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The Fantastic of Al-Tanukhi Narrations

Volume 22, Issue No 2, 2019

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Pages: 155 - 172


This research aimed at investigating the fantastic of Al-Tanukhi narrations (327-384 AH) which were collected from the narrations that have been gathered. The researcher investigated the fantastic of Al-Tanukhi narrations and their relationship to religious and cultural heritage, the Sufism as well as dreams. The current study examined Al-Tanukhi literature and some narrations that have been selected and analyzed to achieve the goal of the study. It was concluded that the fantastic of Al-Tanukhi has appeared to break the rules of the conventional methods of delivering religious preaching and inducing high morals as well as avoiding the style of dos and don’ts that was prevalent in that era. Thus, it was noticed that Al-Tanukhi provides the reader with amusing narratives in which he evokes the reader’s heart for preaching. It also allows his/her mind to analyze the narrations he/she hears, thereby verifies or falsifies them. Therefore, Al-Tanukhi used the fantastic away from the rigid stereotypes that the recipient has been accustomed to in old narratives and books. In his narrations, Al-Tanukhi is much closer to the art of the story with its modern content.

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The Fantastic, Al-Tanukhi, Nushwar Al-Muhadara, Al-Faraj Ba’ad Al-Shdda, Al-Mustajad Min Fa’elat Al-Ajwad..

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