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Legal Effects of Special pardon Studying in Jordanian Law

Volume 5, Issue No 2, 1998

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Special pardoning is a system known to both ancient and Islamic legislation and stipulated by all modern laws. This system aims at dealing with certain cases that cannot be handled by either legal or legislative authorities, after the punishment has reached their final states, and when new circumstances necessitate the establishment of new balances between justice and humanitarian requirements. Thus the head of state is given the right to grant full or partial pardon, or to reduce the sentence. Special pardon is different from general pardon, which is issued by a special law. It is also different from other apparently similar systems such as suspension of execution or conditioned acquittal. Special pardon, when issued, has its penal consequences which are related to the sentences (verdict) and other and disciplinary measures if the indicted occupies precautionary a public function, As for civil responsibility (liability) those who suffer from the crime have the right to get reimbursed.

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Legal Effects - Special pardon -Jordanian Law.

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