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Preparing an Observation Card to Evaluate the Kindergartens Teacher Performance

Volume 8, Issue No 1, 2001

Pages: 80 - 108

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This study aimed at preparing an observation card to evaluate the Kindergartens teacher performance. This card was derived from the following sources: - The modern literature of Kindergarten, - The model of Kindergarten in Jordan, it’s curriculum and Philosophy. - The competencies of teachers in the Kindergarten. Necessary procedures were taken in which to calculate its validity and reliability. The final copy of this card consists of 63 items, classified in the following fields: - Cognitive Competencies. - Performance Competencies. - Physical and Emotional Competencies. — Competencies related to Kindergarten activities. - Methods and Strategies of teaching. - Procedures and Strategies of Teaching Thinking and Creative Thinking. - Relations between Teachers and Parents. - Practical Approaches. - Competencies of Evaluation. The card can be used by teachers themselves as self- evaluation, Kindergarten, principals, supervisors and by students’ teachers. The study recommends the following: Producing Integrated tools to develop all other aspects of Kindergarten building and other facilities. Preparing studies on kindergartens teacher competencies. Setting integrated standards for evaluating the Kindergarten. Training programs for teachers in the field of observation skills, analyzing, and self- evaluation.


Kindergartens Teacher -Performance.



Abu-AlSamid, S.


  Preparing an Observation Card to Evaluate the Kindergartens Teacher Performance.

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