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Reading in Sibawayehs book. Types of Ambiguity, Correction Areas of Confusion.

Volume 6, Issue No 1, 1999

Pages: 13 - 59

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Sibawayehs book is considered the most important book in the history of Arabic grammatical theory. Researchers in Arabic sciences cannot help but refer to it. Old linguists could not have done with out it in their studies and references. Due to the large number of scholars who have transmitted it, the text has been subjected to change and corruption. Undoubtedly, there has been a great effort behind its editing and verification by I-Iaroun. However, I have found some alteration and deviation or forced insertion or shortage, thus causing some of the original material of the text (in the footnotes). This confusion leads, in many areas, to the destruction of rules the inversion of content as well as the correction of mistakes or in correction of correct material. This has greatly affected some grammatical, morphological and lexical orientations. This study, therefore, comes to show areas of confusion correcting them, and explaining some issues which needed illustration and clarification the study also addressed a number of areas of ambiguity which confused important researchers to the extent that they could not find correct things in them.


Ambiguity, Correction Areas of Confusion-Sibawayeh.



Rbaa, M.


  Reading in Sibawayehs book. Types of Ambiguity, Correction Areas of Confusion..

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