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Submission of the lawsuit As a condition for the administrative dispute

Volume 23, Issue No 1, 2020

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The case law shall be considered as a procedural action, the legal means by which the administrative dispute arises, after submission and submission to the competent court, containing applications from the appellant to the court confirming the legal protection of his legal status and declaring his desire to obtain such protection against the respondent. Before the judiciary In light of this, the administrative dispute takes place and its effects are produced once the list of proceedings has been filed by the competent court, which in turn makes the declaration and the notifications and instructs the parties to attend the trial sessions at the appointed time In the Administrative Judiciary Law, the Jordanian legislator required the availability of certain conditions in the case law, the most important of which is the completion of a series of essential statements, if one of them fails It is also necessary for the litigation to be filed by a lawyer who is a lawyer for at least five years or a work in the judiciary for a similar period, and to continue representing the client throughout the proceedings until the final judgment. In order to initiate the case, And annexes and editing includes all documents and documents to be available

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