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The Nature of Divine Existence in the Discourse, of Abi Al -Hassan Al-Amiri

Volume 9, Issue No 1, 2002

Pages: 75 - 101

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This study seeks to shed light on the nature of Divine existence in the discourse, of Abi- Al - Hassan Al-Amiri (dz 38lH) . this discourse formed the metaphysical basis that supported his ontological discourse similar to other Islamic Philosophers In this paper, I shall examine al -Amiris conception of Divine nature, its characteristics and finally the notion of al Wahdaniya. The study will conclude with a discussion of the evidence he provided for the existence of God. The study will also include a comparison between al -Airim’s position and those of his predecessors to establish the extent of novelty in his philosophical notions.


Divine Existence - Discourse- Abi Al -Hassan Al-Amiri.



Awaad, M.


  The Nature of Divine Existence in the Discourse, of Abi Al -Hassan Al-Amiri.

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