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The pre-Islamic Poetry and the Arabic life

Volume 9, Issue No 1, 2002

Pages: 11 - 74

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This research gives the life of the pre-Islamic people from the point of view of the social, economic, moral, political. and thoughtful life The research see the truth in describing that life. So this research refutes the thought that was held by some orientalists, and some Arab researchers who were influenced by them namely Dr. taha Hussein that this poetry, was not real, because it does not represent the life of the pre Islamic people. This poetry has described them far away from their international environment and they were nearer to Islam than polytheism, and so it did not reflect their Polytheistic picture. In addition to that their social life was not described in the right way. According to this Taha Hussein said that Al-Quran is the resource from which we have to get the real picture of their life, because Quran has described in it, as well as it has described their bad manners and Their deep rooted polytheism This research has given the proofs that the previous thought, that was held by those suspicious, is ultimately not right, and it does not depend on right and real thought. It is not true that this poetry has pictured them as solitary, or does not describe their true life from its, different aspects. Although Quran has given the complete right of their life, yet Quran has its own concerns in this field as well as points. Finally we can say that the life of those people has been clearly expressed in their poetry.


The pre-Islamic Poetry - Arabic life.



Al-Atuwm, A.


  The pre-Islamic Poetry and the Arabic life.

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