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Open Access Journal

Volume 21, Issue No 1, 2018

Linguistic Measurement between Consenters and Objectors and its Effect on Sharia Ruling

Pages: 23 - 36

This article deals with points of view in study sources impinging on the possibility of ratifying or discrediting Sharia ruling through the adoption of linguistic measurement. While there are some who oppose this approach, there are others who approve of it considering that the relationship between linguistic structures and meanings is like the relationship between the body and the uniform – one can be made to fit the other. Yet the issue is not dependent only on how meanings are communicated as much as it is on communication itself. If study sources emphasize meanings due to their relation to Sharia ruling, then it is crucial to deal with those sources and acquire their method. This is how the present article came to have its title: Linguistic Measurements between Consenters and Objectors and its Effect on Sharia Ruling. The problem that the paper addresses is related to whether it is acceptable for sharia to affect language if meaning is acceptable and hence is susceptible to measurement. The conflict is more verbal than moral and attitudes are mutual. Specialized scholars should give more attention to linguistic issues by way of securing sound judgements......

The Level of Application of Cost System Based on Activities in Jordanian Airlines

Pages: 37 - 51

This study aims at introducing the application level of activity based costing (ABC) of Jordanian airlines. A questionnaire is designed to measure the variables of the study. The study sample is composed of Jordanian airlines. The questionnaire was distributed to general management, financial management and logistics departments of those airlines. . There were (60) responses that were analyzed by using the (SPSS) statistical software. The study concluded that the level of applying the (ABC) in Jordanian airlines is very high, and that these airlines suffer shortage in components pertaining to planning, training, admission and approval to apply the cost system based on activities. This shortage is caused by lack of awareness of the importance of these components. Accordingly, the researcher recommends that there is a need to emphasize the importance of continuing to apply the (ABC) in measuring and planning costs owing to the fact that it is attentive to the causative relation in cost classifications, planning, training, admission and acceptance......

A Review of Public Transport Service in Jordan: Challenges and Opportunities

Pages: 9 - 28

Jordans public transport (PT) system is characterized by low quality. Jordanian Citizens are reluctant to use the PT unless they have no other option. This paper aims to examine legislative framework for transport system and its effect on the system. It also aims to analyze factors affecting the sector and make suggestion to develop it. All legislations governing the system since the founding of the Kingdom of Jordan were reviewed including points of weakness in those legislations. Data on PT were collected locally and globally for comparison and were analyzed statistically. Results showed that PT vehicles/1000people in Jordan is low compared to international indicators (0.88 compared with 2.66); PT share is 33; fare in Jordan is the lowest compared to 12 European cities ($0.47 compared to 2.57). Fares in Jordan cover operation cost compared to nearly half of the cost in 56 cities. User satisfaction index did not exceed 60 percent and it is related to low service spatial coverage. Investment in transport is low; there is a need for innovative funding; engaging private sector, and developing the public transport system and legislation......

Islamic State E-Caliphate on Twitter: An Observational Study

Pages: 29 - 41

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) media strategy is a successful one. It has enabled a small group of social media users to amplify impressions of the organization far beyond its actual effect, capturing global attention. This terrorist group has proven quite effective in using Twitter to spread their evil ideas, recruit followers and post obscene videos depicting the most egregious cruelty imaginable. In this exploratory research, an observational research was undertaken to explore the strategies and tactics deployed by the group in their use of Twitter. The results show that ISIS has successfully utilized this social media platform as a tool to achieve its goals and implement its media strategy......

Jordanian Nurses’ Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Pain Management Principles for Hospitalized Patients

Pages: 43 - 59

The aim of this study is to assess a sample of Jordanian nurses’ knowledge and attitudes towards pain management. A convenience sample of 202 Jordanian registered nurses with a baccalaureate degree in nursing was studied. Data were collected using Ferrell and McCaffery’s Knowledge and Attitudes Survey Regarding Pain and a self-report general nursing information form. The data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics and one-way analyses of variance in order to determine differences in survey scores in accordance with the subjects’ demographic, behavioral, and work-related characteristics. The overall percentage of correct responses to the KASRP was 41.41. The difference in the overall KASRP score was statistically significant in the aspect of nurses’ use of objective tools (F = 3.593, p < .05). Our results suggest that continuing educational programs on pain management for nurses would be useful to increase nurses’ pain-related knowledge and attitude......

The Level of Pain and Anxiety and Depression and its Relationship to the Coping Strategies Used by a Sample of Cancer Patients in Jordan

Pages: 61 - 72

Background: Pain-related cancer creates significant physical and psychosocial burdens for patients. In Jordan there is limited information about patients’ with cancer complaints of pain and their coping strategies for this kind of pain. Aim: The aim of this study is to assess cancer-related pain, identify coping strategies used by a sample of Jordanian patients with cancer experiencing pain, and, to determine the associations between pain, anxiety and depression as well as the association between pain, anxiety, depression, and coping strategies. Method: A cross-sectional, descriptive, correlation design utilizing interview and structured questionnaire with a sample of 100 patients with cancer at the pain clinic of a specialized cancer center in Jordan. The Pain Rating Scale, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale and Cognitive Coping Strategies Inventory were used. Data were analyzed using descriptive, Chi square and multivariate analyses to detect variable associations. Results: Eighty-three patients reported pain of ≥ 5. 82 patients reported anxiety ≥ 8 and depression ≥ 8 on HADS. There was significant association between pain, anxiety and depression (p < .05). Of the different coping strategies employed there was significant association between pain and anxiety and depression and catastrophizing as coping strategies (p < 0.05). Conclusion: While many psychological factors influence patients’ perception of pain and their resultant behavior this study suggests it would be effective to introduce adaptive coping strategies before patients’ pain reached critical levels to reduce levels of anxiety and depression. Implications: Pain management should include assessment of pain and psychosocial factors often associated with pain......

Enhancing the Capacity of SISO & MIMO Systems within Modified Environments Using Frequency Selective Surfaces

Pages: 73 - 88

In this paper, the design of a Double Square Loop Frequency Selective Surface (DSL FSS) is presented. The DSL FSS is designed to band-stop 2.4 GHz and 5.5 GHz and allow all other frequencies to pass into an area of interest. ‘Wireless InSite’ is used to simulate wave propagation in modified buildings with FSS to prove the enhancement of capacity. The simulation was carried out on Single Input Single Output (SISO) and Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems. The effect of Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS) on such systems’ capacity was verified. The target SISO and MIMO systems are located in a floor inside Al-Ahliyya Amman University......

Job Satisfaction among Jordanian Speech-language Pathologists and Audiologists

Pages: 89 - 101

Job satisfaction is an important factor that is correlated positively to enhanced job performance, high motivation, and positive factors and is correlated negatively to burn out and job attrition. This study aimed at studying demographics of Jordanian speech language pathologists and audiologists and measure their level of job satisfaction. 34 respondents participated in the study. Results show that Jordanian speech language pathologists and audiologists’ satisfaction was insignificantly below average (p=.843). Factors that significantly affected job satisfaction were: therapy outcomes (p=0.001), income (p=0.012), time management (p=0.028), work pressure (p=0.003), vacations (p=0.001), and job security (p=0.021). Demographics of Jordanian audiologists and speech language pathologists were also discussed in the study......

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