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The Right of the Accused to Consult a Solicitor

Volume 9, Issue No 1, 2002

Pages: 341 - 443

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The right of the accused to consult a solicitor is considered one of his legal rights he enjoys in defending himself. Recent development in civilization with reference to social and cultural background entails this right to become the focus point of interest for many international organizations mentioned in treaties and protocols. The Jordanian criminal procedure law No 9.1961 initially shows the right to seek the assistance of lawyer while being interrogated by the attorney general. This right is not taken seriously by those who question the accused in the initial or the preliminary interrogation , is carried on by police, which is exceptional. This law also shows the limits and constraints applied in trials. Throughout this study we tried to illustrate the Jordanian legislators purpose in organizing and confirming this right , and his following up of the process of developing the comparative legislation. We tried to show that there are gaps and empirical problems to be amended in our legislation to include this right and activate its utilization.


Right -The Accused - Solicitor.



AlJaboor, M.


  The Right of the Accused to Consult a Solicitor.

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