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Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

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Volume 14, Issue No 2, 2011

Using Non-financial Indicators in Jordanian Brokerage Firms

Pages: 15 - 44

This study aimed to specify the major non-financial indicators that are capable of measuring the performance of Jordanian brokerage firms, and the obstacles of applying them. The study adopted the technique of questionnaire for data gathering. The analysis concluded that the major non-financial indicators consist of customer, internal processes efficiency, learning and growth, legislative and social commitment indicators. Moreover the brokerage firms depend on financial measures more than the non-financial measures. The study also concluded that there is a significant positive relationship between using the measures of learning and growth, internal processes efficiency, customers‘ indicators on the one hand, and the performance of brokerage firms on the other. Finally, the study emphasizes the importance of both the financial and non-financial indicators in measuring the performance of brokerage firms......

Motives for Practicing Athletic Activities among Arab Students at Al- Ahliyya Amman University

Pages: 45 - 68

This study aimed at identifying the motivations of Arab students for partaking in sports activities at Al-Ahliyya Amman University (AAU), and more specifically, exploring the changes in these motivations related to such variables as sex, field of study, regularity of exercise, and the availability of sports programs. The study was made on a randomly selected sample of Arab students at AAU. The sample consisted of 163 students, 128 males and 35 females, The study used a questionnaire, verified for reliability, validity and suitability for this kind of study. The analysis used the mean, standard deviation, frequencies, percentages and the T-test, The results of the study showed that football is the sport most practiced by male students, that ll students tended to practice swimming, squash, bowling, and weight lifting. Female students, on the other hand, practiced swimming, squash, volleyball, bowling, and badminton. There were no significant differences in the levels of motivation resulting from sex differences or field of study, both sexes of different specializations showing positive attitudes. The study showed a need for planned sports activities, and that the factors that might reduce the levels of motivation were lack of time and enough sites for students to practice sports after classes and during holidays. The researcher recommends that the Deanship of Student Affairs and Department of Athletics initiate sports activities as needed by Arab students, taking into account the times allocated for these sports. It also recommends planning sports programs and developing.....

Influencing the Decisions of Target Audiences by Activating the Role of Persuasive Communication in Print Advertising (An Applied Study on Jewelry Advertisements)

Pages: 69 - 116

Communication is one of the most important branches of the Humanities, as it deals with the methods and means of communication among human beings. Since advertising is aimed at human beings, its first priority is how to reach potential target audiences and change their purchasing behavior. Persuasive Communication is considered as one of the most important communication theories that might influence the recipient, because it can employ persuasive techniques that might change consumer behavior by putting forth reasonable convincing ideas and proofs that might convince the potential recipient. The researcher first went over some communication theories as a background for Persuasive Communication, and then applied that theory to the advertising campaign designed by her. The method used in the campaign focused on persuading women by employing the concept of ‘social satisfaction‘ and by appealing to their natural love of individual ownership. Simply put, the theory persuaded a woman that by wearing the jewelry, the subject of the campaign, she would gain the satisfaction of her man, an objective Women are always eager to realize......

The Degree of the Relationship between the Sources of Knowledge and the Auditor Professional Ethics

Pages: 117 - 152

The auditors success in rendering his services depends on many dimensions that shape his career personality. The most vital ones are probably his compliance with the auditing code of ethics, and the degree of benefiting from the knowledge sources. The problem dealt with in this study is: to what extent do Jordanian auditors adhere to and care for the code of ethics and knowledge sources, and how do these two relate? In the attempt to answer these questions, two study variables were considered: the dimension of knowledge, based on the idea of the acquired knowledge resources, and the ethical dimension, based on the auditing ethical principles. The sample included the JCPAS. Forty-eight questionnaire sheets were considered for this study. The results showed that there is a positive correlation between knowledge sources and the compliance with the professional code of ethics, in spite of some difference in their significance. The study also showed that there is a difference in the levels of the auditors’ knowledge sources, in a way that the continual development level was less than the levels of other knowledge sources. It also showed that there is a significant effect between the knowledge sources and the compliance with the professional code of ethics......

Textuality and Metafiction Two Strategies to Analyze the Fictional Speech

Pages: 153 - 184

Ali Bader‘s novel The Lights of Jerusalem” attempts to transfer the ideas of Edward Said into narrative fiction. Edward Said is the realistic and central character in the novel who confronts fictional Israeli characters. This is done in the aim of discrediting the Zionist version and refuting a narrative fiction that has turned into reality. Bader was able to convert Said‘ s thesis about ownership transfer, inventing history by narration” and the idea of ”hybridity and exile” into a narrative fiction. The novelist has chosen Jerusalem as the place where the act of narration is focused upon, using the suitable techniques and strategies . He used two of the most salient strategies: intertextuality with all its various forms, since it makes texts converse with each other, and metafiction with all its critical dimensions and narcissistic involvements. These are used together with other techniques of building characters, events, time and place. The reading focused on intertextuality and metafiction as two strategies used to analyze the fictional speech......

Relationship between Financial Performance and Total Risks A Case Study on Jordanian Commercial Banks Listed at . Amman Stock Exchange

Pages: 185 - 214

The objective of the study was to examine what relationship might exist between the financial performance and the total risks of the commercial banks listed at Amman Stock Exchange (ASE). Six indicators are used; profitability, leverage, liquidity, capital adequacy, assets quality and revenue quality. Total risks were measured by the standard deviation over the period January 2000 to December 2006. Data used were collected from official sources for eleven banks. The study indicates that profitability is the only financial performance measure which has a significant negative effect on the total risks of the commercial banks’ stocks traded at ASE, sixteen percent of the total risks vitality of the stock prices are due to that variable, the rest of the percentage change is due to other factors not included in the model.....

The Effect of Profitability on the Stock Markets Value an Applied Study on a Sample of Jordanian Commercial Banks

Pages: 215 - 238

This study aimed at finding if there is a relationship between the profitability of Jordanian commercial banks (JCBs) measured by the profitability ratios (ROI, ROE, and P/E ratio) and stock market price. The correlation coefficient has been used to explain how the change in stock price Of the (JCBs) has contributed to their profitability. The researcher used the T-test to test the hypotheses, and the P value to test the statistical significance of the results. The researcher found that the market price of (J CBs) is not affected to a great degree by its profitability, in addition to the fact that speculative behavior dominates the transactions of Amman Stock Market (ASE). The main recommendations of the research underscored the importance of greater degree of financial transparency, in addition to stimulating the institutional investor to have a greater stake in ASE. The study also recommended that foreign investment and regulation changes that may help the prices in ASE should be encouraged in order to reflect the actual performance of the JCBs and other firms,.....

Language Use and Language Attitudes among the Palestinian Arabs of 1948: Sociolinguistic Study

Pages: 13 - 42

This study aimed at investigating language use and language attitudes among the Palestinian Arabs of 1948. It is based on the domain and attitude analysis proposed by Fishman (1964) and takes into consideration Fishman‘s (1989) resolutions concerning the fate of languages in contact. The current study aimed to answer the following questions: 1- In what domains of language do the Palestinian Arabs of 1948 use Arabic and Hebrew? 2- What are the attitudes of the Palestinian Arabs of 1948 toward Arabic and Hebrew? To achieve the goal of this study, the researchers selected a purposive sample that comprised 70 Palestinian Arabs of 1948. The subjects were chosen from Palestinian Arabs of 1948 in different cities and villages. They covered different ages, genders, educational and professional backgrounds . Data were collected by means of a sociolinguistic questionnaire that included a demographic background, language use and language attitudes toward both Arabic and Hebrew. Results of the study revealed that the Palestinian Arabs of 1948 use both languages in their daily life: Arabic is used at home, mosque, neighborhood, school, media, and inner speech, while Hebrew is used at work and for business transactions. Furthermore, the results showed that the Palestinian Arabs of 1948 have positive attitudes toward both languages......

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