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The Semantic Relationship between Satin and Angels in the Shade of Exceptional Rules

Volume 5, Issue No 2, 1998

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A well - established tent to lslam is that the angles were and created out of light and that they are naturally devoted to worshipping God the Almighty. Ibliece, descendants, is bent upon tempting humans to stray from the path of righteousness. Several Koranic verses state that God the Almighty ordered all the angels to prostrate themselves before Adam, ant that they all did except Ibliece who was too proud to do so. These verses can be interpreted to mean that Ibliece is one of the angles. The question is: Is he really one of them? The issue is complicated by the expression Who was one of the ]inn to be found in one of the said verses. Accordingly, Ibliece is not angel, but a member of the Jinn.

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Satin - Angels -Exceptional Rules.

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