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Using Non-financial Indicators in Jordanian Brokerage Firms

Volume 14, Issue No 2, 2011

Pages: 15 - 44

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This study aimed to specify the major non-financial indicators that are capable of measuring the performance of Jordanian brokerage firms, and the obstacles of applying them. The study adopted the technique of questionnaire for data gathering. The analysis concluded that the major non-financial indicators consist of customer, internal processes efficiency, learning and growth, legislative and social commitment indicators. Moreover the brokerage firms depend on financial measures more than the non-financial measures. The study also concluded that there is a significant positive relationship between using the measures of learning and growth, internal processes efficiency, customers‘ indicators on the one hand, and the performance of brokerage firms on the other. Finally, the study emphasizes the importance of both the financial and non-financial indicators in measuring the performance of brokerage firms.


Financial Indicators -Brokerage Firms.



Al-Dhayat, A. &  

Salim, M.


  Using Non-financial Indicators in Jordanian Brokerage Firms.

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