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Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

ISSN (Print Version): 1684-0615

ISSN (Online Version): 2616-2814

Volume 1, Issue No 1, 1991

Arabic Relative Clauses And ECP

Pages: 43 - 52

This article is intended to show that empty categories (henceforth, ECs) in Arabic, specifically, in relative clauses are best handled within the Government- Binding (GB) framework. It will be demonstrated that early Arab grammarians and some contemporary Arab linguists are unable to advance an adequate account of those ECs. As a matter of fact, Arab grammarians analysis of such categories was vague. In their analysis of those ECs, early Arab grammarians, implicitly, and contem- porary Arab grammarians, explicitly, assume two distnict lingusitic levels: syntactic and semantic. Our approach, using the GB model, proposes a solution to certain debated issues in relative constructions in Arabic. Furthermore, it is more in concord with the facts of Arabic......

Byron And Zionism

Pages: 21 - 29


Evaluation of Jordanian Phillipsite Tuff in Removal of Ammonia from Wastewater Experimental Study

Pages: 53 - 66

The possibility of using Jordanian phillipsie tuffs in the process of ammonium removal from wastewaters containing other competing ions is evaluated. The chemical and physical features and ammonium cation exchange properties of this phillipsite-rich tuff has been determined in comparison with clinoptilolite from Ratka mine in Hungary. The phillpsite tuff and the Hungarian zeolites in their sodium form were exchanged by solutions containing NH 4+, Ca++, Mg++, Na+ and K+ ions. Results from equilibrium (batch) and column tests showed that the am- monium uptake of both zeolites are comparable, but phillipsite has higher selec- tivity than clinoptilolite. The data obtained indicates that the Jordanian phillipsite tuff is an excellent candidate and a competitive with clinoptilolite for the removal of ammonia from wastewaters......

Parallel Structure in Quranic Discourse Linguistic and Psycholinguistic Implications

Pages: 31 - 41

This paper sets out to shed some light on the potential role of parallel structure in the creation and processing of Quranic discourse. To this effect, one «sura» (chapter) is analysed with a view to determining the frequency and distribution of parallel structure in this discourse type. Then the potential role of this device in creating and processing Quranic discourse is investigated. It is argued that such a linguistic device can immensely contribute to the cohesion and coherence of this type of discourse. By the same token parallelism can have a facilitatory impact on its processing and eventually understanding. Finally, it is tentatively assumed that the implications of this study may offer certain insights into the creation and processing of other varieties of Arabic written discourse......

The Platonic And Aristotelian Literary Concepts Of The Particular And Universal

Pages: 13 - 20

The particular and the universal played a significant role in the history of Western critical theory, thanks to the distinction drawn by Plato and Aristotle. That distinction and its subsequent ramifications had been used, for centuries, as touchstones in the light of which literary productions were assessed. This paper discusses Platos and Aristotles understanding of the two concepts as they relate to the nature and function of art......

The Effect of Positional Level, Education Level and Years of Experience on Administrators Interest

Pages: 73 - 93

this paper is an attempt to examine what type of leadership do exist in Saudi Arabia civil service organizations. The aim of this paper is to answer the main question of the study which stated as follows: to what extent do the positional level, education level and Years of experience affect administrators interest in both workers and work itself in civil service organizations in Saudi Arabia. The results of this study may be summarized as follows: 1. There is no statistical significance between administrators, interest and positional level, educational level, and years of experience. 2. There is no statistical significance between degree of interest in work and both positional level and educational level. 3. There is a statistical significance between degree of interest in work and years Of experience......

The Lack of Students participation in the various activities within the university of Jordan

Pages: 95 - 115

The purpose of this paper is to contribute toward the explanation of why the majority of the students do not participate in the various activities within the university of Jordan. An attention is focused on the effects of private family conditions on this participation. Data was derived from randomly selected sample of 820 students (males and females), from the faculty of arts, in the university of Jordan during 1989. It was divided into groups according to the level of participation as: high level group, middle level group, low level group, and nonparticipant group. And according to the pattern of parent authority as: Authoritarian pattern, moderate pattern, and weak pattern. Analysis of data reveals that student youth nonparticipation is positively correlated with the extreme pattern of parent authority (either authoritarian or weak) but it negatively correlated with moderate pattern of parent authority. But our date fail to support absolutely the argument that the pattern of family has an effect on youth non participation......

The Image of the Muslem Hero in the Medieval Arabic Literature during the War Against the Crusaders.

Pages: 41 - 72

Few studies have been done on the medieval Arabic literature during the war against the Crusaders. The image of the Moslem hero, in particular, received little scholarly attention and investigation This study shows the great effort under taken by poets, during that period, to encourage their contemporary leaders in their holy fight against the European invaders. Few decades later, strong leader emerged. The images which the poets portrayed revolved around heroes who possessed chivalric qualities such as generosity, nobility and piety. This study also examines the techniques and styles which those poets used in their portraying of those warriors......

Reading to Works of Burhan Al-Dean Ahmad

Pages: 13 - 40

This study addresses the personal and scholarly efforts of an Islamic figure who appeared in the late eight higra century. Burhan Al-Dean Ahmad, an Islamic figure, made up his mind to establish his kingdom in se was which was part of Anadhoul (Turkey) where the Roman Salajiqu Kingdom used to exist during his fathers life, Burhan Al-Dean was well-equipped with education and knowledge and his primary preoccupation was to set up that kingdom. Being the son of the spiritual magistrate Burhan Al-Dean exploited the weak political conditions of Al-Aritna, the rulers of Asia Minor at that time. He acquired great prominence when he seized the thrown after his fathers death. His prominence was not only due to his ability to establish a kingdom but also to his firm stance between the rising Turkish power (the ottoman state) and the Mamalik power. What incorporated more strength to his power was his attempt to face Taimourlank, the notorious tyrant Mongo! leader, Burhan Al-Dean even killed Taimourlanks messengers, the thing that made the tyrant conditions of him. Had Taimourlank not been engaged in war in India, a fierce battle might have taken place between them. Taimourlank might have won the battle, Burhan Al-Deans firm resistance would nevertheless have won him the ever-lasting fame of a man of principles and a defender of legitimate rights......

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