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The Probation System in Jordanian Law

Volume 5, Issue No 2, 1998

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It can be said that thinking of the probation system started at the end of the nineteenth century. This coincided with the spread of Italian Positivism. This School called for the suitability of the punishment to the criminal’s situation; then the probation system turned into law. In Jordan, the necessity of using the probation system became apparent after the law—markers called for it; recommendations were made and symposiums were help as well, till Article (59) issued added to the law - 9 - of 1988 to bridge the gas in the criminal law. The probation system is one of the procedures of social defense. It authorizes the judge to suspend the punishment if he / she feels that conviction is enough to deter the criminal or that the sentence might have negative consequences. This applies specifically to imprisonment which might corrupt some conscientious criminals. It will be wise not to make them live with professional murders.

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The Probation System -Jordanian Law-Criminal.

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