Ethics of publication and publishing:

The AJHAS ethics of publication malpractice statement is based on the Code of Conduct and Best-practice Guidelines for Journal Editors (Committee on Publication Ethics [COPE], 2018). The AJHAS adheres to the COPE guidelines to preserve and promote the integrity of scholarly works and to guarantee equality for all articles/authors by the editor, editorial team, journal reviewers, confidentiality, publication fraud, originality and plagiarism as well as notification of what action it would be taken if this suspected; authorship rules and disclosures and conflict of interest.

The AJHAS aims to publish original works. In the event of academic misconduct such as multiple submission and plagiarism, the Deanship of Scientific Research at AAU will notify the author and the manuscript will be rejected. All manuscripts are screened for plagiarism via Turnitin software, in which the editors run a similarity report during the review process, to give the percentage of the text in the manuscript that may resemble existing published articles. A manuscript that is submitted with a high level of similarity index (more than 20%) will be returned to the author and rejected.

Manuscripts, which deal with the study of human subjects, should be accompanied by Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Ethical Committee Approval, or the national or regional equivalent in your geographic area. Upon submission, authors should upload a scanned copy of the (IRB) or Ethical Committee Approval (if available).

The work described in the article is in line with best practice and codes of ethics of the World Medical Association (Declaration of Helsinki for human subjects) ; and EC Directive 86/609/EEC for animal experiments

Ethical approval:

Most researchers whose research is dependent on gaining access to data or interviewing people prior talking to participants, must secure permission or approval from different organizations before starting the research project. The study must be carried out in accordance to The Code of Ethics of the World Medical Association (Declaration of Helsinki) for human and animal subjects. Ethical approval and participants consent must be stated in the method section in the manuscript.

Declaration of conflicts of interest:

All authors are required to include a statement of conflict of interest. Authors are responsible for disclosing all financial support for the study and personal relationships that might influence the result or interpretation of the manuscript. Please refer to

Types of articles:

The AJHAS publishes original research papers, reviews, discussion papers, editorial and letters to the editor, quantitative and qualitative research papers.

Reporting Guidelines:

The guidelines must be followed to structure your manuscript. If you are reporting systemic review, clinical practice guidelines, case report, meta-analysis, quality improvement studies or other types of studies please refer to: which provides a comprehensive list of reporting guidelines.


Submission declaration:

The submission of a manuscript for publication strongly suggests that:
  • The work has not been published before.
  • The manuscript has not been sent somewhere else to be considered for publication (except in a form of abstract or thesis) and duplicate submission or multiple publication of the study (studies are sharing the same hypotheses, data, discussion and conclusion) and that may be exact duplication, fractional or paraphrasing).
  • All authors and responsible authorities where the study was conducted are required to approve the publication. If the study is accepted, it will not be re-published in another journal or in another language without consent from copyrights holder.

Guidelines on authorship, individual contribution and co-author change:

  • Authorship should be limited to those who have made a significant contribution to the study and listed as co-authors. The corresponding author’s responsibility is to ensure that there is no uninvolved person in the co-author list.
  • List of authorship must be provided at the time of the original submission. Any addition, deletion or rearrangement of authors’ names in the authorship list should be made by the corresponding author prior to the manuscript being accepted and only with approval of the journal’s editor. To request such changes, the corresponding author must send a letter to the journal’s editor that includes: (a) the reason for change in authorship list, (b) confirmation letter (e-mail or letter) from all authors that they agree with addition, deletion or rearrangement, (c) a written confirmation from the author being added or removed.
Please note: * If a statistician was involved in data analysis, this needs to be indicated in the cover letter.

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