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An Introduction to Neonatal Screening

Volume 14, Issue No 1, 2011

Pages: 4 - 5

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Neonatal Screening, a simple test which began in the 1960s, has become an integral part of many societies as governments attempt to curb the devastating effects of inborn errors of metabolism through early detection. The lecture. to be carried out by Dr. George Sahyoun (Head of Section, Metabolic Disorders at Med Labs), will give an overview of Neonatal Screening in terms of the diseases screened for, the technology used to accurately achieve the screening, the benefits and pitfalls associated with neonatal screening and a brief oven/iew of what is currently available in Jordan. Below is an outline of the lecture to be given: - Introducing neonatal screening, its early beginnings. - The diseases currently screened for by the Jordanian government and MedLabs . - The latest technology being used to affectively achieve this goal. » The benefits and pitfalls of neonatal screening. - A brief look at some of the most common disorders affecting the Arab population - A question and answer session, allowing the audience to explore the topic further .


Neonatal Screening-Simple Test-Population.



Sahyoun, G.


  An Introduction to Neonatal Screening.

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