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Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

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Determinants of Family Savings in Algeria during the Period (1970-2016) In the ARDL form window

Volume 23, Issue No 1, 2020

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This study aims at identifying the factors and economic variables affecting household savings in Algeria during the period (1970-2016) using the ARDL model to test the family savings model which consists of the following economic variables: GDP, inflation rate , Money supply in the narrow sense, interest rate, private consumption, and direct taxes, through: root tests, joint integration test with border methodology, ARDL error correction test, and other diagnostic tests and structural stability tests. The study found that: the determinants of family savings in Algeria during the period studied are: narrow money supply, direct taxes, private consumption, GDP, inflation rate. Given the elasticity of household savings relative to the explanatory variables, we find that the first determinant of household savings in Algeria is: the narrowly defined monetary offer (2.27), direct taxes with flexibility (1.68), elastic consumption (0.88) GDP is flexible (0.72) and finally inflation is elastic (0.45). The study also found that the speed of the adjustment from the short to the long term takes place within eight months and a half, with a significant value of correction coefficient (-1.172495).

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Family Savings, 

ARDL Model, 

Family Savings Determinants, 

Joint Integration with Boundary Method, 

ARDL Error Correction.

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