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Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

ISSN (Print Version): 1684-0615

ISSN (Online Version): 2616-2814

Volume 12, Issue No 2, 2008

The Legal Framework of The Agency in Selling Properties which is Attached to the Immovable Rights of Others

Pages: 13 - 74

Agency contracts are considered from those based on the personal consideration, because the confidence of the principal is the essence of the Agency. Also, the Agency convened in the interest of the principal that has the right, any time, to isolate the agent; it may be held for the benefit of the agent and may relate to others‘ right, then it is not permissible for the principal to terminate or restrict it without the approval for Whom it is issued. Legislator singled in the law of provisions related to immovable money N“. 51 of 1958 a special text for the agency to sell the immovable property. Successive amendments to this text couldnt fill the gaps revealed by the practice. This study came to highlight the agency contract to sale the immovable money which attaches the other‘s rights, introduced the definition to determine the terms, followed by a statement of its special provisions. Contradiction in judicial discretion on determining the legal nature of this type of contract examines the legal consequences resulting from the emergence of this contract first, then determines the proper legal conditioners for it. Finally, the conclusion includes deficiencies and imbalances to be corrected in the text outlined above......

The Strategy of Interest Rate Risk Management in the Jordanian Commercial Banks by Using Interest Rate Swaps. An Empirical Study

Pages: 75 - 120

The study examines how interest rate risks are managed at the Jordanian commercial banks, and explores how far the strategy pertinent to interest rate swaps is implemented in terms of managing interest rate risks at the Jordanian commercial banks. The sample studied consists of l 3 Jordanian commercial banks during the period 2000-2005. The empirical method has been used for investigating the real financial data taken from balance sheets issued by these banks. Data were analyzed, hypotheses were tested using the simple and multiple linear regressions, and paired sample T- test. The Study came to the following major conclusions: implementing the modern strategy based on using interest rate swaps proved that such strategy is active, efficient and superior’ to the conventional strategy used in Jordanian commercial banks. This led to reducing risks and increasing profits. The modern strategy based on using interest rate swaps has never been implemented at the Jordanian commercial banks. This study has been concluded with implementing a strategy based on using interest rate swaps for managing interest rate risks at the Jordanian commercial banks. The method of using these instruments has already been explained in detail......

The Relationship Between the Influence of Culture and the Creative Idea in Commercials

Pages: 121 - 178

In general, the culture of fear affects Arab Societies. This culture is largely related to the political, economical, social and environmental factors that surround the characteristics of Arab individual, since the Arab characteristics is the motive power to keep a complex network of psychological, emotional and cognitive trends of emotional and cognitive trends and stands, and when thinking about expression and behavior of democracy it can be said that such democracy cant be practiced in isolation from the individual‘s freedom through which he may get the chance to express his opinions with no fear or anxiety from what he intends to say. The Arab Culture openness on the global visions and conceptions must include various resources that cover different aspects of the Arab characteristics. Also, there is a fact that Nations consolidation in an increasingly interactive world with no distances making Arabs get out from their isolation and their “culture of fear and motivate their cultural and civilizational capabilities through humanitarian development which is largely accelerating as a result of globalization pressures and since the “culture of fear is largely affecting all Arab daily life matters. There are several considerations to take in to account when creating an idea in the TV — commercials. These considerations are largely influenced by the culture of fear in our Arab societies, therefore, any TV — commercial is largely affected by our culture, beliefs, customs and religion, the surrounding political circumstances have also an impact which as whole form what is called “Culture Array or System“......

Vocational Health and Safety in Yemeni Work Organizations: An Empirical Study

Pages: 178 - 230

This study aimed at knowing the Yemeni organizations ability to use right educational aids for vocational health and safety as one of the activities of human resources administration in the organizations‘ and presenting the nature of effective health and vocational safety in those organizations‘ it investigates the effects on the moral of workers and the consequences on their performance and productivity. The subjects of this study consists of all of the staff of the Tobacco and Matches Company. A standardized questionnaire has been designed to fit the nature of the study and its objectives and has been given to (180) of the staff member at the National Tobacco and Matches Co. in Yemen. (168) questionnaire responses have been collected. The study used the descriptive analytic statistical analysis and SPSS to test the variables of the study and its hypotheses. and analyses the results of the study The study came out with a number of results. The most important ones were That low vocational culture was behind a number of work accidents. as a result of the absence of administration. sometimes. Lack of interaction with the monitoring duties has a clear effect on not making the vocational health and safety effective study Another recommendation was stressed activating the scientific standards of vocational health and safety and using incentives for the administration and staff members through activating self—monitoring means and administrative monitoring to overcome the short comings ‘and to exchange cognitive experience with similar organization in and outside the country......

Demographic and Economic Factors that Affect the Housing Demands in Jordan

Pages: 231 - 282

The main aim of his study is to determine Demographic and Economic factors that affect the housing finance demand to meet the housing needs and develop the performance of housing sector in Jordan, depending on the available statistics from the Department of Statistics, Central Bank of Jordan, and the annual reports of financial companies that provide housing loans. The econometric analysis has been used, which depends on the regression analysis of dependent variables on independent variables using multiple linear regression model. In addition to the correlation analysis between all dependent and independent variables to exclude the independent variables that show a strong relation between them and to determine the most effective factors in the housing finance demand. Also, the descriptive analysis method has been used depending on relative frequency and histogram chart in analyzing the results of the questionnaire. And the following conclusions have been obtained: l- The demographic factors consider the main identifications of housing demand, where the results show a positive relationship between the population growth rate, number of households, net migration, and urbanization ratio from one side and the housing demand from the other side. 2- The housing finance demand depend on a group of economic factors as follows:- a- There is a negative relationship between the annual household income, government debt ratio, and money supply from one side and housing finance demand from the other side. b- There is a positive relationship between the housing demand, construction price index, and demand deposit size from one side and the housing finance demand from the other side. 3- Housing finance demand determined by a set of qualitative factors represented by; short-term of the loan, high interest rate, required guarantees, social and religion cultures, the existence of a floor of the loan, and the high desire of individual and households to hold cash money......

Usher Syndrome A Report Study of A Jordanian Family

Pages: 11 - 22

Usher syndrome includes Retinitis Pigmentation (Pigmentosa) accompanied by hearing loss. The hearing loss is congenital , stable, and usually quite severe, although severity can vary in different individuals. Usher syndrome is a recessively inherited condition. One of the greatest difficulties experienced by sufferers is the increased isolation as the restrictions on both spoken and visual communication increase Our study includes a family of six individuals, three of them were found affected with Usher. Two of them were found homozygous type ll with moderate hearing loss, the third was found homozygous type I with profound hearing loss. The three affected children were audiologically rehabilitated with suitable hearing aids, accompanied with regular visual examination. The study recommends the application of global hearing screening program for school children which will help in early identification of hearing disability, and its early management......

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