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Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

ISSN (Print Version): 1684-0615

ISSN (Online Version): 2616-2814

Volume 13, Issue No 1, 2009

The Privet International Law in Islam

Pages: 13 - 50

The huge development in telecommunication facilities and transportation, which of course increases the ability of instituting relations between individuals from different countries, led toward paying more attention to the importance of private international law. The law that regulates the relations which rise between individuals in different countries. In order to know the Islamic sharea situation of this law, the research Focuses on three topics (which were organized and mentioned in private international law) : conflicts of law, 11ationality_ and conflicts of international judicial jurisdiction. We notice that these terms are not used in the Islamic jurisprudence but that doesn’t reflect that such issues are not mentioned by the Islamic jurists. Through this research I notice that; the majority of legal jurisdiction points at the conflict between the fundamentals of the private international law and the Islamic Sharea, I Found that Islamic jurists discuss these issues and put rules to regulate thein either by applying Sharea or any non Islamic Legislations. This also applies the nationality issue, which doesn’t mean that it needs to be Muslim in his religion, In addition the Islamic state recognizes situations settled by non-Muslim judges. This research concluded that the recognition of the importance Of the Islamic Sharea to the private international law......

Integrating the Relationship Systemic Between the Balanced Scorecard and the Economic Value Added and Their Effect on Strategic Performance on Small and Medium —Size Business an Applied Study of The Jordanian Economy

Pages: 51 - 110

This study is an attempt to correlate Balanced Scorecard and Economic Value Added, to create an integrative relationship system because they are the contemporary models in strategic performance evolution. To achieve this the researcher reviewed financial statements or (185) SMEs between 2004-2006, and calculated the EVA, as Well as developing a questionnaire consisting of<7l> items for measuring Balanced Scorecard perspectives, EVA realization, and Balanced Scorecard. Its validity and reliability were verified, The questionnaire was distributed (185) on financial managers, and (151) returned questionnaires were good for analysis‘ And the hypothesis was tested by using correlated statistic consisted of sample regression, multi regression, and Canonical. The researcher reached the following results; - The study indicates that there is a medium level from awareness in EVA and Balanced Scorecard among SMEs projects administrators. — There are statistical significance effect between Balanced Scorecard perspective and Economic value added. - There are statistical significance effect between financial perspective, internal process perspective, learning and growth perspective, Customer perspective and Economic value added, - There are statistical significance effect between Balanced Scorecard perspective and Economic value added on strategic performance evolution (sales growth), (Assets growth), (Employees number growth) in SMEs projects......

Applicable Law on the Concluded Contract between International Organizations and Privet Persons of One State

Pages: 111 - 162

This study aims at investigating the transitional points Found between the international organizations and the private personal belongings in one province in Yemen . The study made a contrast between the local laws and the international laws and this applicability used interchangeably when ever it is possible. It is concluded that the Feasibility of actual and legal considerations of content of the same points found in local laws and international laws when applied in Yemen......

The Viewpoints of the Students Parents and Teachers on Homework’s

Pages: 163 - 198

This study aims at improving and developing homework while considering the student, teacher and parents views. Three main questions where raised as a result of this study: 1> What are the new international trends toward homework?. 2> What are the attitudes of the above three groups; students, teachers and parents, toward homework? 3> What is the suitable or the optimal amount of homework?. A questionnaire representing various positive and negative aspects of homework was designed, then distributed among 437 subjects; 190 students, 190 parents 8t 57 teachers. Results show a difference in views toward homework among our three main groups. Parents where shown to favor an increased amount of homework to the other two groups; followed by teachers and students who favored the lowest amount. Students indicated that homework was a source of constant stress and tension, that is, in some cases stressed relationships were found among them and their parents. The study shows that students felt one hour of homework a day is sufficient. Parents favored two hours of homework per day. Teachers where happy with one hour and fifteen minutes of homework per day. Female students where shown to view homework more favorably than their male counterparts. The study’s recommendations and conclusions ; - Enrolling students in +After School activities; off campus as an alternative to an increased homework workload. - Educating both parents and teachers as to the appropriate homework workload for students to achieve optimal positive gains. — Highlighting to parents and teachers the limited effect homework has on a student>s achievement and understanding the fine balance between achievement and stress to students & teachers alike.....

Determining Factors of Investors Position in Investment Decision Making Amman Stock Exchange Attest Study in

Pages: 199 - 234

The objective of this study is to point out the relevance of financial reports data to investors decision. It aims at exploring how these data represent guiding factors to decision making in the perspective of investors in Amman stock exchange. For this purpose three Hypotheses were Developed Also questionnaire was developed to collect Responses from random sample of (1 O0) investors. Spearman is used (Confidence Level P 5 0.05 ) to analyze responses and test the research hypotheses Findings of the analysis had proved the validity of the hypotheses ; are as follow : I] Financial reports data were reliable guidance to investors decision I] making in general . I] Limitations of financial reports data had led investors to look for additional data sources . [I Data derived from financial reports and from other additional sources were not at the same level of significance ......

Survey on Privacy Preserving in Data Mining Tasks

Pages: 11 - 36

Data mining technology that reveals knowledge in large databases could compromise the information that individuals or parties regard as private (sensitive). The aim is to find the right balance between maximizing analysis results (that are useful for the common good) and keeping the inferences that disclose sensitive information about parties or individuals at a minimum. This field is called privacy preserving data mining. Many algorithms and techniques have been proposed to solve this problem but the challenge is still open for new algorithms better algorithms and even better understanding and standardization for the problem of privacy preserving data mining. This paper presents a survey of privacy preserving in data mining tasks......

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