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A Case Study of an Iraqi Industrial Establishment

Volume 9, Issue No 1, 2002

Pages: 189 - 221

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Business Organization whether private or public are established to achieve certain goals. which form a framework and a guide to decision markers in order that the goals to be practical, they are supposed to fall into a clear methodological framework which encompasses the organizations mission strategic goals. objectives and targets which involve all aims and activities related to all employees in the organization Through this research we tried to deal with a case study related to an important Iraqi establishment (Urr Establishment for Engineering Industries),we followed up the process of forming goals and their connection in this establishments We found out that a clear framework through which goals are formed is absent. On the one hand and the focusing on the aims, on the other hand. This is due to several reasons, most important of which is the absence of awareness and experience on behalf of the top Management of the establishment relating to goals and their formulation as well as what is related to such goals such as strategies and policies, on the one hand. and the absence of independence and the interference of many centralized organizations, on the other hand. Additionally. This establishment lacks a clear mission in its operation. and consequently, it focuses on the short range performance. We have suggested practical recommendations we feel to be convenient to the situation of the establishment and the Iraqi industrial environment.


Iraqi Industrial Establishment-Business Organization.



Al-Ghalebi, T. &  

Al-Ziadi, A.


  A Case Study of an Iraqi Industrial Establishment.

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