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Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

ISSN (Print Version): 1684-0615

ISSN (Online Version): 2616-2814

Volume 18, Issue No 2, 2015

The Interaction between The Personal and the Literary in the Works of the Prominent Palestinian Author Jabra Ibrahim Jabra

Pages: 13 - 22

Reflecting on the works of the prominent Palestinian author Jabra Ibrahim Jabra, reading his two biographies: Al-Bi›r Al-Oula (The First Well) (1987), and Shari› Al-Ameerat (The Princesses› Street) (1994), and following his press dialogues and thoughts in the oeuvre of his critical work, one does not fail to observe a pressing presence of the writer›s self and a deep and clear interaction between the product of an early or later personal experience and the product of imagination and creative impulses. The present study aims to explore the features characterizing the interaction between the personal and the literary in Jabra›s writings through emphasizing three aspects: First, Jabra›s critical opinions. Second, introducing examples from his works that manifest the above interaction. Third, exploring the deep objective and artistic purposes of this interaction to prove that the mergence between self-constituents and creativity-constituents can never be arbitrary or spontaneous. Rather, it is conscious and intentional and can be attained only by distinguished and creative authors like Jabra......

The Contribution Level of Academic Staff Membersat Some Jordanian Universities in ActivatingCommunity Service to Achieve Total Quality

Pages: 23 - 49

The study aims to explore the extent to which the academic staff members of some the Jordanian universities believe they contribute to the activation of community service to achieve total quality (TQ). It also aims to explore the impact of variables such as: type of university, gender, type of faculty, and academic rank on staff members› estimation of their own contribution. The sample consisted of 391 academic staff members from the following universities: the University of Jordan, Balqa Applied University, Princess Sumaya University, and Al-Ahliyyah Amman University. The questionnaire was distributed during the second semester of the academic year 2013-2014. It was developed to achieve the goals of the study and included 25 items, divided over three domains. The reliability and validity of the questionnaire were acceptable. The results showed that the contribution level of the academic staff members in activating community service to achieve (TQ) is considered average. The staff›s contribution to activities and field services came in the first place and their contribution to seminars and workshops came in the second place. Their contribution to the scientific research and book writing came last. The results also showed that type of university, type of faculty, and academic rank led to statistically significant differences in the staff members› estimation of their own contribution to the activation of community service to achieve. total quality. Gender, however, did not have significant differential value on staff members› estimation.....

The Lessor in the Face of the Tenant in the Jordanianlaw

Pages: 51 - 85

In the light of the amendments that have been introduced to the law of lessors and tenants, a lot of lawsuits have been filed by lessors against tenents who have breached their contracts. Those lawsuits have requested contract termination and evacuation, or prevention of opposition, or an urgent request of evacuation. Filing any lawsuit requires the existence of certain conditions that vary from one case to another. Lessors choose the conditions that best serve their purpose. To win the case, it is important for lessors to be careful as to the evidence they choose to use in the relevant case. The successive amendments in the law have failed in preventing conflicts and inconsistencies in cases filed by some lessors against some tenanats. The researcher concludes that a lawsuit filed to terminate a contract in accordance with the general laws does not result in any problem in the contractual relations between the lessors and the tenants as is the case in binding contracts between two parties. As for evacuation cases, available even after the cancellation of the right of legal extension, it is better if they are limited to objective requests centered on evacuation as prescribed in Article V of the law of owners and tenants. The researcher sees that there is no need for the provision of Article 21 of the same law where the case of opposition prevention can be replaced provided it is dealt with expeditiously......

Monodrama in Jordanian TheatreA Reading in Two Plays : The Night of BuryingActress Jim, and Searching for Aziza Sulaiman

Pages: 87 - 100

This paper aims at introducing a critical reading of two Jordanian plays that belong to the monodrama genre: They are The Night of Burying Actress Jim by Jamal Abu Hamdan, and Searching for Aziza Sulaiman by the late poet and drama author Atif Faraya. The analysis emphasizes the technical and semantic aspects of the two plays. The paper starts with pointing out the theoretical framework of the concept of “monodrama. This theoretical framework includes multi definitions of the concept of “monodrama,” its roots in theatre, its essential characteristics, and the harbingers it yields within the context of monodrama in the western theatre, the Arab theatre in general, and the Jordanian theatre in particular. Through an applied reading, this paper attempts to highlight the most significant techniques of monodrama, including audio and visual in which private and inner stories are combined with general and external stories through memory, invocation, interrogation, monologues, or dreaming, away from the systemic time and close to the psychological moments that are not limited to chronological history.....

The Effect of a Group Counseling Programin Communication Skills on Reducing Stressand Improving Psychological Security amongSecondary School Students

Pages: 101 - 119

This study aims at exploring the effect of a group counseling program in communication skills on reducing stress and improving psychological security among secondary school students. The sample of the study consists of (30) students who have scored the highest grades on a stress index and who also have scored low grades on a psychological security index. The sample is randomly divided into two groups: An experimental group which consists of (15) students who received a training program in communication skills for eight weeks with an average of one hour session per week. The control group consists of (15) students; those did not receive the training program in communication skills. The ANCOVA statistical method is utilized to analyze the data and trace the effectiveness of the program. The results of the study have revealed significant differences in relation to the stress variable between the two groups in favor of the experimental group. Also, statistically significant differences have been found between the two groups in relation to the variable of psychological security in favor of the experimental group......

The Effect of Using the Problem-Solving Approachon Acquiring Creative Thinking Skills andAchievement Skills by First-year Students of Al-Ahliyya Amman University in the Human andEnvironment Course

Pages: 121 - 137

This study aims at identifying the effect of using the problem-solving approach on acquiring creative thinking skills and achievement skills by first-year students of Al-Ahliyya Amman University who are registered in the Human and Environment Course. The study targets 91 male and female students from Al-Ahliyya Amman University who are registered in the above course. Those are divided into two groups: the experimental group that consists of 48 male and female students, and the control group that consists of 43 male and female students. The study has shown the following results: - There are significant statistical differences in the average of the grades between the experimental group and the control group in favor of the experimental group in the posttest of creative thinking in all the fields and in the total test. -There are significant statistical differences in the average of the grades between the experimental group and the control group in favor of the experimental group in the posttest of academic achievement in all the fields and in the total test......

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