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Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

ISSN (Print Version): 1684-0615

ISSN (Online Version): 2616-2814

Volume 12, Issue No 1, 2007

Bank Exclusion for Customers: An Imperical Study on a Sample of Jordanian Banks

Pages: 13 - 34

The study aims at analyzing the phenomena of bank excluding of customers in the Jordanian banks through explaining it’s reasons, the factors that influence the banks’ choice of the customers, the standards they use in their evaluation, and the most important factors that the banks take in consideration when the excluding decisions for individuals or companies are made, by measuring and identifying the most important factors affecting this phenomena, besides the most important standards of evaluating the customers risk. The Descriptive Analysis has been used to determine the main factors affecting the excluding phenomena, to analyze the questions of the questioner and to examine the assumptions of the study, depending on Frequencies, Means, Standard Deviation, Coefficient of Variation, and the Correlation Coefficient and Cronbach ((1) to verify the reliability of the questioner, in addition to t-test to examine the research assumption: The conclusions show that the main reasons for bank excluding are: 1- The weaknesses of financial and credit positions of the customers. 2- The fall back of the reputation of the company, and the previous experience of discouraged treatment with the bank. 3- The nature of the company’s activities and the sector that it works through such as (the increasing risk of the sector, unsustainable sector , unavailable technical experience for the customers, and the non diversification of the company activities). 4- Legal standards, social-economics factors, and the policy of the bank......

Delegation for Investigation

Pages: 35 - 106

Deputization refers to the investigator’s authorization of a party specified by the law to perform on his behalf one or more elementary investigation tasks, and thus is considered one of the investigation procedures that aim at finding and collecting evidence. But deputization is an exceptional system. As a rule, the investigator should perform all the investigation tasks himself as this lies, strictly speaking, within the scope of his field of work. However, he is allowed to make an exception of this rule. and to deputize another party, when necessary and for the interest of the investigation. Deputization is expected to facilitate the investigation tasks, making them more flexible and speeding up their procedures. Since deputization is an exception of standard rules, its use should not be expanded. The purpose of this restriction is to maintain the freedom of the individuals and to protect their privacy and the sanctity of their homes. This study examines this serious issue and investigates the conditions of accurate dcputization, both in form and content, and then explores the provisions related to deputization......

The Effect of Using Computerization on the Effectiveness of Accounting Information System Empirical Evidence from Banks & Insurance Companies whose Shares are Traded at Amman Stock Exchange First Market

Pages: 107 - 138

This study is designed to highlight the importance of Computerization and its effect on the validity of accounting information system in Jordanian commercial banks and insurance companies whose shares are traded at Amman Stock Exchange in the first market. To achieve the goals of this study, two kinds of questionnaires were distributed to collect the required data. Each questionnaire carried different set of questions. Results of the analysis showed that the use of Computerization has a statistically significant influence on the effectiveness of the accounting information system. The results also showed statistically significant differences between the use of Computerization and the effectiveness of the accounting information system in different sectors. It showed that the banking sector has a higher level of Computerization than that of the insurance sector. This also applied to the effectiveness of the accounting information system. The study recommended that banks and insurance companies need to invest in the advancement of the Computerization in order to keep up with the spirit of the age and improve the effectiveness of the Accounting Information System. It also recommended that banks and insurance companies increase training courses in Computerization for accountants in order to provide their establishments with a specialized staff ready and qualified to face the challenges and solve the problems imposed by the Information Technology development......

The Rights of the Accused in Preliminary Investigation Stage in The Jordanian Law of Criminal Procedures

Pages: 139 - 178

The society has a right to punish a criminal as soon as a crime is committed, but committing a crime does not mean inflicting a punishment automatically or spontaneously. This punishment should be ordered by a judgment pronounced by competent court and according to procedures stated in the law. So, a criminal case would be the only Way that must be followed by the society to punish criminals. If public interest and justice require not allowing criminal escape from punishment and that he must get his punishment in order to keep the society se» cured and stable and to apply public and private deterring; but it is also important to protect people’s rights and freedom and to give the accused the opportunity to defend himself. For this reason, a balance between freedom and authority must exist. The importance of this study is shown through the connection between accused rights in a criminal case and the human rights in general because proving these rights for accused person will help effectively in protecting human rights and not to be lost or exceeded. In this study. I am going to acquaint the range of the legal protection which the person enjoys on the preliminary investigation stage in accordance with the Jordanian Criminal Legislation, especially when he becomes an accused......

kalilah Wa Dimnah and Alasad Wa Alghawas

Pages: 179 - 218

This study investigates the relations between the intellectuals and the authority in “Kalilah Wa Dimnah and Alasad Wa Alghawas”. The two books belong to what is known “fairy tales” that have a distinctive connection with the world of ruling and managing state. In order to make this relation precise, the study was prefaced by an introduction on the “fairy tales”, then moved to study the complex relation between the intellectuals and the authority, within the framework of the class (type) that has been known as the literature of “Furstenspiegel”, whose stories are narrated by animals that constitute a part of it. examining this issue in framing tales as being one of the elements composing the “fairy tales” that dealt with. The study then moved to examine the parity and disparity in both books on the levels of character, proliferation of texts and the person narrated to. The study finally reached some conclusions; most important of which is the difficulty to conciliate between the intellectuals and the politicians, because the relation basically exists between them either functional or agonistic or seclusion......

The influence of pyrolysis conditions on the products from the fixed-bed pyrolysis of the Jordanian oil shale

Pages: 11 - 44

Two samples of oil shales from the Sultani and Jurf-Edarawish deposits in the south of Jordan were pyrolysed in a fixed bed reactor under nitrogen and nitrogen/steam atmosphere. A heating rate of 5, l0, 20 and 40 °C min-l to a final temperature of 950 °C was investigated in a fixed bed reactor and TGA. It was found that increasing heating rate shifted the reaction to a higher temperature and a decrease in the activation energy. The chemical composition and elemental analysis, of the oil shales were obtained. The condensed pyrolytic oils were fractionated into chemical classes using mini-column liquid chromatography. The molecular weight (MW) range of the derived oils was measured using size exclusion chromatography and the number average MW of the benzene, ethyl acetate and methanol fractions of the derived oil were obtained......

Electronic circuit with triac switch for a capacitor- start single-phase induction motor

Pages: 45 - 65

An innovative electronic circuit for a capacitor-start single-phase induction motor was presented in this article. This new electronic circuit employs a traic-switch with a firing angle of about 90° to replace the conventional capacitor in order to start the motor by providing the required starting torque. The experimental results showed that such a new arrangement worked successfully under different operating conditions at laboratory scale as predicted in the theoretical analysis. The proposed circuit does not only replace the capacitor, but also believed to be most suitable for motors with variable power ratings. lt is predicted that such a new scheme, with single-phase induction motor, may exhibit lower price in the market, thus consumers would enjoy buying cheaper and reliable appliances......

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