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Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

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The Impact of Leadership Styles in Promoting Culture Qualiy

Volume 23, Issue No 1, 2020

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The study data were analyzed using a number of appropriate statistical methods, where the results showed a statistically significant effect for the transformational, transactional, and entrepreneurial leadership styles in enhancing the quality culture. The results also showed that the level of practice of the transformational leadership style came in first place at a high level, followed by the transactional leadership style in second place at an average level, followed in third place by the entrepreneurial leadership style at an average level as well. In terms of impact, the transformative leadership style was the most effective in promoting quality culture, followed by the entrepreneurial leadership style, and then the transactional leadership style which came in third place. In the light of the results, the study came up with a number of recommendations.

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Leadership Styles, 

Transformational Leadership, 

Transactional Leadership, 

Entrepreneurial Leadership, 

Quality Culture, 

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