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The Blue Ocean Strategy and its Role in Creating Value for the Palestinian Computers Marketing Companies

Volume 20, Issue No 2, 2017

Pages: 121 - 139

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The study aims to introduce the Blue Ocean strategy based on four dimensions: exclusion, reduction, increase, and innovation). It also underscores the part the Blue Ocean plays in promoting computers marketing companies in Palestine. The sample study consists of all the employees (the number of which is 533) of the seven large companies that are agents of international brands and work in the field of computers marketing. For the purpose of the study, a random sample consisting of 226 respondents has been chosen. The main results showed that the Palestinian companies that are involved in computers marketing apply the Blue Ocean strategy in its four dimensions with a very high degree of efficiency. In view of the study results, the researchers recommend that the Palestinian companies working in computers marketing in Palestine should continue to utilize the Blue Ocean strategy in its four dimensions.


Blue Ocean strategy; value creation; exclusion, reduction; increase; innovation..