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Common Voice Disorders in Jordan and Their Response to Voice Therapy

Volume 14, Issue No 1, 2011

Pages: 12 - 13

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Objectives: This retrospective study aims at categorizing various cases Of abnormal voice seen at the Speech Rehabilitation Department according to personal data, clinical finding, etiologies, associated factors, drop outs, and response to voice therapy. Methodology: The records of 380 patients referred for voice therapy were randomly chosen from a pool of over one thousand records. The subjects were categorized into three age groups: Younger age group (age 8 years or younger), older children and adolescents group (age range from 8 years 6 months to 18 years), and adult group (older than 18 years old). The records of the three age groups will be analyzed for type and etiology of the voice disorder; the presence of associated factors, such as tobacco smoking, gastroesophageal reflux, etc; response to therapy; and possible structural and tissue recovery. The personal data, such as gender, mean age for each group, profession, and geographical residence will also be presented. In addition, the patients> consistency in attending therapy sessions and drop outs will be measured. Results: Will be provided by due date. Conclusion and recommendation: Will be provided by due date.


Voice Disorders- Jordan - Voice Therapy.



Momani, A. &  

Jarrah, S. &  

Attieh, A. &  

Al-Jawamis, N.


  Common Voice Disorders in Jordan and Their Response to Voice Therapy.

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