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Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

ISSN (Print Version): 1684-0615

ISSN (Online Version): 2616-2814

Volume 3, Issue No 1, 1995

Ergativity In Rational Grammar and In Functional Grammar

Pages: 23 - 41

Linguists have been fascinated by the phenomenon of “ergativity”, but the kinds of questions and analyses in, e.g. a chomskyan, a relational grammar framework, and a functionalist framework, etc…, seem quite different from each other. This paper aims to compare and evaluate hoe “ ergativity” is analyzed in relational grammar and functional grammar......

Preliminary Studies on Pathogenic Bacteria from Al- Baqa’a Sewage Treatment Station

Pages: 11 - 22

Al – Baqaa sewage is treated by the activated- sludge process. 36 of the total number of bacteria entered in the raw sewage were removed. Pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella typhi and Shigella dysentria were detected in raw sewage but not in the treated sewage effluent. Also, Saccharomyces cerevisiae was isolated from sewage samples and about 5 of the yeast number was still present in the treated effluent......

Coupling the Contract with a Restrictive Condition in the Civil Code Personal Status Law in Jordan

Pages: 121 - 152

This study investigates the issues of including a condition in the contract which impose a commitment on one or two parts of the contract. This commitment is additional because the contract does not impose it primarily but the will of the contractors. Therefore, the study has concentrated on two tracks of dealing amonypeaple, the financial and the personal affairs. The study revealed that the Jordanian Civil Law and the personal affairs law have adopted a reconciliatory way of concluding the rules governing this issues of Islamic religion schools, especially , that of Ibin Hanbal represented by Al Imam Ibn Taimiah. However, the wording of this legal matter –both in the civil law and personal affairs needs a reassessment. This because some of them have many additions and others are repetitive. It is viewed that some of these issues may be modified or even abolished in order to avoid such technical flaws.....

Credit Cards – Operations and Legal Frame Work

Pages: 13 - 76

Doubtless everyone have heard of the credit cards but few know how they put into the business market and designed technically, legally and operational to become the master of the consumers market in most countries. This study is highlighting on the development of credit cards in the mid of this century and their extension from the American market to other markets, also this study covers the operations of the credit cards, their kinds – debit cards credit cards – the companies and banks issuing them, the way a consumer can get a credit card and the costs of the different kinds of credit card. On the other hands this study is dealing with the legal aspects of credit card, i.e. the legal nature of the credit cards system, the relation nature of the credit cards system, the relations between the issuer of the credit card and the card holder in one side and the merchant in the other side. The study also includes the legal protection to the consumers as well as the legal protection to the issuer of the credit card......

Poetry Quotation Used in Andalusia, Andalusian Documented Criticism Movement

Pages: 153 - 183

The purpose of this research, which concentrates on the Eastern quotation movement, is to explain Andalusian documented criticism movement. The movement was directed to determine the accuracy of exchange of poetry quotation used in Andalusia, and their references were diwans and books written either in Andalusia or in the East. In addition to authenticating the meaning and usage among original poetic authorities the Andalusians also succeeded in authenticating their poetic heritage that completed the basic of literary criticism. This included accurate attribution of poetic text to their original authors, extraction and purification of poetry texts from alteration and adulteration that have penetrated in linguistics, and publishing of qasia regarding the presentation of originality, borrowing and rearrangement of verse from other poets. Those who contributed to the qasaid were praised, and those who omitted were depreciated. In connection to documented criticisms, the Andalusians issued rules based on literary references from encyclopedia, poetry diwans and narrations from famous Eastern poets. Additional rules were based on the poet’s sound knowledge, and good taste achieved by continues practice. In regard to authenticity, the style of the language was contradictory between extreme and balance, low and high intensities. From time to time they praised some by imageries and ineffectual sayings, and tried others with fairness and impartiality......

“The Urban War between the Muslims and the Franks” by Salah Al-Dein Al-Safadi’s

Pages: 77 - 119

This is the study interpretation and edition of the Makama of Salah al-Din Al-Safadi (d.1 362 A.D.,764 Hijri).The outset is a brief description of al-Safadi’s life . The writer explicated the subject matter of Al-Makama and the “real” reasons of writing it. The subject matter pertains to the city – wars between the Muslims and the Franks. The latter, being defeated by the Mamluks on the Syria coast and also in Armenia Minor, plotted to burn large Islamic cities and that would be in burning marketplaces, mosques and schools in Damascus. Al- Safadi, secretary of state, described the event, the feelings of the inhabitants of Damascus and the role of the state concerning this damage. The writer describes the form of this Makama that differs from those of Al-Hamathani and Al- Hariri. Other things being equal, the style of this Makama is very similar to that of an essay. Al-Safadi’s style is characterized by short rhymed words used as a frame, puns, concealment, quotation and re-paraphrasing of poetry . This edition of this Makama relies on the manuscripts kept in Ahmad III (no.2797) and Ayasofya (n.3425) of Masalik al –absar and El Escorial Manuscript (no.524). The writer gave further comments on alien elements, places and names. Sources of lines of poetry were provided as well as for the puotations used by Al- Safadi......

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