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Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

ISSN (Print Version): 1684-0615

ISSN (Online Version): 2616-2814

Volume 15, Issue No 1, 2012

The Role of Individuals and Institutions in Creating the Cultural Environment Necessary to Teach Arabic as a Foreign Language

Pages: 15 - 43

Many of those who undertake the task of teaching a foreign language are aware of the huge differences between what they do and what the teachers of a native language do. The former ones obviously know the specificity of their field, which requires them to have qualifications ranging from abstract intuition to knowledge generated by basic rules. What many miss, however, is that culture is the main difference that must be the center of attention of those who assume the responsibilities of this field. This is due to the fact that the teacher of a native language is able to start immediately the educational process, based on a cultural background that influences the language and is influenced by it. In that sense, he is more fortunate than his counterpart who has to work hard to bridge that gap between the specific culture of the student and the target language, out of a deep conviction of the dialectical relationship between language and culture. To what extent, however, will the teacher of a foreign language succeed in his endeavor? A teacher who acquires the conviction mentioned above is often able to assume some of the details of the educational process, but is unable to put it in its proper context without the concerted efforts of the surrounding individuals and institutions. Hence the present study which deals with the role of individuals and institutions in creating a cultural environment guiding the students as well as stimulating them, and also showing how to communicate with these entities in order to seek their help in the field of language teaching, which seems not at all part of their goal but in fact is very close......

Identifying the Variables Conducive to Providing Children with Safe Environment by the Palestinian Family.

Pages: 45 - 83

The study aimed at identifying the variables conducive to providing children with safe environment by the Palestinian family. The researcher used the descriptive analytical approach in addition to designing Child Safe Environment Scale. The study sample consisted of (300) father and mother. The study findings are: l.The most dominant dimension among the subjects is the health domain with a percentage of 95 .7 l , followed by the social domain with a percentage of 90.20, psychological domain with a percentage of 87.62 , educational domain with 83.73, economic domain with a percentage of 72.84 and safety domain with 71.80 ; 2.There are no statically significant differences at the level of 0.01 in the scales domains and the total degree of the scale attributable to gender ; 3. There are statically significant differences at the level 0.05 in the scales domains in favor of the higher educational academic degrees ; 4. There are statically significant differences at the level of 0.05 in the scales domains in favor of small families (1-4 members, and 5-8) ; 5. There are statically significant differences at the level 0.5 in the scales domains and the total degree of the scale in favor of families with reasonable income ......

Measuring the Impact of Using Cost Accounting System Based on Activity- to Improve Financial Performance. in Industrial Companies.

Pages: 85 - 128

This study is intended to shed light on the extent to which the activity-based cost accounting system used by the industrial joint-stock companies in the Jordanian environment has been used as one of the most recent accounting and management developments in many powerful and influential international companies. The system will raise the competitive edge, productivity efficiency and continuous improvement of quality, reducing costs for both industrial and service companies. The aim of the study examined whether the use of the activity-based cost accounting system had an impact on improving the financial performance of the company. The researcher used the method of comprehensive survey of the statistical society of the study of all Jordanian industrial joint stock companies and through the distribution of questionnaires to the companies using the active cost accounting system of 15 companies. As for financial performance, its indicators were obtained from the ASE and SDC for the period from 2005 to 2009. The researcher used two types of statistical methods: Descriptive statistical method to show the characteristics of the composition of the study, and analytical statistical method through appropriate analysis to the nature of the study. The results of the study showed that there is a statistically significant relationship between the basic elements of the application of the cost accounting system based on the combined activity and the circumstances of the success of the industrial joint stock companies. The results also showed that there is no effect on the application of the basic components of cost-based activity accounting system to improve performance Financial institutions of industrial companies. In the light of the results of the study, the researcher recommends that companies seeking to use the activity-based cost accounting system should plan for feasibility by studying the conditions of enabling success that represent the fundamentals and reasons for using the system.....

The Main Feminist Characters in Three Novels by Samiha Khurais

Pages: 129 - 154

The present research aims to examine the salient features of the main feminist characters and some other minor characters in three novels by the Jordanian feminist novelist, Samiha Khurais: (Khishkhash, As-Sahan and Narah), out of strong conviction that the feminist writer is more capable at depicting the woman worlds and inner conflicts than men due to profound knowledge of woman. The research endeavors to distance itself as far as possible from the conventional classification of the woman character in the literature by making the female character in the above -mentioned novels to reveal themselves, far away from being framed in such away as to restrict their freedom or not to demonstrate their convert feelings . Prior to the applicational reading of the novels, the research presents a theoretical introduction comprising two parts; first the modem feminine narration written by feminine novelist in the Arab world has achieved significant leaps and tangible qualitative additions on the level of the artistic and semantic structures in shaping its discourse. This part also surveys a number viewpoints of the Arab critics , researchers and novelists , both men and women who are concerned with the narration accomplished by the feminists novels , and by corollary it intensively scrutinizes certain phenomena and semantic features peculiar to this narration recurring in more than one novel .The second part denotes the status of the novelist experience, Samiha Khurais, and the critics’ interest in her works. The research finally highlights the element of characterization in the creative composition and the attitude of some the contemporary and ancient critics......

Marital satisfaction as predicted by the early relationship between the daughter and her father

Pages: 15 - 40

The current study aimed to verify the marital satisfaction as predicted by the early relationship between the daughter and her father and some demographic variables in a Jordanian sample of (247) husband and wife. The results showed that the physical relationship with the father and perceptions of father influence had a positive effect on marital satisfaction of the wife. The results showed that the mothers support for the daughters relationship with her father and the physical relationship of the daughter with her father and the perceptions of the fathers influence had a positive effect on the marital satisfaction of the husband. As for the demographic variables, the results indicated that marital satisfaction rises in both spouses in the case of womens work . While marital satisfaction decreases in both spouses in case of psychological disorders or alcohol abuse in the family. The results also show that marital satisfaction becomes better for the wife only when her marriage is unconventional and in the absence of children, and marital satisfaction increases only when the wife has a better educational level. The results of the study were discussed in a cultural and social context.....

Remarks on the Essence of Silent Speed Reading

Pages: 41 - 49

This paper investigates the essential factors involved in the process of silent speed reading as a skill, and focuses neurologically on the relationship between the brain and vision as a two-Way channel in transmitting information Without reference to the articulatory channel involved in speech or loud reading. The study reveals that brain-eyes relationship in this kind of reading could suffice perceiving transmitted information from papers to be interpreted as comprehended information sought by readers Without passing through the articulatory anticipation process......

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