illustration of this impact, the study identifies some of the sociap habits and features which can be found in the structures of the language and in the grammarians’ Orientations......

Basic Education in the Sultanate of Oman: Analytical Study

Pages: 57 - 82

The aim of this research is of to identify the concept of Basic Education, its characteristics. and objectives. In addition the opinions of a sample of Basic Education Principals in the sultanate of Oman is investigated, The descriptive analytical approach was implied. the researcher did a comparison between the Basic Education Experiences in a number of Arab countries. The results of the empirical study shows that the Sultanate of Oman provides Basic Education for all people. Co-Education was a problem, in addition to the lack of facilities. and lack of teachers, training programs. The researcher proposed some recommendations in order to overcome the aforementioned problems.....

Methods of Financing Public Deficit and Their Effect over Inflation in Jordan

Pages: 83 - 120

In Jordan, among other countries, the public sector is highly valued because it offers public services, practices, and steers economic activity so that it achieves public aims in the economy. In most of the developing countries, self - resources were insufficient to finance the process of expenditure which resulted in a financial deficiency in the public budget of the governments of those countries. So. they were obliged to cover the deficiency via external and internal loans but their consequences have been a big burden on the total variables in the economy in general and also on the money variables via opposite elements to the money supply This will eventually lead to a continuous increase at the public level of prices. Jordan has witnessed social, economic, and political changes during the eighties and nineties, in other words, there has been a crisis in the dinar exchange rate in the late eighties of this century ln addition to the first and second gulf wars that led to rapid growth in the public expenditure to face those changes. Consequently, the government had to loan internally andexternally — mean while most Arab aids were halted — the aids on which the government highly depended on to finance its budget so that it could cover the deficiency in the budget which affected the money supply and the Jordanian central bank reserve of foreign currency and this affected the general level of prices as well and led to much more inflation. The study analyses the effect of the external and internal loans at the general level of prices using theoretical analysis. The study also reveals how the deficiency affects the inflation average in Jordan during the period of the study (1988-2002)......

The Relationship of Traditional Architecture of Asair Region in Saudi Arabia to that of Residential Towers Of Yemen

Pages: 121 - 186

This research investigates the relationship of the traditional architecture of Asir region in Saudi Arabia to dwelling towers of Yemen. The research starts with a brief survey of the most important types of residential architecture in Yemen. lt describes the most visible forms and architectural vocabulary of this architecture with special emphasis on towers. This is followed by a similar survey of the traditional architecture of Asir. The research compares these forms and architectural vocabulary in both regions in their own social and geographical context. The research also exhibits the cyclical migrations northward from Yemen and their influence on the traditional architecture of Asir. It also gives a brief comparison between some architectural elements in Asir and architectural relief’s in ancient temples of South Arabia. The research is supplemented with illustrations and images for better understanding......

Civil Society and Traditional Groups

Pages: 187 - 226

There is a group of thinkers who consider civil societies are strongly linked with modernization without considering that modernization has positive and negative out - put, which must not be adopted without thoroughly studying many factors involved in the field. Our aim in this study is to respond to the following questions:- What is the civil society 7 What are the traditional groups 7 Is there a modem civil society in Yemen ? We also try to investigate the relationship between the local institution and the traditional groups in civil societies. The results of the study show the following: l-The modem civil society cannot develop from vacuum. It is rather continuing historical process that was generated from the traditional local society. 2—There is no modem society in Yemen. It is a proposed society. Most of the modern civil societies are not original and their effect is limited, and subsist on gifts and local and foreign gifts and assistance . 3-The traditional groups may be considered as a branch of the civil society if they meet the conditions of the civil society . 4-The traditional groups still have great influence on the society, and are difficult to be ignored. 5-The tribe and the traditional groups could be converted into modem civil groups gradually and without force and violence. This could be done only within the state of law and right, and in the framework of a peaceful and sustainable development, democratic process ......

The Challenge Facing Accounting and Auditing Profession and the Means of Encountering Them

Pages: 227 - 260

The present study aims at investigating the situation of accounting auditing professions in the Sultanate of Oman, and the difficulties facing them and the means of solving these problems. It is our intention to achieve high standards of profession with reference to financial sources to support accounting auditing in the Sultanate. A questionnaire was designed for this purpose which was distributed among personnels working in office in Muscat. The study Concludes that there are many problems in the behavior of professional personnels, in particular in governmental supervision offices......

Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Diffusivity and Specific Heat Of Se98 In2-χSnχ (χ=0,0.5,1,1.5) Semiconducting Glasses

Pages: 11 - 27

Measurements of thermal conductivity (λ) and thermal diffusivity (χ) of Se98 In2-χSnχ(χ=0,0.5,1,1.5) semiconducting glasses have been presented in this paper. The measured values of both λ and χ have been used to determine the specific heat per unit volume (pcp) of these glasses and in the Composition range of investigation. Both λ and χ are found to increase systematically with the addition of Sn. This compositional dependence behavior of λ and χ is attributed to the replacements of the original structural units by Se-Sn units. These new structural units increase the cohesive energy of the system and account for the observed increase in λ and χ. The type of bond, iono-covalent, which Sn makes with Se as it is incorporated in Se-In-Sn glass, is in support of our results......

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