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Difference of Main Characteristics Letereer the …… Jordanian and the Employed Non-Jordanians

Volume 9, Issue No 1, 2002

Pages: 265 - 290

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The following research is a study of levels of differences, in the maih Characteristics. of both the unemployed Jordanians and the employed arrivals . The study aims at knowing the differences between those characteristics, as an introduction for establishing national strategy that tends to replace the Jordanians for non-Jordanians. The research analyzed data in the schedule of this study. using a group of statistical programs (SPSS). to reach reliable results that can be Considered at the time of establishing replacement policies. both in the present or in the future. In light of what was mentioned. it appears that any replacement policy. To be established. should take into consideration developing the programs of training centers and institutions concerned with rehabilitation and preparation of the unemployed ( quantitatively and qualitatively), raising the average of existing salaries, Defining daily working hours and inclusion in health and retirement securities. Finally, any replacement policy must be based upon successive steps, and time schedule, that may extend over ten years. through which the placement of about 25 thousand unemployed Jordanians takes place yearly, after the completion of their preparation and rehabilitation.


Difference of Main Characteristics-Unemployed Jordanians - The Employed Arrivals ..



Al-Gharybeh, F.


  Difference of Main Characteristics Letereer the …… Jordanian and the Employed Non-Jordanians.

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